The War for the West (WIP) (Secret update, don't tell anyone!)



how about just a cheat mode I am not much of a gambler I always loose at cards in the barracks when am off duty lol


Like unnatural did it or just plain cheating something like going alone against an army and still winning (with a fourth wall breaker saying its not GTA so go back and bring your army :laughing:)


I think he meant just unlimited money


yes yes I did thank you


I know
P.S. You ain’t humorous ( this is not for you Mr. Stapleton )

Well you can’t as of now ( I mean not through the obvious way )


I know I know people always tell me that


Nope. I had like 1700 troops,still i lose like 500


How did you get 1700 troops?


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I can confirm whenever I have gone to the meteorite I always lose over 500 men no matter what


Calling allies is going to be an important part of the war preparation, and the ones you can most count on are always going to be those you have a blood alliance with.

I have a google sheet where I keep all the stats gain possibilities in the game stored(for balancing and backtracking), but I have to admit it doesn’t look good for Social right now. It’s something on the “to do” list. About the books, I’m really not rushing them because it’s one of the things that I can easily implement later. :sweat_smile:

I’m considering small skirmishes, but after the war with your neighbour is “over”(one way or another), the game will probably end after a quick timeskip to show some of the long term repercussions of your actions and give a view of the current status quo of the Western Peninsula. After that, I’ll make either a second chapter to the game or a new game entirely that continues from the story of the first one.

Perhaps in a New Game+ scenario that would be viable. If there is enough demand, I’ll do it, but there are ways to “get rich” inside the game. (having a greedy father gets you started with more money, for example, and there are a few options that can make a large profit)

I’m testing DashingDon’s version right now and I’m always losing around 100 troops(which is 10% of my current forces). I also took a look at the code and the math seems correct. Perhaps you guys went through this during a different version of the game? Or was there anything else involving losing/gaining troops in that current playthrough?


Yeah nevermind, on the last play through it was the roughly 10%. Anyways love what you’ve done so far, this is exactly the kind of game I love and your writing and the choices are fantastic. Can’t wait for the finished work, keep it up!


I feel exactly the same.


Yeah. I’m really glad someone tackled a “classic” setting, only with amazing writing skills and depth. A lot of late releases were trying very strange settings and writing styles and it doesn’t sit well with me at all. Hosted Games aside, as it’s whatever a person deciding to write a game comes up with, I wish CoG would go back to games like Choice of Vampire.


I was playing choice of vampire a few months ago but I stopped for whatever reason. Thanks for reminding me.


Am i the only one who loves the responses during the testing for the seige? Like hey if you dont read a certain book you cant do certain dialog options. Loving it i just want to know how it ends lol


@MahatmaDagon Pardon me, but was Highlands submitted?


It was submitted about two months ago. The game is currently in their hands right now, but there are a few arrangements that need to be made.