The War for the West (WIP) (Medieval Intrigue/Noble Simulator) [Update 03/08/17]



To my understanding, “high fantasy” is like Dungeons and Dragons. Lots of magic, deity involvement, etc., whereas “low fantasy” is far more historical. There may be a few not entirely accurate things (like the meteor sword killing the blacksmith working on it through some unknown means), but no magic.


Low fantasy is traditionally set in the real world or follows realistic paths. Less suspension of disbelief is usually nessisary in terms of what is feasible.
High fantasy is another world different physics often magic involved.

Edit: @FutbolDude21586 I’m guessing large uranium deposit in meteor highly radioactive.


Yes, the player will be able to visit Boglan and Farhall eventually.

You can go to My Stats > Armoury to equip it, but I will try to think of a better way to both inform the player of that and make it more intuitive, perhaps using the auto-equip you mentioned.

Thank you. @FutbolDude21586 and @Drakeye pretty much nailed it, but let me give you a more personal perspective on what I mean with “low fantasy” here:

  • Magic doesn’t necessarily exist, but that doesn’t mean most people don’t believe it. Either way, it is usually something to be feared rather than appreciated, more often than not they are just natural events given mystical meaning by simple minded folk or by those who would use it to increase their influence over them.

  • There is no great Good x Evil conflict here. Most characters think they are the heroes of their own stories, that they are doing something for what they perceive to be the greater good. Protecting their families, getting revenge on someone, fighting for freedom, following their religious beliefs, etc.

  • People die. That’s what they do. Plague, war, betrayal. There should be no “plot armour” to any character, and if you manage to live long enough it might be because there were plenty of people who were willing to shield you from harm with their own lives.

Overall, to put it simple: Intrigue rather than fireballs.


I’ve noticed that there are quite a few women in positions of power and on the battlefield. Is this universe more gender egalitarian across all sections of society, or still relatively male-dominated but allowing for meritocratic rise of a few able women?


Thanks a lot this really helps


Meritocratic or situational rise of power was relatively common in the equivalent period for our timeline. There was a difference in patriarchal societies for women leaders over male leaders of course. That being said, if you look at Dane law or certain positions in 500-900 Anglo Saxon England you had specific legal or administrative positions that women played a significant part or where the majority holders of said positions.


Also, will we have the opportunity to be monarch of Ludland, or just monarch of the West?


Um will we be able to travel outside ludland, like to the northern regions or south and east in future updates, or will this story be mainly focused on the western peninsula?


More of the second than the first one, but still a mix of both. They are not that common en masse on the battlefield as men, but some still find their spot there. One of the two women warriors mentioned in the current version of the game are a mercenary from a small province that stood in rebellion against the realm for longer than any other, and so it has a strong culture of letting every hand available hold a sword, because that is the only way they could resist. The other is a member of a religious group that only takes women, the same way that another one only takes men.

The main religion itself is quite egalitarian, albeit in a weird way. Priests and Priestess share the same amount of power and are paired to hold their temples, but the official heads of religion are the Genderless(think of it in a context where hermaphrodites are considered holy by the main religious institution.)

Also, within certain conditions, each province can decide on their own how they approach heritages and marriage laws, as the player learns when it marries someone.

I want both, but one step at a time. The first chapter can certainly end with the player in a position where he or she can make a claim for the title of King in the West, if that is their ambition.

Currently I’m focusing only on the WP. The idea behind it was to have a contained chunk of land where I wouldn’t lose myself with too many branches and possibilities, so it would be doable in a decent amount of time.


Oh dude, you gotta finish it! I want to Kill the Sielncier(am I right?) Lord by cutting his head off! And conquering his lands. And I just LOVE the game because you can decide to do soo much stuff. I hope you finish it, because I am going to conquer his lands because he was being an Ass(sorry for language). All in all I just wanna say: I love your work, and I hope you finish it.


It depends on how much money the women have, for example, the noblewomen, the freed women and the powerful women. In a part of the Asian and the European countries there were a few women who had money.


Money gives cultural and politically freedoms outside the average person in a given society, absolutely.


Money was not the only factor by far in Europe or Asia. Some of the most powerful people in Ottoman Empire history were slaves and some of the powerful Far Eastern Asian women relied on other mechanisms of power then money alone.

Money as a multiplier of power really is genderless imo.



Yea like Cheng I Sao on of the greatest pirates to ever live. She had serious influence power and eventually great wealth.


didn’t a government give her a full pardon in exchange for her to stop pirating and eventually own some businesses (I think most were kind of shady)


They basically pulled a Norman situation with her, lots of pirates or mercenaries or ex soldiers wound up with deals like that. Essentially settled societies went “calm your shit, stop raiding us we will give you and your sons and your sons sons land and heritetary wealth.”


It required 2 governments navies dedicating to going after her before she decided in exchange for putting down her sword and disbanding her navy she would be fully pardoned and get to keep the vast wealth she took. Everyone agreed. She died of old age at 69 a wealthy businesswoman and land owner


I know im gonna get hate for this but will we be able to see dragons in the future, to hunt them, ride them or something like that.


Yes, it is true. I would write more.


I actually have a question. You are offered marriage proposals. Will there be a wedding in the game? I wanted to ask if it woukd be before or after certain people offer alliances that are a pain when it comes to getting ofmdd things to make swords with