The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


Does Lady Avellyn die at the Summit?


Yes, I think Jenneth killed both her and the scholar

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So tempting :smiling_imp:!

@MahatmaDagon I admit I cannot remember but I think it would have been without using that question, because I did not realize it was a “loophole” question and it seemed a bad idea from my MC’s perspective to waste one of my 3 questions asking that. Usually my MC asks that question after my MC has already asked 3 questions.

I’m glad you added the initial options to “win”. Maybe MCs with high social or high knowledge could have smuggled their own forces into Farhall by talking to either Jenneth or Vradnir (coincidentally bypassing Jenneth). If nothing else, I would pay money to see the look on Daedros’s smug face when he gloats that the MC’s 100 troops will never reach the tower in time only for the MC to smile and reply “What makes you think I only brought a hundred?”

I never noticed this before. The list of noble houses says House Gorroth while Dannel says House Orroch.

On that note, here is a typo.

Vayden was bothered by the death of King Jeohr, but was also far from surprised. He urged you not to give your allegiance to any of the pretends that might arise, and insisted that the best thing to do was to wait to see who would come out on top after the initial conflicts that would surely follow.

It should be pretenders.


House Stark is certainly way stronger, but perhaps the MC could be compared to the Boltons or some other smaller northern House in terms of military.

@ xvr96williams
Sorry if the reply sounded offensive, it wasn’t my intention. I honestly had to check to code to see if you were right because I couldn’t remember, and when I saw it I thought it would just be easier to paste it here so that people know the values of some of the things that change with each father.

Lol, good question.

I’ll make a poll and let you guys decide.

  • Gorroth
  • Gorroch
  • Orroch

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Just how big is Ludland in comparison to the Western Peninsula?

In the original map, it showed Ludland as this vast kingdom, with the Western Peninsula being a tiny spit of land protruding from Ludland’s left flank. The new maps seem to have made the Peninsula bigger, however. And I would guess that there are stretches of land in Ludland that the maps do not show. So, just how big is Ludland? Is the Western Peninsula a significant proportion of the wider Kingdom, or is it of no great importance in comparison with the rest of the Kingdom?


Is the ending where you walk away, at the summit, an ending where Jenneth lives?

Also, does Jenneth show up even if you don’t take to the Summit?

The War for the West is a game based on the idea of letting the player create and manage a House and a Domain in a low fantasy setting with some grimdark elements.


Surrender Ending:


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Yes, Jenneth survives if you walk away from her once Daedros and Sartham are dead or if you convince her that you love her. The answer to your second question is also yes. Jenneth shows up at the summit no matter who you choose

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This is a rough sketch I did a couple of years ago, but I think it has more or less the right proportions:


There’s an ending where you can leave together holding hands and another where you can just leave her there to her fate. If she doesn’t die on screen, she doesn’t die.

She does show up to the Summit even if you don’t take her.

As for the concept of Low-Fantasy, I think it still applies here. Lack of Black & White morality, focus on the mundane for the most part(holding court and such), etc…

The few supernatural elements which exist in the game can all be attributed to the same origin.


What’s “Republic”?


It’s been a while since I played this game and already has so many variables and lot of stuff to do. I wonder how can I romance Jenneth? And what ros there are for each gender.

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There’s two ways, You can side with Lord Noyedas and tell her that you want her when she comes to your tent (Don’t worry, you can betray him by sending Jenneth to kill him or save your wife if you don’t want to stay loyal to him). The second way (major spoiler) is to convince her that you love her after the lord’s summit. If i remember correctly, she stabs herself in the heart unless your social is above 60 so don’t bother doing this if it’s not. As for your second question,
ROs for females: Vradnir (you can’t marry him), Dannel, Jenneth, Ullus Mothermulcher, Nada (you can’t marry her) and Vayden.
ROs for males: Vradnir (you can’t marry him), Danna, Jenneth, Hereya, Wyneva, Petka and Nada (you can’t marry her)


Is it this one:

“Then teach me. Become my Queen and rule by my side. Be ruthless when I show compassion, be the shadow behind me while I stand in the light.”

