The Veil Prophecy (WIP) (Working Title)

True, although I was thinking more like, I don’t know, some sort of deal where if the familiar came at this time, they get this? Something to that effect.

Certainly, if Ronove actually answers the MCs call :grin:

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I mean. You could just introduce them to cookies? Assuming that they have a physical form whilst in the meterial plane, and tastebuds and all that.

Hello. I don’t know how or if I can edit the first post but I just wanted to drop in to say the demo has been extended in a very mini update, now sitting at roughly 20,000 words.
Update includes some clarification, some spelling and grammer corrections, extends the Ciara and Doran/just Doran confrontation scene and adds the option to dance with Yeung.


Yow author @bertilak, you can ask the @moderators for that matter! :smile:

Try it now!

Hi! I haven’t explored most of the different options in the game but I did find a stat mistake regarding the skill set. I tried choosing Intimidation as a skill but the stat increase is in Physical. All the other skills were good.

Also, does Magical Ability increase by 10% and the others by 50% when we first choose them? And does every stat then increase by 10% whenever we get a chance to increase it or will it vary? I’m curious about this because Magical Ability was the only skill that started at 50% and I thought I could be OP :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Overall, it’s an interesting read. I love dark fantasy stories so I’m really looking forward to see how your story progresses, especially if there’s any change/growth for the MC.

Good luck!!

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As far as editing posts, after your post, where it says like this post, but not this post, ET see, if you wrote the poster should be an option to edit it. Then it goes into a text box? Whatever thing you call when you do the original post, and you can edit it from there.

Thank you! I’m able to edit now. :slight_smile:

You make an excellent point :smile: (And you’re right, they will have a physical form and ability to taste whilst in the mortal plane)

Thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing out the stat thing, I was trying to do something clever and made a mistake, it should hopefully be fixed now.


OK that was really cool can’t wait to read more :grin:

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Ooooh this is off to a really interesting start, really dig the world building and MC options so far am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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Super interesting! Love the writing and the steady word building. Excited to meet the other ROs too :smiley:

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This looks very interesting so far, it’s definitely awaken my love for Sherlock Holmes novels :grinning: I don’t think I have ever played or read anything where MC could be a necromancer and I’m loving it so far!
Also, it’s maybe just my thing but I always check the stats page when I start a new game and seeing that our MC’s starting name is Mr Name Surname had me cracking up :joy:

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Love it. We don’t have nearly enough opportunities to romance demons and I’m 100% for this.