The Vampire Regent [published]

Sadly no, info about those arts doesn’t unlock. Wow didn’t know we can teach Juarez mortuorati. As for the ock, I believe you can run into him at the fencing ground and have a duel with them, but nothing serious.

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Er, is the investigation the Countess sends you on that important plot wise? I missed a clue since I was too late on sending a vampire to get some documents from the police station (I spent a few nights getting my perception stat up to snuff lol). The " Some of your answers can have a dramatic impact on the rest of the story." made me think some of the choices could be ‘wrong’ and are far off the mark and can screw you majorly. I kind of feel like restarting to my last save :confounded:

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Can someone tell me how to get the ending where we are merovich?

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Can someone please explain to me what exactly is the “Merovich ending”?,
I played the game a couple of time but was unable to achieve it,I always get the ending where MC,Russel and MC’s creater meet,they have battle,MC then chooses one of them,has the option to betray there new ally and become the new vampire boss of America or something.

It’s getting frustrating now.

Please,Use spoiler tags.

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I have an idea how to get a “Meruvich ending”.Try helping George Russel in resurrecting his dead lover named Johm Umbalton


I think I met the OCK but I didn’t do anything because my puppet isn’t Victor Hardy so I didn’t get the achievement for that.

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You have to be a merovingian and have high manipulation at the end.

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you have to be a merovingian with a high manipulation stat,once you get to the end help russell resurrect john umbridge once that’s done the option should pop up hope this helps.


So now I have a question as well. Is the mortuorati that you learn from Rose really different than that you learn from George? They both seem the same to me. One is just trying to be fancier than the other. So, maybe one of them is bullshitting in a sense? I mean, George did say that some people prefer to use fancy rituals.

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Brooooo. I really like this game.

The gameplay is nice and unique from other CoG’s, it’s got some nice and fleshed out lore, it has that perfect balance between shit getting serious but also knowing when to joke around.

I don’t know, this game just really vibes with me. It’s been scratching that itch for vampire games like Bloodlines.


About the game being a standalone, @MahatmaDagon and I don’t really know yet. We have talked a lot about writing further scenes after the release, such as the resolution to the OCK’s plot point and to the Merovech/The Sanguine Revolt story arc, though. We’ll see how it goes.


The investigation is really important plot-wise.

For one, if you get the investigation right, you get to meet Theresa one more time and ever chase her with your car. If you fail the investigation, you suffer an assassination attempt. It also impacts what characters think of you, whether or not Theresa will be alive, and influences a later plot point.

No, mechanics-wise and narrative-wise it is the same power. It is just that George Russell and Rose tend to do things differently. Also, as you might have seen, people lie to you in this game. A lot.


I believe I stumbled upon a bug. I chose to practice fencing but this message popped up instead.
You were going for a game of poker tonight, but it got canceled at the last moment. Something about some suspicious people having been seen close to the location. The Cloud members don’t want to risk getting ambushed by hunters while they’re distracted by trying to bluff each other.

What are the three last arts(Mutatis, Memorium Mandatum)? Will be they finished by another updated or we should just find them in the game?


Wow, I’m at the picking a new counselor part and the choices seems hard. Nearly everyone has other important jobs and I really don’t want to lead to a disaster dominoes if another assassination attempts comes.
The only ‘safe’ choice it seems is ‘Mad Dave’ and dude seems constantly high and addicted to be a counselor. I haven’t interacted with him much, but I’m surprised he made the list.
I also want to say this is one of the few games where I actually have to think on choices, so props to the people behind this!

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