The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


ballista are possible but catapults took at least a weak to make.

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Hmm…now that the endorphin wave has passed and restored my capacity for reason…it would be fair to add that Vradnir’s whole arc centers on just how unavailable he is. He is, in fact, so unavailable that you can only steal moments/a few hours of his time after exercising a fair bit of persuasion, have him die for you for free (let me know how that feels), or raise his child in sworn secrecy, knowing all along that the prize ultimately belongs to another. That the woman is so incosequential to everything that she doesn’t even get a name (but she gets the man) drives home just how unobtainable he is. I mean…if I were the writer, I wouldn’t want to let go of all this irony, angst, and fan tears either. No matter how easy it would be to wipe the board clean of rivals (maybe he’d find out and hate you afterwards), or how juicy the consequences of introducing the idea of divorce in such a society (I doubt he’d do that to his wife).

But hey, if either or both of these ideas end up implemented, and Vradnir drinks enough wine to be okay with them, that equals serious character development! And epic catharsis for everyone involved. I’m all for second generation Lancelot writing poems in peace.


Now that I noticed, yeah why aren’t there any catapults at this game? There should be at least a few available in our castle.


Do you mean siege defence catapults.

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It’s more or less what happens when the revolting bourgeoise and the EBB make a state of their own, free of kings and nobles, a possible concept for the future. It doesn’t exist yet, but it will likely happen.

You need to not be married to pick that choice.

It leads to a branch in which you can convince her without Social, depending on some previous interaction. (Something about her telling that there is no one else to oppose you now, if you are female.)

Else you need 60 > Social to convince her. I thought I had added the option for male characters to convince her without it, but I’m not finding it. It may be the case that I didn’t implement it and forgot about it.


I was trying to make an icon for the game using her face, but I’m not sure how faithful it is. (!?!)

Okay, I will try to fix it today at once.

Currently, the number of days it takes for the “meeting him” prompt to appear is randomized between X~Y. There have been lots of talks on the thread about the resulting number being influenced by external factors, such as setting the game “difficulty” somewhere(more days until invasion = easier).

I personally like the idea of being able to delay the final date of the invasion by performing certain actions(such as sabotage), and I also need that the date of Noyedas coming never to be an exact one because it would both make it predictable and it would remove the possibility of the “winter battle”, thus removing some cool possibilities from the open field confront.

Since I still didn’t decide what’s the best way to deal with all that, I’m leaving the option to ignore Noyedas there so as not to force people into an early ending to the game that they would otherwise have no way to counter. It’s not a good solution and definetly not a permanent one, but I will leave it there until I fix “everything” regarding the invasion date at once, so that then I can gather feedback from how it “actually” should be.

I wish I had read that before starting what I’m doing. I’m taking the longer way around, but I think we’ll reach similar destinations.

I checked the code to make sure. First you need to pick one of those two options:

“You cannot afford a war with us. You have enemies on the east already, and perhaps inside your court as well. Accept our independence peacefully and you may gain an ally to fight them.”

“I understand the economical consequences of a sudden secession from Ludland, and that is why I am willing to pay for the freedom of the Western Peninsula with a great deal of aurens, enough to make sure that your Highness will be able to afford your war against your enemies to the east.” (₳100000)

Then you need to have >= 60 Social AND you need to have bowed to him beforehand.

If you do all of that, he’ll ask that you give him a night to consider, and invite you to remain as a guest, with excellent accomodations.

So, either people are not doing those 3 things or there’s a bug somewhere.

I think there was a reason as to why this hasn’t been implemented, but I don’t remember what it was. :sweat_smile:

They are referenced/used when you throw the alchemical explosive, I think.


Then it makes sense that it’s greyed out since I am married. I didn’t know Jenneth was an RO so I usually go for one of the 3 sisters.


To be fair, I do too. I guess I misheard the comment. I meant once he’s already knocked on your door, if you skip a month without meeting him, it should stop before the month is over to when he’s at your door with his army.

Very cool. My mc is always the same (kill everyone just like poppop) so it doesn’t matter to me personally.

Yeah… no. Like I said, my intention was to walk into his house Heath Ledger style, piss on his couch, spit in his face, and then leave. Nowhere in that does it lead to me getting on my knees to please him in front of an audience. So no bug… just something I’ll never be able to enjoy in a playthrough


Well, if someone who is probably a threat to your rule walked into your castle, told you that he is indeed a threat to your rule, insulted you and then tried to walk away, would you let him go?


When you go to the meeting i wish there was a option to bring more than 300 men.


And one more will this be released on steam.


Is this the full game we are playing or is this the demo because at the end of the game I think it says something about a sequel. (Sorry If this a dumb question. I’m fairly new here)


Welcome to the thread, young lord/lady.

You are more or less looking at a rough version of the completed demo and game; it needs the usual polish (grammar correction and typos, loose ends), but the core mechanics are finished.


How do we get the MC to discover Jenneth’s family?

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So there will have more story when the game comes out?


I know that the combat stat is the most important and the easiest stat to increase, but is there really no way to have a good ending if you have low combat? Tried a couple different choices with the power of save/load, but honestly I feel pretty gimped if I go for another non combat character in the released version.

I mean it’s pretty realistic, but still.

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Like noticing something beforehand with KNAWLEDGE and getting a preemptive strike? I agree.


No, not necessarily. The main story is finished, but you can expect a sequel.

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Author is currently working on that

Considering the options given, yes.
If I came to your house, spat in your face, and tried to leave only to then say “I have a sniper trained on your wife’s head. Toodleloo :kissing_heart:” I’d indeed expect to be able to make a fool out of you if I was convincing enough.

It’s by no means a huge issue. Just is annoying if you wanted to do that as regardless of your stats you’re unable to.


Granted the “Make Your Own Religion” route after escaping the Genderless at Ehael hasn’t been implemented yet.


Right, that’s what I mean by loose ends, because for the most part, we have a well defined story already.

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