The Walking Dead 2!


Yes, it is finally here, the game you’ve all been waiting for, the second game in The Walking Dead series! Play as the toughest heroine ever to walk, run, swim, and trudge across the zombie infested world! Give it up, ladies and gents, for CLEMINTINE!!!

I’ve already played it and loved every second of it. Anyone else played it yet? If so, what are your thoughts?


well your late, it came last month. i personally think the first episode was little short, or it just might be that i haven’t played it for a while so that’s why it felt that way. I liked it else wise, not as exciting as the first one but i still can’t wait till the next ep which should most likely be coming next week or the week after.

and i don’t find clementine is as bad ass as lee so that’s another downside


@Prototype I saw an interview with the developers a couple weeks prior to it’s release; it was intended for her not to be as badass, and focus more on how much you CAN’T do (being a child, and all), and how you need to find even more creative ways to survive. Personally… I liked being Lee better (people actually listened to me :P) but I understand where they’re trying to go with Clem.

Despite my initial disappointment that Molly wasn’t the main character, the first episode was good! Although (*SPOILER!*) I found Omid’s death a bit… Meh… (but hey, that’s TWD for you… And I suppose it may have more of an impact with Christa later on), and found myself liking most of the characters they threw at me in the cabin… Or house… Whatever that was. Especially Luke. Luke seems cool. I really hope his name was Luke, it’s been a month since I played it… By ‘Luke’ (if that is his real name) I mean the dude thinks you’re bitten when he finds you.


Who did you guys save at the end?


@Prototype better late then never. I think that you don’t find Clem as amazing as Lee because she isn’t the zombie slayer Lee was. Considering what she how old she is and what she has to wok with, you have to admit she did a damn good job. Showing more initiative and willpower then you or I would have at that age. Could you A. Clean your wound with that acidic medicine(painful as hell) B. Give yourself stitches (Satan just cringed) C. Bandage it and kill a Walker to wrap up the day. Yeah, Clem may not be Lee, but she is a very similar child sized female version of him. Plus, when she grows up I’d hate to be the unlucky sods that try to kill her

Yeah his name is Luke. I also disliked Owen’s death but I suppose that was for plot reasons. Did Christa have a miscarriage? I didn’t find an explanation for her lack of a child.

You never know about Molly, we may get an episode from her POV or meet up with her at a later date. She may have been involved with that , “minor scuffle” we saw the aftermath of. She may be the person Clem says, “I thought you were dead” to in the preview but it’s more likely to be Christa.

I saved the teen. We saw the old man’s ankle, he was doomed. The teen could still be saved


I think Omid’s dead will have more impact if you play it directly after playing twd 1 because then you are still 100% in the story


There are internet rumors that the though you were dead its Lee. They defend when the cabin people did you remember someone that survive a bitten? Only one that´s lee without memory that would find for bandits . I dont believe it but that could be awesome. I love being clem she is as badass as poison. Just Lee is the awesome badass in earth Both together are best than batman and superman.



I don’t think its Christa or Lee my money is it’ll be Kenny. You never actually see him die.


Yeah, I hightly doubt it could be Lee. Only because he was bitten and close to turning (therefore at the very least, he’d be a zombie), and also, you have the option to get Clem to shoot him. Though it isn’t seen - only her pulling the trigger, if, say, he was being carted around as an armless, jawless walker Michonne-style, she wouldn’t say “I thought you were dead” because she would have been the one to (not) kill him.

To me, there are four people with even the remotest possibility if it being. I suppose I’ll list them in order of likeliness:

  • Christa. Because the episode started out with her, you’re pretty sure she escaped those dudes, yet Clem could very well “Think she was dead”. The only thing telling me it isn’t her is that it seems too soon in the Season to re-introduce her. I almost feel like Telltale will wait to build suspense.
  • Molly. Because, no matter what you do in Season 1, Molly can’t die. She’s an essential character, and the one time you CAN kill her (if you are too slow saving her from walkers), she can die momentarily, but you lose the game and have to restart. Therefore, you just know she’s gonna reappear. Maybe not now, but at some point. Clem never really gets to know what happens to her (in one instance, she leaves, only saying goodbye to Lee; in another, she can be left behind with a bunch of walkers, fate unknown) and she could assume she was dead.
  • Kenny. Though his death at first seemed… Pretty certain… @Nocturnal_Stillness is right, you never see his death. The voice actor who played Kenny once said in an interview that his death lines were originally going to be more certain (you would hear more walkers, and him yelling, and dying, and stuff), but they made him re-do it to make it sound more unclear.
  • Lilly. Yup. I’m including her. You never know, right? I mean, you never really see her die, but Clem could think she was dead. However, she’s also one of those “might be a tie-in characters” like Glen (I say maybe because, although there is a Lilly in the comic books with a similar description, some of the facts don’t add up), so they may not want to bring her back in.


Did clementine only see her mother as a zombie or both, because i only remember seeing the mom so, the dad can still be alive.

@FortunesFaded @Nocturnal_stillness i personally think Kenny is dead because we did cause i don’t see any way of him escaping that. Plus he wanted to kill himself, so he wouldn’t escape.

it’s either Molly or Lilly



You see both her parents. And with Kenny you don’t see him die you never even hear him scream/cry out which always happens when you see someone get killed by the walkers. So that’s why I think its him.


Nope, the father was the first of them to turn. remember the voice messages at Clem’s house?

Molly seemed to prefer urban environments so we may not see her. Lily is a possibility since she had the RV. As for Kenny, I can recall an instance in the comic of TWD where a guy just went crazy and lept into a group of walkers. The other guys ran and found him two days later sleeping in a prison gym, even though he appeared to be bitten when they left him the first time he was fine. Maybe he just had a REALLY thick coat on, but still, Ken could have used the old drape-yourself-in-guts trick by accident, close to death he may have realized he wanted to live again and climbed up the wall and stayed silent. But his odds of survival are very low.


@God_of_Demonz Lilly taking the RV is a determinant - she doesn’t always have it. In my playthrough, I left her in the street, at night, alone, with no weapons, and walkers all around. That being said, I doubt she is dead


I am hoping dearly that it’s Kenny. Although many of my friends tell me that there is no chance. But my bet is that it is most definitely not Lee, and probably not Christa. Lee is dead and Christa would be too obvious.


I’d be pretty happy with it being either Kenny or Molly. I swear if it ends up being someone stupid and random like… I dunno, that guy who takes your boat (Vincent?) i’ll be pretty mad :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d would be okay with Christa as well. If only to use to her as a way to effectively voice my opinion if I can win her over. But yeah, if I see the old people who stole my boat I’d give them a lead piercing in the skull


^ Haha same. Though remember, if you played 400 Days, you find out that Vincent (and maybe one or two others, not sure) ditched most of that group when they got the boat, as a few of the cancer group end up in Shel’s group.


Next ep is coming out tuesday!!!


@Nocturnal_Stillness That’s who I thought it was! Glad I wasn’t the only one.


My bet is on Kenny, simply because the devs said that he would “be explored” in Season 2. I WISH it would be Molly or Lilly because while Kenny was cool and all with Lee, I don’t think he’d mesh so well with Clementine. I mean, in Season One, he hardly ever talks to her directly and more or less just ignores her.