The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



Oh man… stop writing. Go read. The books are FAR!!! superior!


Book doesn’t have enough nudity, like the TV series. 4/10 IGN.


…kids these days, oh man…


I’m 23. Don’t give me that schmuck.


Oh you millennials… :smile:

Anyways… back to the story posts!



Yeah, anyways, can’t wait for the next update. So glad there is a save system. :joy:


Well it depends what you read there are some who have more nudity (in terms of writing) than a TV show

that true the book have more history a mistery that the version of TV ( example: the godfather )


From what I understand, those sorts of demands are against forum’s rules. Plus, let’s be honest, he doesn’t NEED to do anything. While it’d certainly be nice, the author isn’t beholden to us.

Anyway, I admit this is shaping up to be a pretty good game. Maybe the only minor complaint I’d make is that it’d be nice to have a better idea of how much time performing an action would take, because that can lead to a few surprises. But I admit I’m rather exited to see more.


You should at least try the books. Im only 40 pages into the 1st one and its great.


dont if its a bug but when my father is kind the head guardsmen calls him a man of the law and when my father is lawful he calls him weak and too kind.


there is a glitch were if you arrest nerrsa you can keep sending her back and getting the money every page


So you’re sending her back piece by piece :smiling_imp:


I got the variables mixed up in there. Thanks for the report.

I went to find it and I found some other bugs there as well, regarding the letters you can receive from Lady Sessanah, the invitation to go to Boglan and the time between them.

They should all be fixed in the next update that I’m finishing working on. Will get it done as soon as possible.

(Sorry about the delay, folks. Plan was to deliver it sunday, but some weird things happened)


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I love this so much! I only wish the character’s (especially potential romance options) had more details about their personality and appearance. Well done!



  • It now takes 30 days to complete the Sword from a Fallen Star questline (10 days + 20 days)
  • There was a bug where Lady Nellasha wasn’t being properly returned if you asked for ransom to give her back.
  • Apparently some of the portraits that were already created the first time the game was posted were not being shown, like the ones for House Dullac and Lord Noyedas. They should appear now.
  • Other things that were mentioned on the topic should be fixed right now. Thanks for the reports.

New content:

  • You can now join Lord Noyedas’ in his Conquest for the West.
  • You can fight at his side against Dullis or betray him.
  • You can now have a “romantic interaction” with Jenneth (Only if you side with Lord Noyedas while married and let his knight take your spouse as a hostage)

I am certain there are other things I don’t remember. :sweat_smile:

I think you currently can only betray Lord Noyedas in the battle if you have a marriage alliance with Dullis, but I need to check if that is really the case AND if it should remain that way. Feedback on the branches regarding siding with him are greatly appreciated.

World Institute for Superpowered People: Episode One

Can we now go to the meteorite crash site ourselves and try to negotiate instead of sending vradiner or no


Yes we can it’s the 3rd option which will be available in the future updates


Loving the game cant wait for more content to be released :slight_smile: