The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



I noticed that you repeated the text twice when your cousin comes to visist you and tells you why his mother died and why he couldn’t return.
It started when you selected “is there anything I can do”

“Thank you, but I don’t think so. I spoke to Meybuk on the way in, and he seems pretty confident that this is what the local doctors suggested. The only thing we can do for her now is try to keep her calm and relaxed until eventually the Two take her.”

“Thank you, but I don’t think so. I spoke to some specialists on the my way here, and they seemed pretty confident that this is what the local doctors suggested. The only thing we can do for her now is try to keep her calm and relaxed until eventually the Two take her.”


Thank you! this one checks if the Scholar is still around, so the top one mentions him and the bottom one doesn’t. The thing is that both were showing with him around, instead of one for each possibility. Should be fixed now.



I was attacking the House that betrayed me and then this…


What?? What is that event? How did you get that?


is that when you somehow convince the rebels to side with you? (Can I please see that social stat when you got to that point…?)


@Sophia I held court and the Lady of the Bog (bogland) wanted to see me. So I traveled and a series of unfortunate events. LOL

@Phoenix_Wolf I left the page so I don’t have my stats anymore, but Social was 20-25 and yes, the rebels actually came to me to fight against the lady after a spy in the Bog castle tipped me off of her schemes.


Thank you, @FutbolDude21586 I was captured in the bog but couldn’t convince them to side/ work for me. I think I had a low social.


No worries. I’m trying to replicate the event now (but due to the randomness… shrug)

When they attacked on my way to the castle, I fought back, rallied my men, searched for them. Then went to the castle and the lady agreed to work with me to track them down.


Haha same, I’m trying to find it too. I wanna experience everything.


Speaking of the Bog story-line, if there isn’t already, there should be a way to silently turn your own standing men against Lady S (forgot her name) after the Dullis spy tips you off. And if there is, let me know please?


YES!!! I was wanting to do that as well. And as far as I know, the only way to do so is later in the story-line where I found the bug.


There was a bug where you could only perform the joint attack with the Boglan forces against the rebels(or maybe betray them instead) if you had sent Lady Sessanah’s sister to Boglan at some point. So, people who let her go find asylum somewhere else instead of seizing her and then negotiating her safe return weren’t getting the right sequence of events after talking about the commercial treaty.

It should be fixed now.

Also, if you turn the “LET ME SKIP DAYS” option ON on the options menu you can now jump to the Boglan scene from the court menu.

I think I got it fixed now. (I was able to betray them after changing the indentation on a line)

@Phoenix_Wolf In order to convince some of the rebels to side with you, you need >= 40 Social AND having killed their previous leader during the ambush.

Currently, the only way you can “turn” on her is by siding with the rebels when you and her husband go after them, but I think you have a good point there.

Still, the words of a spy might not be enough to start a full on war. Dullis and Boglan are old rivals, and Dullis has much to gain by sarding Boglan over. There’s a high social check that opens up the option of you questioning the spy about it not being some kind of manipulation from his part. I think it even suggests that Dullis is behind the funding for the rebels.

The lore also constantly makes a point of Dullis being a hard place to reach and to conquer, the bane of many armies and invading forces over the years. The player’s forces can only maneuver in it because they are being allowed to and they are being guided by the locals. Still, I think it would be a nice addition to the game to at least give the player the option to try to make some larger military action there.

Especially because, with the player’s army busy there, SIelccia would have an easier time invading your homeland.

As it currently stands, the chain of events needed for that is:


Get attacked while going to Boglan
Talk about finding the Rebels with Lady Sessanah
You must not keep her sister from her(either returned her or let her go before or right now)[/spoiler]

Then the night before the attack on the rebels you receive the letter and you decide what side do you want to pick.

It’s very specific, though.


Ah that makes sense. Thanks for that. I only played this version of the game one time so when I had to decide whether to mobilize more of my army to attack the rebels, I thought that I had to attack them, so I called off the attack. This certainly clears it up.

Also, do you collect taxes every year, six months, etc? Basically how much time has to pass before you collect the next round of taxes?


Tell them to ask for even more ransom, as such amount is beneath your value.

Again, you never disappoint. This was the funniest thing I’ve read in a loooong time :smiley:


This may have been said, as the thread is growing quite large.

When we decide on the genderless child, can we support the mother by helping her move to city around the temple where her child is taken? Raised by the temple but with occasional visits? Hard to be a priest preaching love while missing the love of mother.

The benefit of appropriating her Farm is just a coincidence. A nice payday quinncidence


He said he’s married) I think it would be really fun to have him as lover. Crusade Kings 2 has event “seduce bodyguard” or something like that for seduction focus which boosts your security against plots. Same play could be achived here. But that’s just a suggestion. Awesome game you have here by the way.


While I enjoy being able to go to the Feast in Dullis and get the “princess” there in a marriage pact, I wish the visit from the northmen happened more often. Having a warrior wife sounds awesome, Viking-esque even. LOL


Do you know how many suitors or ROs we’ll have?


This is an amazing WiP, it feels like a longer and more in-depth version of Swamp Castle, which was awesome as well. I’m really enjoying the game play and the story so far! I was wondering about two things: 1. How are taxes calculated? 2. How do you recruit more men to your army during peace time?

I also found a few minor typos here and there, will dm you the screen shots!


will the nurse nada play a bigger role if we are nice to her?