The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



eh I found a bug: that no matter What I doit I can’t raise my combat stat, I doit everything but I can’t…Now I’ll be a weakling forever :cry:


I actually forgot to put the code there. :astonished:

Should be working now, thanks for the report.


bug report, after i train my men in practice formation and tactical approach, i can no longer train them in those techniques.


also i dont know if this is a bug but when i buy the new books and i start to read the it comes back to kenrich book on the third day of reading them, and it repeats and cant read any other books.


M-my… Now that was surprising.


wait what? when where?


Hahahahaha… Somewhere in the game.


Ah come on Fifi don’t tease me like that. pretty please with a cherry on top.


I found it randomly. I was holding court and that scene came up. :rofl:


oh well, I suppose is a new bug if is jumping scene in court. now that we are talking about incest and such let me ask you a question. whats your opinion on taboo subject or touchy subjects? what i mean is do you feel comfortable enough to write in your stories about it, Fifi?


Haha! I got Varrin for that!


What? Im playing the demo again.


Not really anything vital about the story but I had to show how perfect my slogan went with this!:


I found a bug were when I pay to repair the walls of castle the option doesn’t go away and the event never finishes.


It should be that way so as players don’t keep spamming the same option. Also, the more combat/knowledge you have the more options you have to train them.

Definitely a bug. I’ll take a look at it. Perhaps I only tested it with Kenrich book.

Actually this is intentional. It appears abruptly, but immediately after you understand you weren’t actually holding court and this is just a d


I knew some house words would end up fitting quite well there!

Will see. Hopefully the problem is just with the walls, the rest was working fine last I checked.

Thanks for the reports everyone!


Yes I’ve seen your suggested words. :wink::smirk:


i was able to read trade of the blade before it bugged and i was wondering if in later updates ill use that as way to train my army, causing it to drop dramatically in number but excel at quality. or some crazy ass spartan like program to have a good quality army but with very low quantity, along with people calling me evil for harsh training or something.


Bug report, if i go to just train my men but then i press go back i get 1 combat point.


I was really amused by romantic encounter with Vradnir in Boglan storyline and want to ask, is this a one-night stand or you will be able to have some relationship with him later?


I tested the vanilla books and it seems to be working now, there was a message that you would only get if you had Knowledge above 40 that was misplaced.

For some reason I was testing the temple condition there. Should be working now.

That’s a nice idea. I think I can easily implement something like losing some troops but upgrading some of your Militia into Men at Arms/Knights.

Should be working correctly now.

Thanks for the reports!

Unless I manage to slip something like that somewhere on the last few events I’ll make, I think there won’t be time for it, because what needs to be finished this “chapter” is the final battle and the possibility of a peasant revolt. I guess I will probably either leave it to another chapter… or make him marriable.