The Vampire Regent [published]

Was this during your first playthrough or a subsequent one? I’ve heard similar reports from people and I’m trying to narrow it down, so far the only thing all had in common is the fact that they were not playing the game for the first time.

You can find them in the game, but the descriptions never unlock in the menu. We didn’t think people would bother because, by the time these arts can show up in the game, they also come with in-depth explanations by the characters possessing them and the game ends soon after (so it felt kinda redundant to explain them again in the show stats menu). We’ll probably add the info there just to be sure, though.

IIRC the narrative mentions that people put his nome in the ballot mostly as a joke. Similar to this. He does try his best though.

I checked the Steam files and indeed they haven’t been updated. We’ll reiterate it with the editor and I’ll let you know when the fix gets through. Sorry about the situation, I know it sucks to lose a character like this in a game like that.


It happens randomly, so the bug is hard to trigger or pinpoint. It wasn’t my first time.

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Is it possible to turn as Human in the end?

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I believe I found another bug by chance. This bug will allow you to start off with an illustrious outlaw reputation. In order to achieve this, you will need to do the following. First, choose any puppet, enter your names and select the background of your choosing. Now, when you are suppose to choose the three traits that you are known bye, select I instinctively relate to others and perceive their motivations. When asked to confirm your choices, select no and choose that same choice again. Do this over and over and you will bump up your outlaw reputation to wherever you want.

Is there a reason why there is no character art in the published version? I could’ve sworn there was in the demo version.

Is there any guide to achieve the forbidden arts?

Can you learn transmutation through ratman im the sewers? Is it possible to get them?

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Currently, the only way to get all the other forbidden arts is to kill the countice and then kill George Russell.

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so…Juarez is not a romance option isnt he?hahah
:smile_cat:i think this guy’s funny and its very rare to see a character how lost his () then recovered.

Hello. I just encountered something strange. I was romancing Rose and ONLY flirting with her. But after abduction incident for some reason it appeared that I was in a relationship with sebastian, morgan and rose. What? I dont even understand how that happened. It was extremely unpleasant as those kind of relationship aren’t for me so I have to restart but I fear it may happen again. Is this a bug? And when will it be fixed

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The game is impressive and awesome!! One of the most interesting interactive novels I have ever played!

However, the save and load system is quite annoying. I mean, both in game and after the bad end (which mean the death end). Normally, in most of the interative novels, when the character die, it just get back to the recent checkpoint so that I can know what is the immediate cause of death as well as to save time so that I can get access to other alternatives. But in this game, when I got killed, I was sent back right at the starting menu, with no saves or anything else. That’s quite annoying, because I gonna have to make the same decisions and read familiar texts again and again to find out what I did wrong previously.

Aside from this, I mean, when you finish an interactive novel and find it excellant, what will you do? Of course you will have another playthrough or just load existing saves halfway and make opposite decisions to see what will happen. But all are impossible in this game because they will be wiped out once you finish a playthrough.

I really hope that you guys can adjust the system, or make the save and load permanent. This is really, really an excellent game. Looking forward to more of your works.


Please send bug reports to support AT choiceofgames DOT com.

Can I ask Who are the RO’s in the game…well there are so many characters thats why I became a bit confused about who are RO’s and who are not…Reply if it’s not a inconvenience

Rose ,Morgan, Sebastian,Alice



The pale man stood in the equally pale moonlight, imposing his weight on the cane sword in front of him. Both hands rested on the Victorian skull pommel, six ringed fingers glistening like eyes in the Dark watching the never-sleeping city below through the 12th floor window.

Most nights, Waylon watches Mordhaven with an inquisitive stare, studying everything and pondering each source of light or noise.

Tonight, he simply gazes with a smile.

Suddenly, Joshua Mitchell enters the office. His presence was felt while he was still in the elevator coming up.

“Regent Royce,” the newly-turned initiate calls nervously.

The man otherwise known as Waylon simply turns just enough to meet Josh’s eyes, freezing him in his tracks several feet away.

“Ms. Crawford called. She wanted to notify you that she is leaving for the Highlands and will be gone for a few weeks.”

“She has my number. Why did she call the Pinnacle and not me directly?”

“I was thinking that too, Boss. Isn’t Scotland also having those scary ass floods right now? Its weird timing, as well. Want me to send some guys to her place?”

No. I’ll investigate myself. Fetch Jaurez. You two are coming with me.”

Joshua shifts his stance a bit.

“You think it’s hunters again?”

Waylon turns back to the sprawling view before him.

“The Auditorium has been getting reports recently of cult activity in the city. No Cloud deaths so far, but the rate and ferocity of a slew of connected murders worries both the Mayor and me.”

“What connects them?” Josh asks shyly.

Regent Royce slowly spins, pulls a file out from the large rosewood desk next to him, and firmly places it on top facing his childe, who hesitantly steps forward and opens it.

“That symbol, always drawn in the victim’s blood on some surface near them. A calling card. Or something ritualistic in nature.”

Mitchell stares at the photograph for a long moment before beginning to sift through the police case file.

“So this is what keeping the city’s mortal leadership in your pocket gets you. I’ll stop complaining about the size of your donations, Boss.”

“Its easier than killing her. Although I’m always willing to discuss different business terms should she no longer wish to be our ally.”

“This city doesn’t need another right-wing blowhard, anyways.”

“We agree.”

The regent stands his cane against the desk to pour two glasses of bloody whiskey and slides one to Mitchell, who throws it back in earnest before picking up another photograph of a bloody symbol.

“The same one every time,” the childe affirms.

“I’m having Theresa look into it now. She has narrowed down one thing so far. It’s why I brought this up.”

“And that is?”

“Human or bloodkin, their modus operandi points to Scottish origins or, at the least, affiliations.”

Joshua’s soulless eyes widen.

“It can’t be a coincidence.”

“Its not, my friend. Start the car after you get Jaurez.”

The young man begins heading towards the door.

“What ties to a fucking cult could Alice have?”

“No willing ones,” the Regent responds, unsheathing and inspecting his cane blade in the moonlight through the glass.

“And that’s why their time is nigh.”