The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



Yah, I don’t want a medieval life simulator I love CK2 though (I often RP in it though so for me it is a story) but I don’t want to go through the minutiae of having dysentery on a campaign unless it changes the story and my character. Especially because a disease feels like arbitrary railroading in a game or IF, simply because it’s often used to hamstring a character at plot critical moments, rather than as a plot in and of itself.


Personally prefer going out into the lake to spawn Cthulhu becuase I went for ultimate knowledge awesome ck2 option… anyway random railroad tracks 90% of the time it is bad 100% of the time (figure that one out)


This is off topic but are you Indian?


Nope, I’m from Brazil. Is this about my forum name? I sincerely have no idea why I chose this one.


If you want to fix the bug with the court randomization and the stats screen, move all of the rolls and randomizations into the choice itself, not the beginning of the page. If you need any more help on that, just pm me and I’ll do my best to help you out :slight_smile:

(This is 100% assuming how you coded. I havn’t looked at your code yet, as I’m on mobile right now.)


Damn, this game’s cool. I loved the new events, they weren’t repetitive and were fun too. I was so into the game I didn’t really look for any grammar errors(Which is what I do usually), I have to say, this did give me the Game Of Thrones feeling. In one of the scenes where you meet the guy who’s starting a war for his claim(Sorry, not good with names, bad memory), there were a few options. You could join him, or you could not, perhaps the smartest choice was to stay neutral. Immediately as I saw the “stay neutral” option, I realized that would have been impossible, yeah, again, that GoT instincts. “You win the Game Of Thrones, or you die”.
Anyways, it does look different from the game’s I’ve played. I also like the low-fantasy aspect, even though I’m mostly into high-fantasy. Really into the characters, mostly the general(I think it’s actually called the “Guardian”), so far, the game’s been great. Can’t wait to see how it progresses!
You have my full support, definitely one of the best(If not best) WIPs I’ve seen out there, and once it’s released, I’m sure it will be one of the best games out there.
Best of luck!


Que massa. Você é de qual Estado?


u know in ck2 when the main character dies u play as his/her offspring until non is left


And this is where the first two chars you play as have between 4 and 6 sons, then for the rest on the generations it’s bloodline wars as everyone powerful is your kin.

Had a game where after my 9th character almost all of the countries had my kin in their leadership roles. The down side of having to many kids early on in the game


for me the wept out my bloodline later in the game also i helped a little :smirk:


I’m taking a look at your suggestion, but the problem is that I put most of the “random events” on the same .txt file, and they are separated by labels

*label eventHandler2
*rand eventPicker 1 35

*if ((eventPicker = 1) and (event1Happened))
 *goto eventHandler

*if ((eventPicker = 1) and (event1Happened = false))
 *set totalEvents + 1
 *goto event1

So I’m not sure how much that would help. I could do the roll on the choice itself(as big as it is), but then I would need to create a bunch of new variables to check on the next .txt. It would be better than the way it currently is, of course, but perhaps there is a better way?

Thank you!

I replied this gentleman by private message.


Aaa I love this game! It’s really amazing, I’ve been yearning for something like this for a while now. I’ve skimmed through the thread but I’m not sure if someone else mentioned it, but when it announces that you collected x amount of taxes, and you go to the stats page and come back, the amount of taxes it states that you have collected changes (either increases or decreases).

Also, not sure if this was a misunderstanding on my end, but I agreed to marrying Lord Noyedas Sielcner, yet the dialogue that followed after it was comprised of making decisions in order to war with/defend against Sielccia. Are they not allies if you choose to marry him? (Why) Does the war still take place between your land and Sielccia take place if you choose to unite through marriage?

Lastly: quick question, but you stated “The first chapter can certainly end with the player in a position where he or she can make a claim for the title of King in the West, if that is their ambition”; would it also be a possibility in the future to somehow manage to marry King Jeohr? Maybe with high enough social stats or something? Or is he already married/the only way to gain his title would be to fight for it? I think it’d be interesting if you were able to somehow court him with high enough stats in order to attain that power/title, if possible.


when you finish the first chapter will we still get to read the demo or will it be only available to beta readers and such.


Thank you!

Probably the same thing that happens if you go check the stats page during an event. I’ll make a note of it.

It’s just a “bug”. Since I haven’t implemented that specific path into the game, the plot just jumps to the war itself. In the final version, if you chose to marry Lord Noyedas, completely different things will happen, and you avoid the war.

He is young and unmarried, but I plan for him to die at the end of Chapter One and the realm to become segregated by the many power players trying to pick up the pieces or claiming their independence. Social will be heavily tested at the “Noble’s Summit” that follows it.

I guess it will probably remain available until I finish working on it and revising it, which could take quite some time. :fearful:


damn it, I ended with the gender less saying I had to die, I want to see what happened next, sorry but I really don’t want to sound like an asshole but when is the next update coming, and when will I be able to read the books, cause I want to upgrade my intelligence. Also will the way our father had been affect way jenneth was born like. If he was wrathful it was a one nighter on a military campaign, or if he was kindhearted he fell in love with jenneth mother but couldn’t marry her and such.


Now, that’s a very specific path, I wasn’t sure anyone had gotten to it yet.

Thing is, a good chunk of the game is non-linear(as in, there is plenty of content that can appear anywhere in the playthrough), so I can’t actually promise you that the next update will tackle the continuation of that specific interaction you had with the Genderless. Rest assure that I have plans for the rest of it, though.

About the books, not all of them upgrade your Knowledge, but all of them that are mentioned in the game are already working and providing the stats since the last update I did, unless there’s some weird bug going on.

`Also will the way our father had been affect way jenneth was born like. If he was wrathful it was a one nighter on a military campaign, or if he was kindhearted he fell in love with jenneth mother but couldn’t marry her and such.

Certainly. Almost every mention of the character’s father in the game takes his “personality trait” into consideration.


So does the demo still end at the siege? Or has it been updated, because I noticed that the original post was updated yesterday.


I have updated the game today.

  • You can visit Boglan X days after reaching the event of meeting Lady Nellasha while Holding Court.
  • You can now properly exile/kill/pardon Meybuk after confronting him about your mother’s letters.
  • There is now a consequential event while holding court where you can capture and question one of the people behind the attack on the village of Emyria.
  • A few other consequential events were added, along with a series of “bland” events that happen when nothing else can happen at the moment.
  • Added different options and outcomes to the feast in Dullis if you are already married.
  • Added new events in Hilltown if you are disguised as a peasant, including visiting a couple of taverns.
  • Training grounds should be working and giving stats properly.
  • Library and books in general should be working and giving stats. Each takes 3 days to read and can give different stats according to the theme.
  • More outcomes depending on the way you decide to deal with your “bastard brother”.
  • Events that only happen during the siege should be working properly now.
  • Added a few portraits.
  • Fixed tons of bugs.

The game still ends there, but there is more content spread inside it now. With that out of the way I can finally focus on the lategame stuff and then on the revision.


Great update! I do think I found a bug though; I accepted Lord Dullac’s proposal but when I leave he acts cold + I can’t plan my wedding because I haven’t got anyone to marry.


That’s quite weird. I’m looking at the code right now and I can’t find the problem. You chose “I accept the betrothal. It would be an honour to marry Lady Danna/Lord Dannel” when he came up with the proposition at the feast, right?

EDIT: I think I found it. I forgot to set that you have a treaty with Dullis if you accept the betrothal, so the game was considering you didn’t. Thanks for the report, I will upload it asap.