The War for the West (WIP) (Medieval Intrigue/Noble Simulator) [Update 03/08/17]



There’s an airport called Dulles that you may have heard of. You’re fine.


I have the plan in my head to train that boy you can save from that town to be an unmatched warrior to protect the people


To be honest it was much better than i thought it would be. Lots of randomizing choices at different times. Though i cannot wait till the bugs are dealt with and its finished.


@MahatmaDagon In the future will we be able to use the child we saved from the village and turn it into a warrior or something?


I am curious to see why the child is important. Needless to say I am highly suspicious
Methinks he is a Changeling or perhaps has some sort of disease or something


He’s definitely an important plot point and the player will have a say on his future, but first there’s something about him that will need be dealt with.

I’m considering starting the second chapter with a timeskip in order to bring the long-term consequences of many of the player’s actions in the first chapter to life, but first I’ll focus on finishing what I have right now.


I knew that child was sketchy! My paranoid hat was on!


loved the game and eagerly waiting for that huge update


on the timeline, it always says you’re a son even if you’re a daughter.

when Dullis’s cousin was angry about the land’s dispute, change should be chance

“I’m giving you one last change to leave this place. You have stained my family’s name, and my blade aches for your blood.”

when i participate in tournament, even though i lost to Morren, they still say the possible winner is either Vradnir or the lad from Ludlandar. it should be either Vradnir or me

when they say both Myra and Morren can’t be winner, they said Morrin

As much as I condemn the actions of this woman and agree that she cannot be declared the winner, we also cannot declare that Lord Morrin won.

I employed Eastern Brotherhood, but when he died, the choice said Compensate Ortward’s family. and my treasury is ₳545, but the choice Order the continuation of the project.(₳100) was greyed out. or does that choice only works when somehow he doesn’t die?

overall, great game! i enjoyed playing the game


huh, i didn’t get to play the saving child part yet. does it randomly appear when i play court?


Same here. I didn’t get that scene.


The child comes from the sacked village (if I remember correctly). Your guards bring him back.


so sacked village issue comes out while i hold court?

i guess i should only hold court until that issue comes out.

thanks for telling me.


It comes from speaking with your advisors


ooohhhh, ok thank you!


Thank you for the reports! I fixed them and they’ll appear with the next update.

When you compensate Ortward’s family, it just means you let them keep the payment you had given him in the first place, so you shouldn’t be losing any more money. Regardless, the real problem here is the lack of a 0 on the price of the “Order the continuation of the project” option. It actually costs ₳1000, not ₳100.


yeah, thanks! and i was saying about i didn’t employ Ortward, but the choice indicated that i have chosen Ortward.



I think it’s going to take me a little more than anticipated to finish all of the things I’m currently working on, but I’ll be uploading some of the new things right now so people can test them if they want to help balance it and give feedback.

Most of what this version (0.3) has to offer are these two things:

The Siege:
You can access it either by letting the enemy lay siege to your castle during the preparation for war OR on the court menu(but there it probably will be buggy).

The Hunt:
There are four hunting events, three common and one consequential that can only happen after the meteor.

Here’s the full “devlog”:

  • Added the tales to the Storyteller in Hilltown. They were already there, but weren’t being accessed by the player due to a misplaced variable.

  • Randomized Quick Character creation within a few parameters

  • Added some of the achievements

  • Added the Hunting scenes

  • Added the Siege scene

  • Added some more portraits to characters

  • Fixed most of what was reported on the thread

There is plenty of unfinished stuff, and I’ll focus on that, but also on Consequential Events(things that only happen after some other things have happened), Marriages, Romance, Open Field Battles and some very specific plotlines.


So is It updated ( if it is please mention so in the title of the thread )


It is. I changed the title.