The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


I might be wrong but I think Kenrir is the forest guide you can use to find the abyssal spawn.

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There is a bug.There are two same choices of turn men at arms into knights one which required upgrading the training ground.


He’s romancable?


I should have done that beforehand, but if I do that now I’m afraid I might be messing with most people’s expectations, given how minor the last few updates were. I’d rather save it for the last batch.

Thanks for the report on the typos, they should have been fixed by now.

@D4nkViking @kyros

About the color of the handle, I think you can just say it was painted over. :smirk:

Someone asked for it and I added an option that considers this approach.

I know I more or less replied to you a week ago, but IIRC I never put an entirely “high combat wall” to the ending, there should always be at least one way to “win” it without very high combat. Thing is, it may require a specific set of circumstances(who you bring, what you are wearing, how the voting goes, how do you proceed).

Because she is mine already. :sunglasses:

Someone said on the thread that he was able to get her to bed with him. I honestly have no idea if this is possible in the game, but it could be that the person was lying or confused.

Nellasha’s not being “romanceable” can be explained with the same reasoning I used for other things, a mix of lack of budget + struggle for balance. At some point, I started considering that it just wasn’t fair to spend so much work on female RO for male MCs when there was this huge lack of male RO for female MCs. The discrepancy would only increase, and there were enough options already, all with too few interactions.

So I decided that making new RO should follow the notion of trying to equalize the playing field first. And, if there was enough time(which often isn’t there), expand on the already existing ones.

No, he’s an asshole who(canonically and according to rumors and spy reports) has no interest in romance. (either that or he’s so deep in love with Jenneth that he cannot consider anyone else)

Don’t take this the wrong way, I wanted to make a few of them romanceable, but I don’t want to force any more superficial interactions. I don’t want any more one night stands and vaguely described relationships. I’ll only add romance to a game if I can portray it with the depth I think it deserves.

(If I can keep updating the game after it is released, then I’ll gladly expand on those things, add new RO, new dates, new interactions…)

There are consequences, mostly when it comes to the “timeskip” portion of the game, but it depends on a few factors. As someone said, you can have his child.

Nope, she’s in love with Lizra, her Scholar(as some spy reports/npc suggest) and she doesn’t have any intention of having a political marriage. The NPC who suggest that is completely oblivious to those things, though, and only suggests that if your character is unmarried by that point in the story. (I’m assuming your character was male as well, otherwise this was a bug)

Well, you can marry Danna, Petka, Hereya, or Wyneva earlier. I think you can even propose to Nellasha if you are unmarried by the time of the Summit depending on some circumstances, but I don’t remember if it goes anywhere.

You’ll be able to experiment on them and do some wicked things.

Ok, so I was about to question you about that and ask “What do you mean with? Kenrir should be a male only RO”, but I went to confirm on the code and I can’t find anything checking for the MC’s gender on the part where you can romance him.

Thing is, those checks do exist, but only in the consequences for later. Which means that yes, if you’re playing a female character, he’s just ignored by the game.

The easiest way I can think to fix this would be to just make him a male-only RO as I intentionally wanted. The consequences for that are already in the game, so it would just be a matter of locking him for females. Despite it being true to my original design, I do not like the idea of reducing the female RO options, but if we consider that he is just a lover, then I can say that, in terms of balance, he is to male MC what Lodka is to female MC.

Certainly a bug. Do you remember how exactly you chose to kill him or which were the circumstances in which he appeared alive? There are A LOT of checks if he is alive throughout the game, but I must’ve messed up somewhere.

How high was it? There are many ways those interactions can go(perhaps too many, which also means that there could be some bugs I am not aware in one branch or another), but there are two things which should be really important:

What you are wearing (platemail/abyssal armor or chainmail should be really helpful) and if you drank or not from the water that was offered on the way up.

Then there’s the matter of how the battle itself goes, your choices in it, etc. Again, there are many different versions of it, so there might be some problem somewhere.

About saving Vradnir, it wa something I wanted to do originally but I cut out because I wasn’t managing to do it in a satisfying way.

Isn’t that okay? I mean, I don’t see why this couldn’t be there.

I really cannot put this type of work in this game anymore. It outgrew what it was supposed to be by many times, and I’m done working on stuff that isn’t absolutely necessary for the shipping of the game.

I considered something similar at first, but I don’t really think it makes sense to keep track of how many times you have slept with your spouse given the nature of how time passes in the game. One does not need to assume that sexual relations happen only when the game describes them as happening, at least not after the first time. There is A LOT of “dead time” between scenes/events as well as the possibility to timeskip.

Your relationship stats DO depend on your interactions with them. I agree it would be better to have more interactions with some NPCs as well.

It’s important because some might be playable next game, so you are basically making a new character.

Thanks for the report, I’ll take a look at it. Was Governor Bluden one of the voters in your playthrough or wasn’t he even there? It might help narrow this down.

(Also, a person needs at least 3 votes to win)

Yeah, I could’ve worded that better. I mean I added a male NPC for female MCs to marry.

Thanks. This bug is because I wanted to let a greyed-out option there so people know that they need to upgrade the training grounds to allow knights to be trained, but I messed up something last time I fiddled with it.

Theoretically he’s only romanceable to male MCs AND if you defeat the Abyssal Spawn and destroy its body.


Not only that, but there is also a bug in the game for later on.

Bug data: Kenrir


There are at least two times where Kenrir dies earlier in the game only to appear at the end.
The first time is when I personally kill him at his hut. The second time is when I send him out to perform a flanking attack on Noyedas’ army in the forest in which it is later stated that he and all those men died.

Later in the time skip, if I chose to keep the Abyssal Spawn for study, if I chose to reanimate it, it’ll be stated that Kenrir didn’t like what I was about to do and snuck in and set the explosion. Again, this is after he’s been specifically stated to have been killed.

Bug data: Abyssal Spawn


There is also a bug in the timeskip whereby it states that I have kept the spawn despite giving it away to the Church so that I can go through the trails. During the time skip, the game will state that Mybuk (me no spell gud) doesn’t know what to do with it and thus gives the spawn to the Alchemist Guild. During that time they ask what they want done with creature.

Again, this is after I have specifically been stated to give them the spawn in order to take part in the trials.

A question specifically on the subject of the Abyssal Spawn: Is it possible to keep the spawn for your armor as well as create your own religion, or are they effectively exclusive to each other? I recognize that there is a lot of lore behind that (going to the church, getting labeled the hero of prophecy, etc) but if there was a way to keep the armor AND that other aspect, I’d be into knowing about it.

Sure, but 3 out of the 5 listed are effectively bartered off before you so much as meet them meanwhile Nellasha makes it clear that she’s not into you and only willing to use the relation as a means to help her kingdom.

Side note: If we DO manage to marry Nellasha, is there a chance that we can effectively “trade her out” for her twin sister in the second game, since she was killed after the papers were signed?

They were indeed a male. I misspoke. The adviser (mybuck) claims that “if you weren’t married” that she’d be excellent to snag. It’s not a huge thing to not get her since fuck her, she dies anyway, I was just curious.

To be fair, while I respect your decision, I don’t fully agree with it. Myra has a pretty impressive back story and an unerring loyalty to you when she joins your kingdom. I can see very much a relationship with her manifesting due to her background for “why” she ends up in your service. I can also see the option for a tyrannical king/lord to put her in a slightly ironical situation as a mistress whereby she would opt to kill you if it got particularly egregious, or have the deepest love for you since she’s already willing to throw away certain vows in order to follow what she feels is right.

At any rate, in my person opinion, she has a much more interesting backstory than some of your current wedding options. Just something to consider.


Thanks, that was really helpful. I think I managed to fix all the mentioned bugs. Kenrir indeed wasn’t being killed to the game on those two instances, and the game wasn’t using the proper way to check if we gave away the body or not.

You can keep the spawn and make your religion during the Summit, when speaking with Avellyn in private.

Ok, so this is a bit confusing, so I’ll just lay out my plans:

Lady Sessanah always dies. In the next game, Lady Nellasha either pretends to be her or, if married to your cousin, insists on forcing the claim on Boglan.

I’m not saying those characters are not interesting to have as RO or anything, far from it. There is some very exciting stuff that can be done with them, but my point is that I am not satisfied with the current state of RO in the game, so I would rather work more on the existing ones than to keep adding new ones and give them the same treatment I gave the others(which I feel is underwhelming).

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This was indeed what I was thinking. My question specifically was, if we married Sessanah during the summit and Nellasha was single, could she fill that role still (ie. you are now married to Nellasha instead of being seen as a widow to the world)

I imagine that either way, if she’s loyal to you, you’ll potentially have at least 3 kingdoms under your domain (4 if you married her to your cousin while you are married to Danna)

You could really end up ruling the West…

This is very fair

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That option was during the Lord’s Summit. Not the one with Noyedas.

My mistake. I usually use random selections for my characters so not having a choice about my origins rubbed off on me until the ‘having children’ part. Though, I was thinking of a scenario similar to The Other Boleyn Girl (not sure how historical in/accurate the story is) where Henry wanted both Anne and a son. But in the end, he couldn’t have both. In short, like how you can’t always “have your cake and eat it” you can’t have the heir you always wanted. Hmmm… this could be a plot point for succumbing to your mistresses’ charms :thinking: what say you, @MahatmaDagon ?

Lucas wrote the same thing about the gender of the heirs so I think this is settled. I still hope though that there’s a random option for this in the sequel.

Right. I forgot to mention that after a few playthroughs I realized he’s a lost cause. This confirms my suspicions though when I got the “detained foreteller” ending. He’s the one who plans to make Jenneth his queen.

I respect that. Considering how detailed this game is, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Though I was thinking that if you’re romantically involved with any of them they could take a sword or two for you so you don’t die prematurely. Though I guess it’s a moot point since all of them either die during the war or the abyssal hunt.

Ah yes, this has been answered. But I remember he’s married? What happens with that? Will his wife know? Btw, is there any way other than gifting him the ancient sword in order to unlock the affair scenes?

I see. I was just wondering why despite playing a female MC, he never appears in the late game consequences for my female MC. I had some playthroughs where female MC ended up in bed (in the grass?) with him but he’s still MIA in the late game part. I thought you just forgot about him.

I’ll try my best to narrow it down:
I put him to the sword after talking to him about MC’s mother’s letters. That was just right before the beginning of the Noyedas siege (or maybe before I met with Noyedas, not sure).

After the war I revealed MC’s Sielc bloodline publicly and got invited to the capital. Jenneth appeared there and while we had a conversation she spoke as if Meybuk were still alive. This is where I got confused because I had my MC kill him beforehand.

57 more or less, I think? Just a few points shy of 60. Was wearing full armor and did not have any drinks. Still, when I choose to take care of Daedros myself, I die and usually the 3 of them are still alive it seems to appear that Vradnir can’t take care of Sartham. There’s only one route where I successfully defeat all three of them despite low combat (just about 30, more or less) and it’s when I kill Sartham first then deal with Daedros and Jenneth. I usually focus on Daedros like “do something unpredictable” before dealing with Jenneth.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with it. I just thought that some options should be hidden if the conditions for it aren’t achieved like romancing the NPC.

I thought that maybe the MC could learn a thing or two from gossips within the castle despite having his own Petyr Baelish beside him.

Will random character creation still be available in the sequel? I prefer focusing more on the game itself than the character creation part. :grin:

Btw, I think the female MC has just as many ROs as the male (excluding those one time only characters i.e. Merchant’s wife) or maybe more. Let’s do some counting though just to be sure.

Kenrir (he’s still romanceable atm)


But the only problem is the characters aren’t fleshed out. I think Vayden and Dannel so far, have the most number of scenes with the MC. (Though, I sometimes feel like Vayden is unnecessary). Vradnir should have more interactions I guess, since he’s the one closest to female MC.

That’s all for now.


I think 3 at most. Dullis is out of the equation. If I’m not mistaken, Dulsen has 3 Children. If you marry Danna and Daedros dies, Dannel will still rule Dullis. Same is true if you play as female MC, but only if the customs in Dullis allow a female ruler, so Danna may rule. If not, best case scenario is annexation, otherwise, conquest. Or marry the dowager lady if you’re a male MC. (is that even possible?)


No you can’t marry her, also she doesn’t need to be. People want every single female that appears in this book to be marriageable or have a one night stand with.


