The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



there’s a bug, I think. while the castle was under siege, there was still an option to “deal with the king’s request”.


@Commando_Online1 Both of those things should come with the next update!

Thank you for all the praise! I’m working with the possibility of letting the player have more choices during this segment(it’s currently streamlined with the excuse of it being a madness driven plot), but regardless of that I will give more description about the Forgotten God. And yes, he is mentioned in a few parts of the game. There are hints in some books, in some disappearances(usually people looking for him), and even some relation to important events of the past.

Yes, you can create it if you have acquired the meteorite, have enough money and insist on making it after the first blackmith dies.

Thank you. About giving the sister back, you’re correct. I need to complete the transaction later, when you return home, so you can either follow through with your word(and receive the payment) or not(and keep her as an ally). I’ll make an annotation so I don’t forget it.

@Andromache Hopefully this error is about what @DUNGEON_MASTER said and not something else.

This is strange. Did you reach the siege normally through gameplay our by skipping to it in Court Options? The king’s request should be one the very first options available, while the Siege itself should be one of the last possibilities during a normal playthrough.


Thats great to hear! I will scarcely be able to wait for the next update. Seriously I think the lack of attention this WIP gets is criminal. Absolutely bomb. I believe something may have gone wrong as far as timing of the star blade being finally finished after ordering the continuation of the project after the smith dies. It’s strange because I’ve seen people in past comments who’ve played through it and even its following events in Ehael but the event where my blade is finished after me ordering they continue the project never comes. Instead I always end up getting Noyedas’s letter and start the war before the blade is complete. I looked in the code a bit and saw (totaldays + 50) for the completion of the blade and wondered if that was perhaps too long and Noyedas’s war would happen too soon for the 50 days to be up.


Thanks for the reply.

I also had a question regarding this world’s morality on marriage. It seems to follow the standard idealized western chivalry where fidelity is enforced by the church or public opinion. Or perhaps the more historical example where fidelity is a desirable attribute, but hardly expected. However I noticed that the northern prince (I forget his name) still offered his sister as a bride even if I was already married. Was this a bug, or is polygamy an option here? Offering to marry a sister didn’t bring the marriage option back up at least during my game. Do I have to be Henry VIII to get a new wife or is there an option to be King Solomon?


@MahatmaDagon Damn, I can’t quit playing this game. Another inquiry, m’lord:

The meteorite sword. I payed the famous blacksmith to make it, then he died, then I payed for the project to be finished, but, even after quite a lot of days, it was never finished. Is this perhaps a bug?
If not, why is the wait so long? I feel as though its a bit too lengthy.


It’s Because they are Repeatedly Cycling Many Blacksmiths to keep them from dying from Radiation Poisoning them and dying, i mean Magical Sickness. I highly Suspect its Uranium Unlikely to Be Neptunium or Plutonium as both of those are alpha radiation and require almost no protection where as Beta requires thin sheets of thin metal. If its what i think it is (a Form of Long lived Natural Uranium) it produces Alpha decay and Double Beta Decay (Alpha Radiation, Occasional Beta at double the amount on top of all Natural Radioactive material’s Spontaneous Fission).
icould be thinking to in depth on it but was trying to explain it.



I’m so in love with this! It’s epic!


I reached the siege through a normal gameplay. No timeskip.

If I remember correctly this is what I did:

I didn’t immediately deal with the king’s request. I dealt with the Emyria attack first, sent Vradnir (I think)–my protector-- there along with my men, and talked to my council wthout Vradnir since he was gone. Played for a while until Sielcner sent a letter to me, declined it, and prepared for war. By the time Vradnir returned, we were under siege already.

I was surprised to see the option there since I can’t possibly deal with the king’s request while under siege. Logically speaking, that is. But I was still able to “deal with it” during the siege. So it kinda doesn’t make sense.


It requires 30 days to get the forging done.


@Marethyu I really need to make the “Noyedas Ultimatum” appear later in the game. I also need to check the values of the event of forging the Starblade, because it is a “two part process”, and I have no idea how many days it is taking overall(considering the first smith(??) and e second one(50). I’ll make sure to focus on trying to find a balance on those things in the next update.

@ArchangelVoldemort The same answer applies here. I really don’t remember if I changed the amount of days it takes for the sword to be done(that would explain why people aren’t getting it in time now), but I need to work on that.

@SeventhJackel He shouldn’t be offering his sisters to you if you are already married, it’s something I forgot to predict on the game. I’ll block that on the next update. As much as I think the idea of changing brides is compelling, right now I don’t believe I would be able to give this all the attention I believe it deserves(in terms of changing the narrative, making new descriptions and making a new ceremony). Perhaps on “Chapter 2” it would be a nice thing to have.

About the world’s moral view on marriage, the main religion believes that Two is the sacred number, that marriage is holy and blabla. But we all know that Kings and Queens have the power to try to promote reforms, and most of the ends of the “first chapter” are going towards the route to the western throne.

@Drakeye Your theory is more well rounded than anything I could have written about it.

