The Vampire Regent (WIP)



“Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.”
― Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire.

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches.

You are the Regent of the Mordhaven Cloud – the gathering of vampires in this city in Michigan. The year is 2017, and a shadow of poverty and recession haunts the lands and corrupts the extinct American Dream. You will have to employ your cunning to survive the nights and keep yourself as the dominant force in the dark, crime-infested streets. How will you pull the strings amidst the clashing armies of vampires, gangs and hunters?

The Vampire Regent is the night child of a relationship between Vampire the Masquerade and House of Cards. You are a vampire and a politician, a bloodsucker and a conspirator. Will you have the strength, wisdom and persuasion to rule your Cloud and resist the external (and internal) threats?

From the producers of Highlands, Deep Waters, this game follows a “random scene structure”, also seen on The War for the West. This means that every gameplay is randomly generated to form a singular experience, and it is impossible to complete every quest in a single playthrough.

This interactive novel features:

  • Four playable vampiric Lineages. Will you be an ancient Balkanic, a mysterious Saharian, a future-sighting Aznuit or a charming Merovingian?

  • More than 60 random events (some still not finished) including scenes at the Auditorium, the Fencing Club, bars and poker nights.

  • Political relations. In the eternal power struggle in Mordhaven, will you favor the Cloud above all else? How will you deal with the Outlaws? Will you hear the City Hall requests?

Chapter 1: complete.
Chapter 2: works in progress.
Chapter 3: works in progress.

Last update: January 30th.

Update log:
Fixed puppet name bug.
Changed Manipulation skill check at Louise bar scene.
Added choice at Edward Auditorium scene.
Changed mentioned suzerain’s age.


“Politician” “bloodsucker” what’s the difference?


Count me in when there are Vampires! The Demo so far is really good, cant say anything bad about it, and I am not interested in that kind of style normally, the humor reminds me of VtM, which I played way too often… But do we have the chance to costumize our Vamp more? Not necessary, I just love character creation!


Disclaimer: I am pretty tired right now. That might affect my judgement, and I can’t promise to make sense.

It might be because I have played so much VtM, but all the changed words felt rather grating.
There was a lot of capitalized words, slowing the pace, and a lot of concepts introduced quickly on top of each other.
Generally, the beginning was a bit info-dumpish, and I felt more like I was reading a players manual, than starting a game/story.

I will try it again (and actually get to the part where the story starts) tomorrow, when I’m properly awake. :blush:


This is very interesting, can’t wait for the next update


Well, you have a point there…

Thanks for the message! So far, we haven’t been thinking about an expansion of the initial character customization. There are some paths you can take in-game which reshape or add to your character, though. like learning a Forbidden Art

Thank you for your comment, really! I’ve written it down here to revise the introduction in this regard for the next update. There are, however, many concepts which need to be established for the flow of the story itself, and thus it may have looked like a whole dump of infos.

Perhaps a “are you a new player?” button would help us there. I don’t know.

Thanks! Can’t say when, but hopefully soon enough.


Fascinating game. I definitely like what I see!


Just want to point out that when you choose to enter your own name, instead of choosing from the list, it shows up as “none”. Last name seems to work fine.


Checked the code here and it seemed to be fine. I’ll give a better look into it to see if there is any bug going on.


That happens when you try to play a female regent.


I love when we become vampires! Love it so far! I still can’t win against the fight with Oswald.


I’m not sure if it supposed to be like this.


@PhilosoTor @lokidemon007
Found out the problem. It should be fixed by the next update. Thank you!

Thanks! Oswald is a tricky “boss”.

In case your character isn’t really a muscular type, perhaps you could run for that sniper rifle…?

And the message should look like this, yes. The member is typing in a hurry!


Thanks for the tip! I tried to play with a Saharian character who is a muscular type w/ , gotta say… he went down fast.


The Vampire Chronicles quote practically sold this to me. And away I go to play the demo!


It’s good will there be romance or no


Ohhh vampires and politics eh? Like blood and wine~. I’m in!

I wonder, will we be able to somehow influence the gang of hunters into aiding us? Against other potential power players maybe?


NICE… i’ll be like… the new Sebastian LaCroix and try not to obsess over a sarcophagus winkwink


Definitely. You can develop a relationship with a few characters, even though most of this content is still to be finished.

Some characters will just be in for a night, though. They have their own schemings to perform.

About the political relations with the Order of the Blazing Grave:

These hunters are the main antagonist force of the game - it is not possible to side with them. It is possible, however, to… side with (… manipulate…) some other organizations. The Outlaws, the City Hall, the organized crime… and have you heard about the Revolt? Some whisper about it on the streets.


Just played through the demo and I really like it! Loved VTM and I can see the influence it’s had.

I really enjoyed it and the Oswald fight, and I wish the best for you and your project.


Political intrigue alone is fun, but adding vampires certainly doesn’t hurt things. I’m interested. I do hope I get the chance to horrify some humans trying to take away my influence by showing them what exactly they’re trying to scare.