The War for the West (WIP) (Medieval Intrigue/Noble Simulator) [Update 03/08/17]



@MahatmaDagon I am sorry in advance but
This game has lots of bugs - needs thorough examination of money transaction as as a lot of times money doesn’t get deducted ( although good thing for us but bad for you )

this is the second time this day I have found a skill exploit ( I really love them )

Check out my money

Solution after I get the summon from the king of selic all other options should be greyed out otherwise what is stopping me to gain money by skipping one month.

And I loved the new update and is there any way we can become the king of the selic Kingdom ( letters of our mother )


In the current version all you need to become rich is keep on skipping months and you’ll keep earning taxes. It is that way to facilitate some tests.

I’m aware that there are transaction problems. First most of the values are placeholders, second, as you said, there are situations where your treasury isn’t charged as it should. Not hard to fix, just things I overlooked at first glance, and I still need to address eventually. If you can pinpoint a situation where it occurs, I can fix it right away.

What exploit exactly? [quote=“DUNGEON_MASTER, post:122, topic:26275”]
Solution after I get the summon from the king of selic all other options should be greyed out otherwise what is stopping me to gain money by skipping one month.

Nothing XD It is that way to facilitate my testings. In future (and more balanced) versions of the game I’ll take it down when you reach the “end game”.

Thanks! Yes, you can force a claim on Sielccia because of your secret heritage. It will open new dialogue options with Lord Noyedas in the war declaration scene eventually.


I am now very very excited about it now like he was there to become king of the west and instead endangered his right to his current throne.

About exploit ?
Well that money thing thought it was not meant to be like it just that


When forming a council to oversee the city guard
I can’t remember correctly but I think you should check that mining transaction - not sure
There are others too but can’t remember all of them - was busy in the story


Looking forward to see more of the Siege as i cannot keep playing after the X gang rides the food.


Council was really without the cost. Mining transaction is ok apparently.

Sorry about that, forgot that I hadn’t finished this particular event. I made a workaround it so that the rest of the siege can be played properly. Should be updated now, but you probably need to delete your browser’s cookies or open it in an incognito window.


Sorry that wasn’t council (my bad ) that was commission and don’t worry I checked the coding it’s perfectly alright


I think you mean sworn?


Really great game, lot of potential. One problem I noticed though was that when I sent Vradnir (Military Advisor) on that mission to deal with the raiders he would never return.


Any ETA to finish the game?


Yes, thank you. Should be fixed now.

Thanks. I think Vradnir didn’t return during your gameplay because this was one of the very few “quests” I did on the game, and back then I was working under the assumption that there wouldn’t be any single event that would take more than one day. So, the check for this quest only checks if the exact number of days that have passed are equal to the number of days it takes for Vradnir to return.

That isn’t the case anymore, as I eventually learned how to make an “event announcer” appear only when you are able to be there to witness it, but there might still be some “quests” that aren’t updated, like the one you mentioned.

I’ll have to make a specific fix for that because the way this event is structured right now.

I have been working on it since the end of last year, and I think within two months is a realistic goal, since most of the content is done and its a matter of fixing bugs for the most part.


Something else I noticed that I’m not sure has been addressed is when I go to Hold Court then click Show Stats and click Return to Game it changes that Court Meeting to something different every time.


Yeah, it’s a known bug, but I still don’t know how to fix it. I’ll have to ask for help somewhere on the forum probably.


Loved it hope to see more


You should be able to visit the cities of other noble Houses, do you plan to add it?


i think it could be solved differently but i would suggest that you make two files in first the game selects which event to unfold then diverts it to a label in another file


That would be a great further to add


Um i was wondering how do i get to pick the sword to use in battle, because i bought a sword and when i used it in a fight it said the sword i used was none, is there a place where I can equip my sword, or is this a bug and it should be equipped automatically.


I like this game, but I notice that you make a different game. Good game.

One question, what is different of low and high fantasy?


go to stats and them to inventory.