The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


If your playing a female, by sleeping with Vradnir or Lodka after dealing with Noyedas


Again, if you want to find out about the triple chalice before the Lord’s summit, ask Jenneth to bring your half brother to your castle. You can also choose to go to Ludlander if you conquered Sielccia without permission or declared your heritage but it’s best to decline the invitation since this will lead to an alternate ending. You can also just wait until the Lord’s summit since the triple chalice will reveal themselves there. Although the holy ones in Ehael might also mention “them” it’s too vague and the MC never comments on it.

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I’m interested if there is any combatative meeting with the King that won’t result in you being arrested. Even with a cheat-level Social, it still flows in one specific direction.


There isn’t one as far as I know. The only difference between the choices you make during the meeting are that if you don’t accept his demands you’ll be arrested, freed from prison and then kidnapped while accepting his demands will lead to you just being kidnapped


Are twins a possibility for the MC?


No, but it should be. Two is a holy number. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It could be made a completely random event?


Hello, i’ve found a few misspellings and a bug.

This happened when i told Lanfrey to try to convince the merchants to lower the price of food, dismissed him and then talked to him about buying food for the peasants again


It should be “A splendid idea”, “İf you believe the treasury can afford it” and “The acolytes of the temple”

Wrong pronoun

That’s the name of my province, not my house

Isn’t it called the temple?

It should be find, not finds

It should be “Perhaps we could ask for the help of our liege”
I’ve also noticed that if you go to the library but don’t read a book or a scroll, a day will pass even though you didn’t do anything.


No, it is the mob that finds its way inside. On that note, it should actually say “…its way inside…” instead of “their” and “it represents” instead of “they represent”.


i think they represent is not bad written , i mean they are actual people, you cant call people “IT”

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Mob is not plural, so you call them it, yes.


from my pov calling people “it” seems pretty rude xD

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Quic question, does anyone know how to live in secrecy with wyneva??

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I suppose to be both grammatically correct and “polite”, the paragraph could just start with:

Some peasants find their way inside your court…

Achieving "Away From It All" requires:

The revelant source code is mostly dateHandler.txt.

Marry Wyneva.

#Spend the day with your wife.

After you have seen the text:

After the meal, you consider what activities to do with Wyneva.

#Convince her to sing to you.

You need to get to an option to flatter her.
Pick anything when Wyneva comments on flattery.

#“I have to deal with the expectations of others as well, on a daily basis. They want my time, my attention, my aurens, whatever they can get from me. It is incredibly tiresome.”

#“Then I say we should do it. Sard it all.”

#“I am sure.”

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Can anyone remind me of how to make armor out of the abyssal spawn ?I can’t remember if I have to give the body to Meybak or the alchemist’s guild


the alchemist guild will make you a set of armor


The armor is quite useful.


Really? I want able to find a use for the armor. I was only able to wear it to the summit but other then that wasn’t able to find any other place to use it.

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It protects you from dying at the Summit.

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Arguably. You can survive without it.