The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


It simply reduces the combat check, it’s not really that pragmatic.


I’m still going to use it most of the time.


I was just wondering how many people live in ludland

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this was amazing I loved playing the demo


So our spy is our step sister right? and we have the option to confess our love at the end and she also loves us in a romantic way. The main character doesn’t know we’re related but I’m pretty sure she knows, does it not bother her or gross her out when we have sex together? Or is she ok with it?


Um… You didn’t blur the spoiler. Put [spoiler] in the front and end your sentence with [/ spoiler] (remove the space between the / and spoiler)

I’m pretty sure the term is half-sister, which is… uh… well, this game WAS inspired by Crusader Kings.


Not to be cynical as hell (though I am), but if the physical descriptions of her during the sex scenes are anything to go by, I’d hazard a guess that no, she’s not particularly grossed out by the main character, lol. It’s a good thing that you’re wondering though, because one of the dialogues in the detained oracle epilogue shows she’s not above using herself in that way to achieve political purposes. Or maybe that’s just Daedros’ fond hope, and she didn’t see fit to correct him.


Hmm so do you think she only had sex with the mc for political purposes? Or are her feelings real?

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well, she kinda stabs herself in the heart at the end unless you have a really high social, so…


No, I’m very sure she’s actually in love with the mc, and that the love has both physical and emotional aspects to it. If she actually marries Daedros in the sequel following the detained oracle epilogue, and assuming she decides to have physical relations with her new husband, I’m willing to bet it’s Daedros she has sex with for political reasons, since she didn’t seem all that into him from what I could tell in that dialogue. Don’t worry, man, in all likelihood and by her own admission sis cares for mc very much.


how does the MC know that jenneth is his/her step sister?

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if you surrender at the summit, your MC gets a vision where your father refers to her as his daughter. As Tvtropes would put it, JennethxMC is Surprise-Incest!


How can I survive the siecclian attack without marrying ??

And how much does the previous king’s reign affect the current economy and military? I saw that there’s no difference to the military even if MC’s father is militaristic…


Here’s how I do it…


Have the quartermaster improve the walls
Do one recruitment drive for Militia
Recruit a bunch of footmen (the max number it’ll let you select for a single recruitment drive)
Do it again for Archers
With a high social, talk to the mercenaries and use the special option avalible, otherwise they’ll betray you mid-battle.
When the enemy is within range, let the archers kick ass
When they’re on the walls, spread the troops evenly (I dunno if the other options are better, but I’ve always done this)
I also don’t know if it matters much, but invest in the Combat stat for the end stage of the battle just in case.

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Actually, i think that giving their leader 1000 aurens+ making him a lord results in him being loyal so you don’t need a high social stat


Great idea. See what happens! Only good things, I’m sure


I went to check the code and it seems no one ever saw Governor Bluden because I forgot to set his variable to true. :sweat_smile:

I think they explain it somewhere during the meeting, but I’m not entirely sure.

This is a very specific branch and it might take some luck to get the right sequence of events. You basically need to PRETEND to arrest the relic merchant when Martwyn the Acolyte comes complaining about him. Then, later, on another event, Martwyn says the merchant you arrested was seen in his way to Dullis.

He questions you about it, and you can make an excuse, like saying it was the merchant’s twin brother. If you have low Social the acolyte won’t believe you, and asks if he can see the merchant for himself in the dungeons.

Then you can select this option:

#“Sure you can.” (Let him enter the dungeons and lock him there)


You are right, good catch. It was the first name I had in mind for her and I forgot to update it there. I also fixed the other mistakes you pointed. Thank you for all the help, I don’t know what I would do without those continuous reports. :hugs:

Was this without using the “loophole” question in which you convince him to abandon the idea of only allowing 3 questions? It would be a bug either way, I’m just asking in order to try to find it quicker.

[quote=“WolfStrider21, post:2980, topic:26275, full:true”]
Is there any opportunity to use your gifts in this game or is that being reserved for the sequel? I know you can use the Sight before the temple trials, but I haven’t found a way to actually defeat them without dying.[/quote]

There’s the “meta usage” where players might perhaps avoid some deaths through game by discerning information they have acquired from their dreams, but this is left purposefully dubious. This is also likely to have a more direct approach(similar to what happened at the Templar Trials) during the Lords Summit, in case you die there.

Isn’t there an option to talk to the member of your council about it afterwards, or are we talking about something else?

Yup, it’s one of the old ones, I’m taking an enormous amount of time considering how to best deal with that.

There is information about them spread throughout the game, most of it hidden or given subtly. The idea is to let players connect the dots and theorize about it. One example is the painting you can help the Mulligan brothers acquire during your visit in Dullis.

You can also talk to Hellen of the Streams or the White Wizard about it, and one of the “new endings” I’m working on can give you a more direct answer, in which you can even side with them.

You are right, thank you.

You mean the “Vradnir will make the proper arrangements about that” line?

I know some of the dialogue might suggest otherwise(Jenneth’s line about there being three traitors there), but there are more members than the 3 at the Summit, which means they are not entirely defeated even if those 3 die. Either way, they winning or losing there is one of the most impactful things for the initial world state for the next game.

Was your relation with your spouse good? This event is set to only happen if she likes you.

As for siege weapons, I’m DYING to make another siege battle in a much greater scale. This has been on my mind for over a year now.

Any of the wives can get this event if you have good relation with her.

No, and that’s a problem I’m trying to circumvent right now. I mean, all be honest here, my initial intention was to never let the player survive the first game, but I thought people wouldn’t like that, so I added the battle thing as a way for them to “win”. Now I’m working on other ways to do that.

High Social, but I’m pretty sure there’s one option for each gender in which you can save her regardless of stat. IIRC is a sequence of choices.

There’s a high Social option where you can mostly convince him, and he asks that you give him a day to think about it. In this scenario you are not arrested and are given a guest bed.

There might be more requirements than Social here(like having a good relation with him or something like that), but it should be there. Perhaps there’s a bug and this isn’t showing for some reason?

Thank you very much for the reports, I was able to fix this one and the other errors.

The institution is called “Temple of the Two”, but church is commonly used by characters throughout the game as well.

I’ve skimmed through the threat and it seems people had a lot to say about my phrasing there, so I’ll read everybody before fixing it :sweat_smile:

I think I originally left it like that in order for people to have ways to skip days if there wasn’t anything else to do, but it shouldn’t be like that anymore. I’ll have that fixed.

I have no idea. :sweat_smile:

Regarding your questions about Jenneth, I think if I explained it here it would take the fun out of it. I think people in the thread have some good theories about it.

*if father = 1 (greedy)
*set unrest + 1
*set treasury + 2000

*if father = 2 (wrathful)
*set morale + 2
*set unrest + 1
*set population - 3000
*set troops + 200
*set treasury + 500

*if father = 3 (just)
*set morale + 1
*set population + 500
*set troops + 50
*set treasury + 200

*if father = 4 (kind)
*set treasury - 250
*Set unrest - 1
*set population + 3000
*set treasury + 50


Do you guys think the Mc province is as strong as lets say house bolton or house stark as in Game of thrones?


@Somedude No, I have tried that option and the merc captain still betrays me in mid-battle. Guess it depends on a high social stat.

@MahatmaDagon could’ve just replied
without the code… :grin::grin: No worries anyway.:blush:

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What is the name of the house in farhall exactly? The first appearance in the game, they were called house Gorroth and then it changed to Gorroch and lastly orroch during the trip to the summit

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