Cause it’s grayed out for me.


Yeah, this is something that I found annoying; I quite like Vradnir myself. You know, perhaps @MahatmaDagon could write in a means to… remove the obstacle that prevents us from marrying Vradnir. I am sure that Jenneth could help us with this, in more ways than one. :smirk_cat:


Huh, is that what Jenneth looks like? I always pictured her to look something like Yennefer in the Witcher franchise. :slight_smile:


Nice image, I like it!


As it stands now, so long as you don’t ask “why only three?” The bug allows you to ask all the other pertinent questions. Just fyi

Wouldn’t that just be him riding up to attack your castle? Like, if it were coded similar to siege where it takes 10 days before he shows up after meeting him. If you skip, it should be coded that you’ve essentially just hit “skip day” 10 times without any defense. Just a thought.

THAT is awesome. I’d imagine you’d need god- tier social to pull that off though. Plus I don’t like to share and I can tell Daedros will be a problem the longer her breathes

Honestly I’m glad you expanded it. Would have definitely not been happy for some side asshole to show up and kill me. Narratively I’d get it. Just wouldn’t be happy about it.

An idea for circumventing the betrayal:


Have a vision early on that is specifically about the meeting. It’s overall indistinguishable from the other dreams, coming at a random time and can be x-ed out if you get rid of the dreams.

If your INT is at 60 and you know that the dreams are parts of the SIGHT (Meybuk or Helen via trials) you can parce out the dreams’ true meaning. You must have a spy in both Dullis and Swampland and gotten the specific excerpts about Daedros and Swamp member. Must also have dealt with your fake brother’s assassination attempt and have asked Jenneth about the Triple Chalice

After discerning the vision as specific to a meeting, you must have Jenneth as your side member and not Varnis. You must also have your men stay in no matter what. When Daedros attacks and starts killing everyone, when Jenneth asks you to stand down, you can have a dialogue option that basically says, “Why would I do that? You’ve fallen in my trap, not the other way around.” Before your hidden command come out of hiding.

You can still have all the other members die and when Jenneth asks why you didn’t tell her or the other members, you can say, “I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew you were in on it when you lied and said you’d never known about them.” and that you didn’t tell the other groups because you couldn’t risk it getting leaked.

All can die except Jenneth with Varnis dying while killing Daedros. At the end, Jenneth will say the same things she currently does if you win (you’re king bebe, do you / jk I didn’t really want to kill you anyway baka) and you can still choose to marry her or have her executed.

This doesn’t require a combat heavy build but still works in story and requires a lot to work right to get the proper ending so it’ll be earned.

I’m guessing it requires high friendship, which is the antithesis of what I wanted. Essentially I wanted to come to his house, spit in his face, and go home. Currently, either bug or otherwise, I can’t do that, even with 100 social. He always calls my bluff and has me arrested

^this!^ fuck that dude

Uh… :drooling_face:…nice


I like the game, but in the open battle I think it would be great if you could take artillery like catapults or ballista.

I would do it more epic


I play this again and again never feel bored


That’s such a terrifying statement, you rock, friend. The most evil I can be in my main playthroughs usually involves doing shady things for the greater good, and even that typically stretches the boundaries of my tolerance by quite a lot. But this…this I would do, for no reason other than personal gratification. Feel free to picture a m!mc marrying Vradnir while keeping Jenneth as his machinating, child-bearing mistress. Here’s a bit of help:


The things we do for love, right? That, as well as childish glee from aggravating the church. Though, with the way things end, it wouldn’t be beyond reason to add ‘Divorce is possible’ to the list of dogmas should one make their own religion. You’d be saving children from being orphaned and defenseless women from being sneakily executed/relocated, @MahatmaDagon, lol.


Do you think you could update the cheat menu to be able to add troops.

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