The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



Yeah exactly. Maybe the younger princess wants you to spare the deer or boar while hunting, and the older one wants to sing with the troubadour group when they ask to put on their play. The non northern one could ask you to hold a ball instead of one of the other events.

Whether this causes a fight would be up to the mc’s reaction, but it would be choosing between our wife’s desire and better rewards/avoiding a scandal or expenses.


Hm… But what would Lord Dullac’s son/daughter argument will be? He/She seems sweet and is unlikely to cause the mc any problems. :thinking:


Yeah that’s who I meant when I suggested the ball. I’m bad at remembering names :confused: I agree they seemed to sweet to cause big problems, so maybe they are just used to a different lifestyle. I believe Dullac was mentioned as being very rich and the dinner seemed somewhat normal for them.


But Daniel/Danna(Was this the name?) doesn’t look like a social type of person. He/She would probably be silently upset if the mc would be too busy to spend time with her.


Possibly. Only the author really knows what their personality is like. I was just making suggestions based on our limited contact and my own wild assumptions. :grin:


This is how I imagine it.

Danna: M’lord, w-would you care to accompany me to the Apple Feast of Midstev? I-I heard the priestesses would bless couples for their fertility and health.

MC: Yes, of course my dear.

Jenneth: M’lord! A village was raided by pirates! The general was wounded severely. We need you right now.

MC: (Looks at his wife)

Danna: I-I… Y-You should go m’lord. (Forces a smile)


Hmm yeah that’s pretty good, but they also seem to take their duties seriously. So would they be less upset with you if you if you’re willing to shirk yours to spend time with them or more upset?

There’s also always the chance the shy act was just that, an act. The parents did seem pretty eager to score such a advantageous marriage. Maybe they were just doing what they thought you would like to get what they want.


…Don’t destroy my favorite spouse in the story. :disappointed_relieved:


Mwahahaha! :smiling_imp:

Now you see what it’s like on this side of the author reader divide :wink:


…Oh no… No… meh. Time to switch to another RO. :wink:


You must be a teenaged girl! :laughing:


I don’t know why, but this reminds me of some typical timid female love interest in anime. :laughing:


I am heavily influenced by GoT… And yes, I’m 15.


Oh yeah, that was about ignoring the king. My bad, I was thinking of denial. Maybe it would be better if the King sends a second letter reminding the player of his duty as a royal subject if he fails to act on the request within a certain period of time (tagging @MahatmaDagon) along with possible repercussions if the player continues to ignore the request.


I am not sure if I am right, but at the scene at Kenrir hut, after you drag the abbysal body with you, the code looks like this

At that last option, shouldn’t it be

Because there is a whole scene unaccesible and I really want to recruit Kenrir

@MahatmaDagon Sorry for the tag


I can’t make any promises right now, but those are all good ideas. I want to eventually explore more of the northern lands in subsequent chapters (or maybe games set in the same universe).

This makes sense. I will make an annotation on that so I can remember it when I review the tourney. I would like to make a lot more content on it.

Yeah, it makes a lot of sense.

I’ve made a small “announcement” as a consequence of not sending a proper reply. It will be available along with the next update, but regardless there will be two different consequences for not sending help and not even replying to the request.

Please feel free to tag me anytime you find something like that. Indeed it was a case of the wrong *goto there. Since it’s only that, I’m uploading that particular .txt right now to dashingDon’s.

Thanks for the help!


What the hell is a teenaged girl?

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Why it’s A girl aged by a teen with a aging gun of course


OMG so young!! LOL

But seriously… A Song of Ice and Fire OR Game of Thrones?


The TV series. Didn’t read the book.