The Venators (WIP) [11/4/2017]

Hi! Welcome to my first choicescript game.

Summary: The Venators are a group of demon hunters that work from the shadows, silent and efficient killers. You are one of them, trained since youth to hunt and destroy demons. These are dangerous times - Venators are going missing, demon-worshiping cults are on the rise, and unknown threats lurk in the night. Will you befriend or make enemies with your fellow Venators? Subdue or cooperate with your demon? Destroy the demons as you were trained to do, or betray the Venators? Will you even survive?

Demo link:

11/4/17 Update: Just finished most of chapter 2. (It took WAAAYYYYY longer than I anticipated/would have liked, and it wasn’t even that much more content :frowning_face:.) I’m aware and sorry that process is moving along slower than a snail. College-ing has gotten a bit difficult as of late.

Still working on a couple dialogues and some stuff at the end.

I’m completely new to coding and not a writing expert by any means, but thought I should try this out. All criticism/feedback is welcome; I know I have a lot to work on. Thanks!
(By the way, if anybody with knowledge on how to properly represent non-binary people could help, I have some questions about it. I’d like to include as many people as I can, but the last thing I want is to offend anybody with my lack of knowledge on the subject.)


Welcome to the community - I’m sure there will be lots of support.


Welcome to the community now i am going to read this right now

I’d just like to know what kind of higher learning our father is paying for where he gets mad cos I wanna sleep in for a bit longer, like gosh dad chill.

But onto the story. I like it, I’m a sucker for these types of stories anyhow and I do believe that this story has great potential. I do kinda wish I a bit more about what the colors meant before picking them, unless you meant for us to simply choose it based off of our favorite color. And am I right in assuming that the color affects what kind of demon we are?

But anyway I’ll definitely be watching out for this.

@Eiwynn @DUNGEON_MASTER Thanks!

@ToxicDreams I had in mind just an aesthetic purpose for the different colors. Right now, the demon type is based on choices made in the prologue. Thanks for the feedback!

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I just finished playing through the game so far.
Did your family know about the Venators prior to your father’s death?
Also, who is the mystery woman.
Overall, I like it.
But what is the demon in the stats page about?

So far, so good. Well written and entertaining!

This definitely was interesring and cannot wait to see what it becomes.

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Off to a good start! It was a little strange to be thrust into a situation with characters we didn’t know but our character did. You might want to give us more world building at the start. Maybe show more of their training?

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Thanks for the encouragement and feedback everyone!
I will try to clear up some of my writing and the world a bit more; I know it’s pretty messy and not terribly fleshed out. I have pages of ideas and lore, but I don’t want to fall into writing huge blocks of exposition. I’ll try to find a balance.

To answer some questions,
@Phaerimm The MC is a demon hunter who is bound to a demon.
@Snowflower Most people don’t know about the Venators, as they are a very clandestine group, and the demon in the stat page is what type of demon is bound to you.


Good stuff so far. What types of demons can we be bound to? I got sorrow demon so I’m interested to know what the others are.

Will we be able to romance a demon

love the story, its something i’d enjoy reading and more so when demons and dark stuff is involved; cant wait to see where it turns.

Glad your giving it a shot going to read it ASAP

I personally really enjoyed it and i think you got something going here intressting story and could have a hell of alot of fun if you want to kick some demon

I got mischief demon. ( is that a good thing ? )

It was a nice game though the first choices didn’t didn’t have didn’t have much impact on skills ( I hoped after the bully fight my physical attribute would increase massively :cry: ).
The mystery woman got all of my curiosity ( Is she related to the-venators-went-missing thing :wink: )


3 demons. sorrow, mischief and death.


I love the premise for a start! And though we only got small bits of dialogue from each of the characters it seems that they have tons of personality which i appreciate. :slight_smile: goodluck on this wip!!!

How do I get death? I’ve only gotten sorrow.

I got mischief demon seems just right for me XD