The War for the West (WIP) (Medieval Intrigue/Noble Simulator) [Update 03/08/17]



Well, I guess I could play as a female to make it less weird (at least in my book)? Definitely shred my hopes though :unamused: I have a weakness to spymasters and to my dissapointment, they’re almost always unromanceable. Just my luck.


ehem… Crusader Kings 2 reference… :joy:


Who cares about their competence? They have money. Which, thanks to the patriarchal law of the land, will shortly become my money, since my father-in-law is apparently bent on clogging his arteries. :smiley:


True enough, but suppressing a popular religion through violence is a waste of your resources and only sporadically effective. Just ask Maegor the Cruel or Cersei Lannister (since we’re getting deep into GOT references now).


Wow that was so fun! Really love the Game of Thrones feel I got when playing


Do you actually meet one of the princesses?


Ah, finally! A game that fit with my personality


This game is incredible and is well defined and explicit to be only the first chapter !, but I have a question … can one have interactions with our partner or will it be for political benefit only?


@readher Jokes aside, Jenneth will become a romance option(for both genders), regardless of her origins(which are quite difficult to discover ingame). That is actually an important possibility of a plot point in the future, as it can generate all kinds of repercussions if found out.

Not right now, but on one of the next updates to the game(within this chapter) they will appear. Each one of them will have its own set of interactions and possibilities. Not everyone likes a forced marriage, that’s for sure.

Thank you. While right now the marriage possibilities are all presented in an arranged fashion(more or less), flirting and “courtly love” will be possible in social events your character promotes or participates in the future.

But regardless of that, even the arranged marriages will have plenty of interactions based on the NPC’s personality. Some companions might be content in doing their duty to their family, others might want to rebel against the union, or even not liking it at the start and eventually coming to love(or hate) you.

It’s important to me that the game don’t just become a chunk of variables with cardboard faces over them; the relevant characters must have their own opinions within the given context. I’m not saying you’ll find plenty of husbands and wives that will openly defy the arrangements made by their progenitors, but marriage does not equal love in feudal context, and maintaining a healthy relationship with your companion will be an important factor.

The threat of betrayal, cuckoldry, jealousy, suicide, assassination, political machinations and things of the sort can be there, as well as a true love story that defies all expectations.

(Also, a relationship like the one presented in the series House of Cards can be achieved. You can find your “equal”; someone who shares your ambitions and has resources and skills of their own, and then climb the ladder towards the throne together.)


So, this is game of thrones meets swamp castle meets great tournament meets lords of Aswick? Heck yes.

When you play this game of thrones, you win or you try again.


Well then, for what it’s worth, you’ve just secured yourself one buyer with that romance option. I literally went through an over 300k words Dragon Age fanfiction with Trevelyan/Leliana pairing in one day because your game got me so in mood for spymaster romance. If anyone’s interested, the story’s called “Diplomacy” and is avaliable on AO3 (also, it’s femslash). One of the best fanfics I’ve ever read.

Anyway, I’m eagerly awaiting an update. Best regards!


So I found a pretty major bug. If you select the hold court option and then try to check your stat page, the game will generate a new situation for the court. I.E. I’m judging a case between an alchemist and an innkeeper and I go to check the map, and when I come back I am now receiving an ambassador from a neighboring land.


I encountered a bug yesterday, I was reading several books in the game and It everytime I went to the library to read the second of the two last remaining Books available to me, my problem is that every time after reaching the mid way point to it didn’t go further than that It just wouldn’t let me continue further. Along to the other book


I tried reproducing this bug and I wasn’t able to at first. I kept checking other events, and the only one which seemed to produce that “reset” was the one you state. I fiddled with it for a bit and checked it a few more times and the bug apparently is gone. If you experience it again anywhere else please inform me. Obs: You might need to reset your cookies for the changes to take effect.

At the moment only the first three books are available, each one taking about 3 days to finish the reading. Other books are either buggy or incomplete, so if the problem was with them you shouldn’t worry, they’re going to get fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you both for the reports.


Unfortunately it still occurs. All you have to do is click hold court --> show stats --> return to game and a new event is listed. Probably something to do with the nesting of whatever generates the events?


That’s weird. Can you try playing the game with a quick character using Incognito Mode on your browser (ctrl + shift + n on Chrome) and test it?

Previously I was testing it with the files on my computer, but after your last post I tried it with the incognito window and the link and still I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug, neither in random events or the one you specifically stated.


Hi, I am experiencing the same bug (well it happened to 2 day ago but couldn’t report it because a problem with the internet ) I did as you suggested but it still happens, one moment I am talking with my cousin the other moment a courtier is being accused of buggery.


Thanks, I think I found out; I was testing AFTER choosing an option within an event. It seems that this bug only occurs when you go to the stats during the first screen of an event. I’ll have to try to understand why this is happening.


Still get the bug where you get new event even when going incognito. but overall love the game and cant wait for you to finish it, for a rough draft its pretty good.


will i be able to have multiple wives is my most important question