The Vanished Project (WIP) - Updated 08/11/18



I. Love. This. It’s so good. That’s one hell of a demo, and I love the narrating style! I’ve never seen something like it before. Oh, and there are so many interesting characters. And the ROs seem great too. Really looking forward to future updates.

Team Vawn for the win


There are other angels or we are the best because they are the only angels that exist.
If there are others, will they appear or have they already appeared?
What happens to the animal form can we use it in the future?
I love the game​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:, good luck


Ooooh I see! So there are different approaches to a romance in the game, that’s awesome!

Although now I came back with two more errors sorry lol

Again, his.

I think this should be “assure” ^^


On the Personality stats it says

Usually he do whatever they want, not caring if it’s okay or bad. True neutral.
Should be: Usually he does whatever he wants

If we choose to only be asexual or only aromantic I think we should still get the option of being interested in men and/or women.
Do you think it’s possible for you to add a mixed race in the race options?


No, nothing like that :grin: but you will see next chapter. (I don’t want to spoil anything lmao)

Thank youuu AAHHHHH!!! It fills my heart with happiness knowing so many people enjoy it!

Team Vawn!

There are other angels, since every god have angels. But every god has ONE Vessel. A Vessel is a top tier angel, the best angel of all angels. Like the descent of their god. So to be exact, there are 14 Vessel.

Which will appear in the story eventually :wink:

Yes, you will be able to use it!

Thank youu!! :kissing_heart:

Thank you! There are many games with that mechanic and I thought it would be cool. I will fix these mistakes, thanks once again for taking your time to keep an eye on them.

Also will fix this! Thank you for telling me.

Oh no, I forgot about that, I’m sorry! Will do that, thank you for telling me.

And that’s a great idea, I left the customisation vague (somewhat) so people could suggest things like that. I’m not good at creating a customisation system, so suggestions are always welcome.


This game contains massive amount of customisation… I was lost for few times in the customisation… It will be really hard to properly use so much information to the point. It would have been easy for you to reduce some to make it easier for you. But since you choose to endure the trouble I wish you luck.
It was refreshing to see an unique style in the cog world. The story was captivating. The characters were unique but there’s so many of them that sometimes I forgot who is who. I visited the stats page many times to see who is who. But not all of them were listed, so sometimes I don’t understand who is the character.
And there is that mystery about the MC… I was confused when childhood friend asked MC how are they doing?( I mean, it’s about our past and yet we don’t know what is the question mean. Are we in some kind of trouble? Did we flee from home?) I hope we’ll get our answer in the future.


I understand what you mean. Customization was always a big part of what I wanted to create, since I love it in games, I thought I should make the same thing. The physical customization won’t be used to much, it’s more for the roleplay factor. The rest of the customization I think will be worth it, but here’s hoping. However, if there is a way I can make the customization a little bit less confusing, please tell me. I know one of the problems of my game is how confusing it is, so I want to reduce that and make it a more enjoyable experience.

Thank you so much! I always strive to create something new. I’m sorry if it seemed like there were too many characters, I want to create a vibrant and immerse world with different characters and everything. I’ve seen a lot of example of games and stories exactly like that, and I wanted to take inspiration from it. But I can see that I still haven’t quite figured that out. Maybe if I had a page on the stats for character introduction? Do you think that will help? Or should I cut characters out?

I realized that that question doesn’t really make sense if you don’t know much about what is going on. Not the MC, the player. This is when writing a story in the perspective that I used is hard, I feel like if it was 1st person, I could use a bit of self-commentary. There’s a lot of things I might need to fix on the first chapter, so I will try to make everything a bit more smooth.

Honestly, thank you so much for taking your time to give me such nice constructive feedback! It really helps with viewing the game in a new light and fixing what is not my intent. I want to game to be a very big unforgettable experience, so I want it to be perfect. Please continue to tell me if something is too confusing, or if there is something you think is missing. I would be incredibly grateful!
Thank you again, and hope you have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


I think it would be a pity if you cut characters out. I honestly want to get to know better all of them. We haven’t had much time to spend with them yet, but from what I’ve seen they are all unique and, most importantly, fun to be around.

Now I do agree it could be easy to get overwhelmed with so many characters being introduced at once. Maybe you could slow down the pace a little bit, when we first get to the dorms I mean? I wanted to have a little more time with each character, but I do realize this is just the first chapter.

I loved your WIP btw, and I can’t wait to interact with our God/Goddess!

tho Qanda is the best one, and no one can tell me otherwise.


I might allow the first interaction on the dorm to be longer, so the player can talk to everyone. Even so, I can see how I might be rushing into things by introducing a bunch of characters at the same time. I hope that in chapter 2, things become clearer and that with the help of quests and side-quests, the player can differentiate characters

Thank you so much!!! I’m really glad you seem to like it, and there will be more interaction with the god/goddess. And if I’m honest, whenever I playtest the game myself, I tend to choose Qanda as well.


I absolutely love it!. Besides a few grammar issues the story is thought out well and I love a good fantasy where you play as a character that is not human- great work can’t wait to see the end result!


If you do find more prominent grammar issues, please do tell me. I want to make a smooth game. But regardless, thank you so much for playing it and enjoying it!! I’m really glad you did.


Yessss…that would be really great. Without changing the unique style of the WIP, this is probably the best solution. And like @Anathema said…

I also think that since we have already meet with them…if you cut characters now we’re going to miss those characters. I hope with our wish we are not pressuring you too much :sweat_smile:

I have a memory of a goldfish… really always forgetting something …so don’t take it personally since I don’t remember the god/goddess name… but I still remember some of the beast form… I am very much interested in the charming snake…:snake:


I like it a lot, and I can definitely imagine this being on tape, almost like in those horror films where the whole thing is supposed to be on tape, minus the horror though(so far at least, hehe). It’s unique in a good way imo, and I am most certainly looking forward to more! :slight_smile:
I immediately liked Bo by the way, definitely hope to see more of her :blush:


I might do that then! Since I’ve also been drawing the characters, i might put the pictures there as well. Great idea guys!

Hopefully I will make it up with a lot of good things on chapter 2! Also, there’s no pressure at all, I like having different perspectives because sometimes, I write the game so much, with so many different paths, that I forget that not everyone will know everything.

Qanda is always watching. And probably laughing at you. Cause that’s what she does. Also big mood. I forget everything


thank you so much for liking the weird narrative that i decided to write. I’m grateful that it’s not being troublesome. Also your decision to like my trash child is valid so thank you.


So here’s a stupid question; what’s the difference between a god and an “illegal” god?


That’s the one! Our Lady Qanda, the alluring goddess of poisoned whispers.

She’s perfect :smile: But, does that mean our Deity is in a way, always with the MC? Or are they more like a vague, distance presence?

And the Bo club keeps growing! They’re also my favorite, although I’m also very partial to the adorably flustered dryad.


Not at all a stupid question! I answered this on the tumblr blog but I’ll answer here as well.

Regular gods are worshipped and known both by Mystics and Humans. They’re okay, they are responsible and part of the Shrine community (it basically means that they will listen to prayers and answer them). While illegal gods like chaos and stuff like that (at least to some extent), they don’t care about people as much as the regular gods do. and it’s rare to find shrines for them, since they dont answer to prayers that much, they don’t have a large group of worshippers.

But the main reason they are illegal is because they don’t care about rules. They are commonly known to give powers to undeserving worshippers, or killing people who displease them. All this can cause mass chaos, so they became illegal, and oftentimes banned to interact with people directly.

This is a very important question! One that’s hard to explain. But yes, the gods/goddesses are always watching, vaguely. Kind of like leaving the Tv on and doing other things, it’s always there, present. But the gods/goddesses might be busy doing something else, vaguely paying attention to what’s happening in Venture.

Two very good choices!


This question may have been asked before, but how do we increase our stat relationship with our chosen god?


It actually hasn’t been asked yet (or maybe it was and I already forgot; which isn’t surprising)!

You’ll be prompted to increase the relationship with your god/goddess drastically in chapter 2, and later on you also might be prompted to do something for your god/goddess from time to time, doing these, will change the relationship. Or simply doing something they might disapprove of.