The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


Yeah man. :european_castle::bow_and_arrow::skull_and_crossbones::white_flag:


That’s… not an answer

Edit: Wait. Are you saying you, gathered a bunch of archers, stayed under siege, allowed them to attack, fired huge volleys of arrows, and nearly wiped them all out? Wild.

I will also try that


How do you find out about the triple chalice and find it

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There are three ways that i know of. The first is to ask Jenneth to bring your half brother to your castle, the triple chalice will be mentioned a few times during that event. The second way is to go to Ludlander if you conquer Sielccia without permission or declare your heritage. However, this will lead to an alternate ending so it’s best to not do it. The third way is to simply survive until the Lord’s summit in Farhall. The holy ones in Ehael also talk about “Them” but it’s so vague that i don’t know if they’re actually talking about the triple chalice.

By the way, shouldn’t it be “strike” instead of “struck”


The exact same thing happens even if you don’t send anyone to guard the coast.

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I’m wondering if we’ll get to see the fallout from the ending if the MC beats the Triple Chalice.


The event where MC’s wife gets jealous of Lady Nellasha did not show up for me (I’m married with Wyneva), and one suggestion I’d like to make for the next game is that we get more opportunities to use siege weapons like Ballistas and Catapults.


Especially when that fallout will be the responsibility of our heir in the next game.


I think that’s only with the second sister.

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When did it change?, because I’m sure that before, this event was possible with all of them.

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I got it with dana a long time ago, it might be a bug

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I also believe it to be a bug, this event gives us the opportunity to marry Lady Nellasha with our cousin so it should not be exclusive to just one wife.


How do you find out about the triple chalice


Is there any way to beat The Triple Chalice without using combat?


Is there anyway to save Jenneth after dealing with the chalices?


Have 60 social


Whelp I guess I’ll have to deal with been the king the of the land with 2 oficial heirs, a bastard and losing my true love taken from me thanks to fate.

I’m having Champion of the Gods flasbacks.

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Best set up I’ve come up with? Set Social to 50 and dump the rest into Combat. Provided you don’t get screwed by RNG and make a few temple visits, you should be good.

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How did you get the bastard?


Slept with the servant when I got sick, near the end after dealing with Noyeda,she gave me bedroom eyes, I gave in, was told I got her pregnant and gaved her money to raise in secret.

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