The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]

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TBH, that’s actually quite a smart move; think about it, Boglan will be able to vote for you later on.

Nope, doesn’t matter.

Either Bolgan backstabs you and changes her vote, or what’s-her-name doesn’t vote for you, stopping you from getting the majority vote. Even if you did, it doesn’t matter.

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How do you do the trials? How do you fight the spawn ?

I’ve gotten her vote before, just have to manipulate her against her husband.

To fight the spawn, you have to wait for the third day of the third month (forgot what it was called). An event about a fallen star should pop up, you can send your soldiers to take the fallen star and then use it to forge a sword (make sure to give one piece to the alchemists guild). Once you have the sword (it’ll take a few months), you can go hunting and hunt “something wicked”. After fighting it (and if you win) you can take it back to your castle. You’ll have the option to go to Ehael for the trials if you give the body to the temple.

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While I do find that impressive, it still changes nothing considering the entire thing went to shit anyway with the big betrayal and whatnot.

My only other reasoning is that when you give the sister back, you get the option to make that trade deal with Boglan and invest with them could have an impact in the second game but not much for this one

You can sign that deal without giving her lady Nellasha if you’re invited to Boglan before Nellasha’s event (you can load an older save if needed). Besides, Boglan will be part of your kingdom in the second game so what’s the point

Yeah you can just keep loading saves to get the correct sequence, but it will have some ramifications in the second game. The author has said they want esch choice to have an impact, so maybe choices in Boglan, even though mainly with the leaders except if you choose to take on the snakes could affect how the local populace sees you.

anyone know why the option to spend a day with your spouse is missing??

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It could be a couple things.
Did you maintain a good relationship? Did you even wait long enough for it to show up?

I dunno really, usually after I marry a RO it becomes an option for me to click on. I should probably wait for it to show up

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Ummmm how do you kill it

Also how do u kill the king?

If your combat is high enough (I don’t know how high it has to be, let’s say 35+) and if you have the meteor sword you should be able to kill it as long as you don’t retreat.

Hey is the demo updated?

Not yet.

Aw darn i been waiting for a update for long lol i played the demo 9 times

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Is there anyway to prevent the deaths of all the western nobles in the summit?