The Vanished Project (WIP) - Updated 08/11/18



Aaaaah this is amazing??? I wish there was more! And have you maybe thought about adding a save system?


Here is the first time i spotted the pronoun error

He sighs and begins walking away. “I’m a witch.” She replies before disappearing into the crowd.

I can’t seem to find the rest, but I hope this helps


Wow… This looks surprisingly detailed, i see much potential just with the first questions in the stats screen XD
I would really like to have the option to see the stats description and bars simultaneously. I like having a mathematical information about my stats, mainly for alternative playthroughs, but i feel like i am losing content and RP for not reading the stats description, so again, i would love it, though i also think the descriptions need some more work… for example, at a certain point, I feel like i have a mid-high empathy(68%), but my text still says “They can be good… if asked to. Bitterly.”, the same as if i had 55%, it should have changed at least a little in 60% or 65%.
I read a good part of it, but i won’t be able to finish it right now… All i can say is: i appreciate your work, i hope you are having fun with it and that you finish it successfully someday! ^^
I may return later with some more feedback about what i thought about the game


Thank you, it should be fixed now ^-^

AGGGHHH im so glad you’re liking it! Thank you!!!
And since so many people have been asking for it, I added it. It should work!

Thank you and it helps a bunch! I will fix this and go through the game to see if i made any more mistakes.

OOOOooh I didn’t think about having them at the same time, i will definitely add that!

Regarding the descriptions on the stats I apoligize because I honestly thought the same but eventually was too lazy to change it. Will also incorporate a bit of that change!

And thank you so much for playing it so far and I am indeed having fun with this game! Hope to see you soon then :smiley:


and btw…(yeah I always forget to say more goodies stuff lol) , this isnt weird at all . if anything , at first I got BLAIR WITCH vibes lol but it wasnt…but I gotta say…the way the story is told…this is just pure genius!!

so yeah , not weird…but genius ! :grin:


Omg thank youuuu! The Blair Witch Project brings me back…

That’s really nice of you, I wouldn’t say it was genius hdjasfjhasd just unique, but thank you really!


it is unique . but its genius lol why ? because you came up with it . and I LOVE when an author come up with something new and unique and I’m totally left amazed !

so genius , because I can see the camera…and I can imagine the character so well…hell…its almost real . (then again…I have a good imagination lolol )


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Then the gift is in you! But thank you so much for the compliment, I don’t even know what to say after such a nice comment.

But thank you really. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome…?


I love this its so unique and there’s a lot of customization. The concept of an illegal god is interesting


This was super fun to play and the concept is really interesting. I spent like 10 minutes trying to choose between the gods asdfghd. Had to choose the illegal Qanda goddess tho because… obviously.

There’s one thing I noticed (not sure if it’s a bug or intended??), but I never got a Jun stat bar when I didn’t help him at the party, despite the fact that I teamed up with him at Drama class? I’d think it’d at least give you a 0% bar but they never showed up in my stats. I fake-stabbed them, if that doesn’t create a bond I don’t know what will

Anyway, love the game and interested to see what’s going to happen!


Real-stab them.

@SmolPirate I’m really into this demo! It’s a very unique way of telling the story and I can’t decide on an RO yet, I like so many of them :grin: I haven’t finished the demo, I’m holding out for a save function before that (cause i like to take my time but my phone likes to refresh tabs and i dont wanna deal with that lol) but I really like what I’ve seen so far.


Thank youuuu it makes me super happy to hear that! An Illegal gods are the party people

Qanda is also my favourite goddess cause… obviously.

And oops sorry, that might have been my fault, thanks for letting me know, i will definitely fix this. Fake-stabbing certainly creates a bond!

Thank you for enjoyinggggg ittt!!!

Bonding activities to do with your friends!

I’m super happy you’re enjoying it so far and really glad the ROs are interesting and lovable! Also I incorporated the save function, it should be working so please do tell me if it’s not.


What if camera isn’t carried by MC but by someone else who just nods and gives thumbs up from time to time


Technically the camera isn’t being carried. It’s just following them while floating. jhagdsfjksahdkjf but that would be hilarious!


whats that ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

not so obvious…I dont get it XD


I keysmash when i’m laughing cause I’m gay

No worries, each with their preferences. I just like sneks.


kinda remind me of Lloth though…without the greed .


Big Mood

Awesome! Now I know what I’m gonna do for the rest of the day once my phone’s charged lmao


I hate to break it to you but I have no idea who that is.

Yeet!! Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy it