The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



Any possibility of a threeway between my wife and my spiemaster. :wink:


Dont forget the maid

Also what of the marriage with one of the sisters of some prince whose name I don’t​ remember you can exploit it to make ties with Noyedas and so to be allied to him in war…


Can we now equip the sword in the stats menu? I kinda remember having the sword yet I cannot use it in battle (since I can’t equip it.)


There’s also a typo in the alchemist debt arc, the alchemist used “lady” when referring to “my father”.


How do you get married, because it keeps telling me I have to find the right suitor because I want to flirt with the spiemaster.


I was replaying last night before bed, and something I noticed:

No matter what option I chose in the war camp concerning Jenneth (after honestly joining the campaign to “free the west”), she was always caught “poisoning the king”. I sent her to free my wife, back to the castle, told her to stay with me…

@AwkwardNature I have married both Lady Danna (from Dullis) and 2 of the 3 sisters from the north. Maybe they have to be a “noble” for a marriage.


Not yet.


What do you mean?

Should be able to equip it. There were a couple of people in the thread that reached points you can only go if you have the starblade.

Thank you. Should be fixed now.

As it currently stands you can only marry nobles.

Oops. I created the “killNoyedas” variable as true instead of false on the startup, do no matter what you do she would always try to kill him.

I’ve uploaded the fix now, but you might need to delete your cookies in order for it to work. (version 0.9.1)


Ooh I guess I have to do what @FutbolDude21586 said cause I wasn’t playing as a noble, I pick the south path.


It worked! :slight_smile:

Another thing: This obviously comes during the pre-march for the War.


Is there not many options to marry for the female MC? I keep seeing people say they marry princess from the north (obviously that’s the male MC) and I think the only option from there is the prince but I can’t give up my title, nor would I want to. The only two marriage options I can think of is the Dulles son and the Lord that attacks us.


If the MC marrys the daughter of the lord of Dullis. Should he not help the MC when the wannabe king invades.


I wish that I could have married his daughter, instead he just presents me with the stupid son and then gets mad at me that I won’t even think about it :unamused:


I find it strange how throughout the story we get reports through the assassin and the smith that noydas is creating an army, i feel like there should an option to discuss this with your counselors to be more prepared. Because knowing that info and not being able to share it until the moment noydas comes and attacks and we act surprised when i could’ve have had options to warn them in advance and mildly prepare them.


Also will fighting in the boglands somewhat improve my troops in combat, like give them experience.


Great update to a already great demo! I do have some questions though.

1.Would we perhaps be able to use Nellasha as leverage to get Boglan to side with us or at least stay neutral?

2.This one is a bit of a stupid question but after we betray the new King of the West would we still be able to still take the crown for our self? Or will siding with Dullis and friends cancel that out?

3.Last but not least how much money does it cost to get the mercenary company and how many soldiers do they even have?


I think #3 was 5000+ but I can’t say for sure.


Tried with 10,000 and still got refused, maybe my social is just really bad? I only had 32 at the time.


How’d you get 10,000?! The most I ever got was 4000.


I was incredibly stingy and I got a few events that got me even more money.

I did find something new though,If you go to hilltown in a disguise and go to the merchant tavern. There is a interesting conversation that allows you to invest with a profit of 2,350 later in the game. I think I can get 12 thousand with a bit of luck from taxes and if I pick a greedy father.But if that doesn’t convince him I don’t know what will.


You need a high intelligence, I had over 40, and i convinced him to only go as low as 10000 thats it he wont go any lower.