The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


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@MahatmaDagon In the next game, will we have the option. to capture an Abyssal Spawn peacefully?


He will be called Max a.k.a good boi and he will protect your castle gate.


He’s better off guarding our ancestral crypt of the dead.

We won’t have to move the corpses of intruders that way.


Or maybe it could teach those unruly peasant mobs some manners…


Forgive me if it was not so good, but the last time I wrote it, it was a fanfiction of Katawa Shoujo in 2013.

Surely, a much better love story than Twilight, with some spelling mistakes that I will not correct for being lazy but better anyway

just thought of a scene, imagine with me: after a long day, all you want is to visit your new family member and sleep, but in the middle of the way, you are interrupted by Wyneva, she is nervous and apprehensive. She stands before you but does not move or speak.

You decide to break the silence “There’s something you want to tell me.”

“Yes” is her response and she goes back to the silence and staring into your eyes.

After a few more seconds, you confusedly respond “so speak Wyneva”.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out, instead, tears, you hug her and kiss her forehead, with her slowly calming in your arms, you ask her "now tell me what that was.
She is silent for a few more seconds, but answer "I think I’m going crazy”.

“If you can explain me Wyneva.”

“I walk having visions of you cheating on me.”
You are startled for a few seconds, but respond firmly "Wyneva you know that I would not sleep with any other woman and…”

She interrupts him before you can finish “not with women.”

“What?” Is all you can answer, after a few embarrassing seconds, you clear your throat and respond “you really are crazy, I have no attraction for men …” You are interrupted again "I also did not say men . "

You look her in the eye and say “I do not understand”

She responds calmly but tears begin to rise in her eyes “I have visions of you cheat on me with that demon you captured.”

You’re in shock, but you recover quickly, “Wyneva you know this is ridiculous, right?”

She responds by hugging him tightly, “I know, but the visions keep happening and I do not know why.”

“But I know,” you reply in a firm voice.

“You know?” She repeats

“Yes, It’s Noyedas’s fault, he wants revenge and since he can not reach me, he attacks the woman I love.”

She thinks for a few seconds, you kiss her and says for her to train her magical powers to banish Noyedas spirit into the darkness, she responds, “I can start tomorrow, today I intend to go to bed with my husband.”

You respond “it’s not too early to sleep” which she quickly retorts “I did not tell you to sleep, shall we?” She holds out her hand,

After I go feed Abyssal. "

She returns with a serious look and replies “do we really have to keep that thing?”

“We have already had this conversation, it protects our realm and ensures that our family is not challenged”

She briefly speaks “but does it have to be you?”

You respond with a calm tone. "Wyneva we’ve already talked about this, Abyssal does not like other people.

She shrugs and responds, “When you get tired of playing with your dog, I’ll be a library.” And she walks away

When you reach the area where your “dog” is, you are greeted by a guard
“good afternoon sir”

“Good afternoon, how Abyssal has been.”

“Nervous and agitated, eat three prisoners?
“War criminals?” You ask

He reply, "no, these are over, they are rapists, the creature seemed happy with the menu "

“the worse the kind, the tasty the meat”, you murmur to yourself and enter

As you approach, it is possible to hear the creature’s, a high-pitched sound that causes fear in men and makes your heart stop, the creature looks at you, black eyes like the deepest darkness, eyes causing terror, destruction … and Desire.

“Hello my love,” you reply, the creature continues to stare at you, it’s difficult to sai, bit I believe our romance is over. "

The creature begins to growl, a sound that makes your heart shatter.
“Wyneva almost discovered everything and I can not risk everything for that love.”

The creature begins to stir more, even though tears are coming out of your eyes, you command in a hard and imposing voice
“do not interrupt me, I site o will regret but it will be so” you turn and walk away, "

You hear the roar of the creature and mutter to himself “Life is not a fairytale, if we don’t see that we will learn in the hard way.”


Try the Genderless. They’re evolved species.

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Did some further reading/playing and I observe you seem to forget about Kenrir most of the time. Still couldn’t see him anywhere in the late game consequences despite playing as a female MC.

Also, why does Meybuk seem to be alive even after killing him after discovering the letters before the war with Noyedas?

I had high combat but it seems I always die when dealing with Daedros alone at the Lords’ Summit. Also, is there any way to save Vradnir?

I never romanced Jenneth but I still kept getting the option of “…I loved you…” when I discovered she’s one of the Triple Chalice

A bit of suggestion: since we have the option to interact with members of our council, can we also have the option to interact with members of our household and army as well? The late game consequences are great for showing time lapse but I think some consequences should also depend on your interactions with members of your household instead of being mere choices.

Classic example:
Pregnancy should depend on how many times the MC slept with any of the NPCs.

Another is with the spouse, your relationship stats should depend on your interactions with 'em I find the lack of interaction (especially with Ullus) to make some routes (or branches) of the game dry.

I understand this is a choice game but I think the sex of the MC’s heir should be random since well… you can’t really choose the sex of your child.

…to be continued…

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No, there’s no way to save the companion you bring along. So bring the little shit Lanfrey.


But it’s better to bring Jenneth since the same thing happens to her no matter who you take.


I know, I didn’t suggest him as a way to reduce the damage. I intentionally want him dead.


Why do you hate Lanfrey? :thinking:


I suppose it’s probably because he’s a Ferengi in human form.


Because he builds unnecessary bridges and subtly mocks me with offerings of Cardeed when I have no money to spend on gambling.


Two is a holy number. He was doing you a favor


And I did him a favor so that he never witnesses the invasion of the Abyssal Spawn.

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Is this a new RO for female characters or a female RO for male / lesbian characters?
If its the latter, can anyone point out who it’d be?


There seems to be a bug with reaching a majority of votes in the end on deciding who’s the be king or queen. Whenever I try to make someone else the winner it automatically becomes a stalemate and no one wins because of lack of necessary votes even if they’re leading.

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I believe it refers to a new male RO Vayden for female MCs.

Well, some of my MCs certainly would not mind more chances to interact with Jenneth that do not require surrendering to Noyedas.

You also really can’t choose your parents’ names or your name or the gender with which you are born, but since this is a choice game, letting us choose saves the time of us restarting to get the story we want to play. Depending on the ending of the first game, I think the heir can be the MC in the next game so some players are really choosing the gender of the MC they’ll play in the next game.


Who is kenrir o.o