Maybe, however with Danna as your wife, you have a claim. If your “less than savory”, I’m sure the game will allow you to push for exerting your influence over the kingdom, a lot more than if you weren’t married anyway. Plus there’s the simple matter of “cleaning house” if you’re so inclined…


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My point was that it is possible to romance Jenneth earlier than the summit but it requires surrendering to Noyedas (which none of my MCs would ever even pretend to do).

@MahatmaDagon Thank you.


I do not think so but i have only played heterosexual males so I have no idea. (See below for the authors answer)


I got his romance scenes playing a female MC, might not be that way for long though.


They have the same amount of lovers, since Kenrir is only for male MCs and its a bug otherwise.
Male lovers: Nada, Vradnir, Kenrir
Female lovers: Nada, Vradnir, Lodka

As for marriage opportunities, it’s disproportional (even with Vayden, but more so before he was introduced), and that’s the complaint.
Male marriages: Danna, Wyneva, Hereya, Petka
Female marriages: Dannel, Ullus, Vayden

I think that Vayden was a good addition for those of us seeking another capable & competent marriage option, and I absolutely adore him. He can also double as a lover if you’re (unfortunately) married to Dannel already which is cool. I’m happy, but it’s still technically disproportionate.

As for the argument about Ullus and Noyedas being viable marriage options, I think both don’t necessarily count in lieu of the fact that they’re introduced at the end of the game whereas for male MCs your marriage options are all achievable earlier. The same can be said about Vayden and Dannel who you can marry earlier on and spend time with before the chaos of the plot picks up. Ullus is a slime who you marry for the sake of winning a war, Noyedas rapes the MC. Totally not “romance options” imo.


My heir can be genderless, the abyssal spawn or even the devil himself, I do not care but I refuse to cheat on Wyneva or Petka.


@Vox I can’t consider Vayden an actual “romance option” on account of Vayden being a House Meinstrel spy. I think that actually makes him worse than Ullus. Knowing that about Vayden, I must say I did like the option on the date with Vayden when Vayden complains if the MC never sleeps with him:

#“If you are that dissatisfied with our arrangement, I can easily become a widow.”

@MahatmaDagon It would have been tempting to simply order the arrest and interrogation of Vayden and the man with him at the ball. The potential intel that we might be able to extract from them could be worth far more than the money we could blackmail from them. I’m guessing they both would have somehow “escaped” or “died in custody”.


I heard that being mentioned but hadn’t seen it in the code at the time, yikes. I guess that just adds more to the argument that female MCs are kinda screwed. Still, my spy husband was miles ahead of Dannel, and at least gives no worries of treason after the Meinstrel line ends.

On the whole “I’m in a celibate loveless marriage!!” tantrum he had, it was totally off base. I loved the options, but also felt like he was jumping the gun since my MC simply said they were tired. Maybe that’s a coding error? I figured there wasn’t an opportunity to get to know him on the night of your marriage like with Dannel because he wasn’t as nervous or hopelessly wooed by you, but the option would’ve been nice.

Thinking about it now, it would’ve been nice to have an option to confront him on the marriage being a sham on the basis of him spying later on. Hell, at least you got 2000 aurens. :sweat_smile:


Definitely a bug, because I remember adding an option in which he says something like “I waited X days to be with you again, I can wait a few more. Not that I’m counting.” (x being he exact number of days since he first time he saw you) :grin:

His tantrum should only happen if you straight out tell him you don’t want anything with him.

(I’ll answer everybody and take a look at that big when I reach the computer tomorrow, I just had to phone post from bed when I saw that.)


Just discussing possible courses of action post-Red Summit events, not that I would want my male MC to marry Lady dowager Dulsen. Besides, the current game doesn’t allow you to marry MC off to Dulsen’s widow as it ends on the Red Summit, depending on the gameplay .

  • (Is that even possible?)

What I meant is:
"If the game goes any further (sequel), would the game’s lore allow you to marry a deceased lord’s widow (considering cultures, customs, practices) to unify the Western peninsula? If not, as I’ve replied to @ChristandJackel, your choice could be annexation or conquest to put Dullis under your rule since depending on who your spouse is, your claim on Dullis can either be incontestable or remote.

I agree with you @ChristandJackel that if MC is a tyrant he could enforce claim on Dullis through marriage no matter how remote it is. Or as you say, “clean house”.

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