The War for the West (WIP) [FINAL UPDATE]


This might be a spoiler but the handle isn’t supposed to be like that. Read at your discretion

It should be dark grey like lead since if you give some fragments to the Alchemy dudes, they’ll inform you that only lead can contain the star poison

Of course it’s fanart so it is what it is but since you’re modelling it after the actual thing I guess I might as well make sure you know the complete version


The program I used is quite limited, I was only able to color the red part so that’s why the handle is gold

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Is there a way to have a good relationship with noyodas?


Also is there any way to enforce your child by Noyedas’s claim on Noyedas’s land?

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According to the Changelog in the first post:


Here are some typos in the latest version.

#“I only married you to stop the rumors. I have no intention of consuming our marriage.”

It should be consummating.

When it finally came the time for you and him to be together and try to make an heir, he acted dutifully, although the defiant smile still stood there. His stamina was remarking, and if you were to enjoy such things then perhaps you would even find pleasure in sharing the bed with the man.

I think it should be remarkable.

#“You may have lovers if you wish to. I will not mind as long as you do it with the proper discretion. But if you are to anything to undermine my position publicly, I will have you killed.”

There are various things this could be. One option would be do.

*if (jennethStabbed)
Her suffering his evident.

It should be is.


No, there’s not. If you join him in the war, you will always be killed in Dullis, he always dies if you defeat him in battle, and if you play as a female who is married to him, he’ll let you die at childbirth or you can kill him before that.


Is it even possible to deal with some things if you don’t have a high combat score? Because I’ve hit a wall where I don’t think it’s possible for me to get a good ending with a high social & fairly high knowledge.


I’m considering some ideas to cimcurveint the battle at the ending, it is very likely to be implemented.


I dunno if this has been answered, but is there a reason why we can’t romance lady nellasha??

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I don’t know why you can’t, but you can marry her off to your cousin.

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Is there an option to have a romantic relationship with a woman if you’re playing as female?


It´s frowned upon by the religius authorities, so you don´t get a lot of options. You can, at the end of the game, end up marrying Jenneth, but i haven´t found another female character that´s romanceable while playing as a woman (that isn´t a one night stand)


Quite a lot has happened since I last came here so I have a few questions:

Is Daedros a romaceable option? Not necessarily as a spouse, just a lover perhaps? Also can he become a lover if the MC is married to his sibling?

This is long overdue but do we have an option to romance any of our military members? Ex. That iron maiden (sister moira, was it?); red tull, ganbert, any other allies?

What about Vradnir? Where will the affair with him lead to? Are there consequences?

Will read further to see more of its continuity.

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Just finished playing. Really appreciate the inclusions. Question. Is there any way to marry Lady A? One of your advisors alludes to it if you’re single but the game didn’t give me that option before “the scene”.

At most, I can semi marry Jenneth but even that ends prematurely


You can end up having a kid with him, but i guess it depends on the playthrough


I’m guessing it’ll be an option next game since you can technically marry her twin sister that dies

If I’m correct I’m pretty sure only the scabbard qualifies for that.

Also is there a chance that we will be able to romance Myra?


I’m surprised no one has asked if we can romance the Abyssal Spawn.


That would be funny :laughing:


You should release this, really.


Well… now that you mention it… :rofl: