The Vanished Project (WIP) - Updated 08/11/18



Goddess of the dark elves…greedy like hell…take take and never give anything back .


krow remind me of cyric :

xes would be Shar :

and Vawn is the same as Nemesis :


Oh wow, i guess Qanda is kind of like that. Except not as greedy.

Thanks for sharing!


trying to save…getting this error : Uncaught Error: SaveMod: Unable to *sm_save before *sm_init


Sorry, I’m updating the game but it should be fine now!


By the way! Small update!

  • Fixed a bunch of mistakes (mixed pronouns, typos, errors)
  • Added Trans, Ace and Aro options!


yay! it work fine…the saving :stuck_out_tongue:

question : Do we get super powers later on ?

ohhh and who is Jade ?


Awesome! And yes, you do get powers/magic. Jade is the Witch RO!


ah geez…just clicked hahaha sorry XD all I had in my mind was ‘the witch and Daria’ XD




well she seem smart…and with her ‘witch powers’ dunno if its true that she know stuff ahead of everyone…

I dunno , just got that pop in my mind 1st time I met her lol I was like ‘Oh she remind me of daria!’ lol



Oh cool! And Jade does know things ahead of time, but only for a fraction of a second, she is very skilled at Divination magic!

I don’t remember much of Daria but I think she was really cool.


Funny, I also chose Qanda. Fan favorite…?


I love fairy so you made my day thank you :heart_eyes:


Oh wow, i see we had an update… I am pretty happy about the new variety in gender and sexuality, it’s important to people.
I just finished it, and what a cliffhanger, that one… XD
Oh, where to begin… The humor, the writing, the setting, the characters… I just love it all! At first i thought it would turn out pretty messy, because you would be trying to make something of a visual medium on a written one… But it turns out you did a pretty good job with the narrative, it makes the theme really unique and fun! The only thing that makes the story feel off for me is: why is the camera almost always following us, when Caiden is it’s creator? I suppose he would like to record our moments together, but i would feel pretty creeped out being observed by that thing even when he isn’t there. It’s just a minor inconvenience though, i thing that is sometimes at the back of my mind, doesn’t break the narrative or anything. ‘u’
Besides making extra sure the stats description feels proportional to the number(i still felt like some of them were slightly off, but maybe thats just me) i don’t think i can give many recomendations, you already look pretty capable.
Something i would like to ask is, will we have an ample possibility of relationship with our god? I just love master/servant dynamics, be it friendly, professional, or even romantic, and i like having all these options ^^


Thank you for letting me live out my dream of being a pink Mohawked punk magically linked to a unicorn.


You are the unicorn your disguised as a human as people find it more comfortable


I finally got around to finishing the demo. I’m so intrigued to find out more! Awesome job! I like so many of the ROs I know multiple playthroughs will be in order, but I think Bo’s my favorite. Loved flirting with him in drama :laughing:

I found a couple bugs, but I wasn’t looking for them so I didn’t notice anymore.

In this instance, should be “he’s”

Bo was my roommate this time (as you can also see… lol)

Just a small thing but I also noticed in drama, when you choose the “i don’t know what came over me” option after the scene, it says +Shy and I think it’s supposed be +Reserved instead since I don’t recall Shy being a stat.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! This is now one of my favorites choice games out here, I love the 3rd person ish way you are telling the story it give you so many cool things you can do with it. I love the characters, I love the customisation that you can have with your character and I love the fact that we are bassicly a God I love games that make you something you can’t be like a superhero or a God because adds the funnest to it. BTW I picked a Cerberus because it’s from one of my favorite video games now all I need is you to put in ice element nun-chucks that turn into a fire staff and lighting chains :joy:and if you get the reference I now love you lol this is amazing keep up the awesome work I can’t wait to see this grow



Fairies are awesome! Thank you for liking it!

Thank you so much, It’s important to me that everyone feels like the game has reached its capacity with features. Or to be more simple, that everyone has something they enjoy!

But the narrative was a risky move and I’m glad it worked out!

You can ask Caiden this if you spend time with them when you don’t have class (or you skip it). They explain that they think the MC is far more interesting and that it was MC’s idea to record. (There’s also something else there that I can’t spoil yet, but it will be seen next chapter.)

I am sorry though if it made anyone uncomfortable or anything of the sorts, that was not my intent.

Awww thank you, I tried my best and I will continue to do so until it’s perfect owo

The god relationship can change yes and it can become strong. But never at a romantic level since the god is like their parent. You will see this far more next chapter!

Thank you so much for the very detailed and long feedback, I’m always trying to improve and I’m glad I have such nice people in this community to help me.

That has been a dream of mine too friend.

We’re all unicorns.

Thank you! That’s so niceeee of youuuu!! Bo seems to be a fan favourite so I’m very glad.

Will fix these, thank you.

No no, that’s supposed to be like that. In Romance scenes (basically scenes where romance can increase), you can gain the shy, flirt or naive option. This will change your character’s approach to Romance.

But thank you so much for the tips of the errors and the very nice comments!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it so much, and technically the MC isn’t a god, but they are an angel of the god (the most powerful angel in fact, so I understand your point and completely agree).

I’m sorry but I don’t understand the reference but that sounds really cool!

Thank you for the lovely comment.


Why couldn’t i prove that i was a vessel? Did our god abandon us?