The Vanished Project (WIP) - Updated 08/11/18



I. Love. This. It’s so good. That’s one hell of a demo, and I love the narrating style! I’ve never seen something like it before. Oh, and there are so many interesting characters. And the ROs seem great too. Really looking forward to future updates.

Team Vawn for the win


There are other angels or we are the best because they are the only angels that exist.
If there are others, will they appear or have they already appeared?
What happens to the animal form can we use it in the future?
I love the game​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:, good luck


Ooooh I see! So there are different approaches to a romance in the game, that’s awesome!

Although now I came back with two more errors sorry lol

Again, his.

I think this should be “assure” ^^


On the Personality stats it says

Usually he do whatever they want, not caring if it’s okay or bad. True neutral.
Should be: Usually he does whatever he wants

If we choose to only be asexual or only aromantic I think we should still get the option of being interested in men and/or women.
Do you think it’s possible for you to add a mixed race in the race options?


No, nothing like that :grin: but you will see next chapter. (I don’t want to spoil anything lmao)

Thank youuu AAHHHHH!!! It fills my heart with happiness knowing so many people enjoy it!

Team Vawn!

There are other angels, since every god have angels. But every god has ONE Vessel. A Vessel is a top tier angel, the best angel of all angels. Like the descent of their god. So to be exact, there are 14 Vessel.

Which will appear in the story eventually :wink:

Yes, you will be able to use it!

Thank youu!! :kissing_heart:

Thank you! There are many games with that mechanic and I thought it would be cool. I will fix these mistakes, thanks once again for taking your time to keep an eye on them.

Also will fix this! Thank you for telling me.

Oh no, I forgot about that, I’m sorry! Will do that, thank you for telling me.

And that’s a great idea, I left the customisation vague (somewhat) so people could suggest things like that. I’m not good at creating a customisation system, so suggestions are always welcome.