@Mari_Gold To be honest I never considered the possibility of someone not dealing with the King’s Request at first, but I should have. I’ll have to at least block it from being a selectable option if the player is currently at war, like I did to some other stuff.


Hahaha… that’s what I love about these types of games. I get to experiment with my choices. I was thinking “what would happen if I ignore the King’s Request for some time?” So I didn’t mind it much, and that’s what happened.

You might want to put an expiration date on that King’s Request though so that if the player doesn’t do anything about it within x number of days, the default result would be the player ignored the King’s Request and it would be minus points in the relationship stats.


Or you know…assume it’s treason :thinking::thinking::thinking: yep treason :scream::dizzy_face:


@MahatmaDagon I was finally able to receive Starbleed (hell yes), and slay the Abyssal beast with it. Yep. It definetly takes a little too long, in my opinion. I’m pretty sure the wait took longer than it was to set up a wedding!

Anyways, I have found another issue. I slayed Maybuk (however you spell it) for betraying my family and I, yet, somehow, I was able to ask him for advice on the war with that other Lord that showed up at my border (annoying bastard).

Also, I had a suggestion. A little detail I feel should actually be addressed. I was only able to cut that Lord’s face when I chose to attack him, and the war started. Okay.

Only, I had Starbleed equipped. Shouldn’t he be dying on a bed after that? I feel something like that should be inserted and considered important; Starbleed is extremely difficult to get, and, its even described how deadly the material of the blade is. So, for both gameplay and story reasons, I feel it should be given it’s own unique scenes when the player uses it, as it wouldn’t make sense storywise if it was treated as a regular sword.


Hahaha… that works too. Although, I find it ridiculous if a monarch cries, “TREASON!” whenever a request gets denied. Kinda extreme if you ask me. That’s like a child throwing a tantrum. If he goes off like that at being denied, he should’ve sent a “Mandatory Letter of Instruction” instead. :smiley:

On the other hand, within the context of this story, I think a charge of treason might not be plausible. As far as I’ve read, the author has hinted that the new King is having troubles of his own in the capital. It wouldn’t help, I think, if he kills off or incarcerate potential allies–unwilling or otherwise.


@MahatmaDagon i was wondering if in later updates will be in later progress of the game convert to other religions beside to the sacred 2 like the northern religions the forbidden one, or some other religions. or maybe different sects of the same religion.


Well sending a letter of denial might be frowned on (and later have reprecussions) but flat out ignoring the King (as in not even replying) oh yea that’s ignoring the crown’s authority I think even benevolent kings may be sizing up pikes to fit your head or a nice dungeon apartment in your near future. I’m under the assumption based on wording though this in excess of the traditional levies so denial isn’t quite as bad but still yea don’t want to potentially lose my lands over it a letter of disappointment and argument is good enough to me.


@SeventhJackel I went to take a look at the files, and the Northern Prince only speaks about it if the player is unmarried:

*if (married = false)
 *set spokeAboutMarriage true
 "There is the possibility for marriage, even."

(And the option to talk about marriage with him only appears if this happens)

After looking at the Marriage event I noticed that I wasn’t setting the variable “married” as true during the ceremony, and that was the reason for the bug. It will come with the next update.

@ArchangelVoldemort I completely agree with your remark about the Starblade. It was something that I have in my annotations but didn’t actually implemented. I’ll make sure that this is put inside the game. Actually, at any point the blade is used, it should have a different description and consequence. (It is “magically poisonous”, as the player can learn via research with Meybuk/The Alchemists Guild(I don’t recall which one)

About slaying/arresting/banishing Meybuk, I spent a lot of time making sure that all scenes or options where he appears are changed if he is not there, but I must have forgotten this one. I’ll have it fixed and, if you see any other continuation error like this one, please keep on reporting!

@Commando_Online1 I’ll either leave it as some Late Game consequence or for the next “chapter”, seeing as this one is already taking too long to be finished.

Thanks for the help, everyone! I hope to get the next update done until sunday.


Will there be more personal content with the northern Prince and kingdom? Say offer to let them stay near the cellar so it’s cool like the north and near the mead, or maybe invite to hunt bandits/game.

Know it’s unlikely, but any chance of visiting the northern kingdom? Say wife gets homesick or ally calls you to arms and you lead winter campaign? After the vivid descriptions about the terrain and political situation, it’s been buzzing in my head for awhile now.

Last comment, will the warrior princess be able to partake in the tournament?


I second the idea of the more warlike princess (drawing a blank on names at the moment) wanting to join the tournament. Perhaps even without your consent. It would be a good scene to establish what kind of relationship you have with her. The different spouses do need more after marriage screen time anyway. I know it’s not the main focus of the story but it would be nice to know more about the person I’m coming home to after a day of slaying monsters from the beyond.


Is it weird that I want different kinds of arguments from each spouses? For example; the warrior princess wants to join the tournament but you disagree with her. :thinking: Thus, creating a lovers quarrel and stuff.

Sorry, I just love drama. :sweat_smile: