The Vampire Regent (major update June 28)

I’ve just found a bug. During the game, the Alice’s option to go out with her appears even if I didn’t meet her in the fencing room.

I got interested in this story when I saw Vampire and it didn’t disappoint, and as I read it, my head started to swirl with a lot of different ideas even though I know some might be stupid.
First of all, it’s common knowledge vampires have super strength, super endurance, super agility etc. So I think it doesn’t really make sense if ordinary bullets can kill them, and also that normal humans can brawl with them.
Secondly, it would be nice to have a source of income. Since it is even mentioned in the story that most high ranking vampires have their businesses, so the regent should also have a company that will serve as a source of income.
Thirdly, it would be nice if the regent can buy guns and cars.(this one is just me thinking)
Next, I got stuck at the planning of invading the Order bases. It kept on repeating the same options.

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I noticed a few loops! One when you meet Alice at the poker game - I wasn’t able to refuse her offer, and the scene only advanced when I either accepted her offer, asked her for 20 grand or offered her…something else :smirk:

Another loop: the game didn’t let me ask the Mayor for that blackout during the planning stage of invading the Order. It kept looping, so I eventually had to choose I was done planning to get to the next page.

I know there were more, but these are the only two I can remember rn. I’ll edit later if I remember the others! Hopefully this is already of some help.

I would say it depends on the setting. There are all kinds of vampire representations across different mediums. But, talking specifically about The Vampire Regent… that’s what the stats are for. You want better strength, endurance, and agility? Consider increasing your Physique stat during character creation or during the playthrough(playing poker gives Perception, going to the bar gives Manipulation, fencing gives Physique)

There is, of course, the possibility that we need to increase the initial numbers and do a better job balancing those values. It’s something that’s constantly on our minds and that we hope to get feedback on from players.

As for ordinary bullets killing vampires, vampires in the game only die if they get a bullet to the heart or to the brains. And even then, it has to be the [right kind of bullet].(

That’s strange. I just tested it myself and I managed to pass it without problem. What exactly happens after you pick the five members for the team?

You mean Amanda, right? I found out the bug and fixed it. Will be sending it with the next update.

Can you give me more details on what exactly was looping here? The option for the Blackout only happens if you have an Esteemed Influence with the Mayor, otherwise it remains greyed out.

Thanks for the reports.

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It loops when you as the mayor for the black out so you have to pick proceed instead

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Technically if vampires had normal abilities/physics then they wouldn’t need specialized “hunters” since any average Joe could take on any average vampire no?

Ah, I found the error. Thank you.

I’m not saying vampires have normal abilities/physics. I’m saying that there are stats in the game that serve precisely to represent how superhumanly strong or fast your character is.

Plus, all vampires have Arts that can be used to win fights easily. Neshmaals, for example, can kill anyone by just touching their skin.


How do you romance Morgan la Fontaine? I’ve only been able to interact with sebastian?


Received this error when I was choosing my vampire Balkanic and tried to pick Raven.

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Right, so I really like the whole concept of this and have enjoyed the demo quite a bit. Love most of the characters and I think, in general, the game’s got a really great cast. Like, where would my regent be without his main man Juarez? The changes in our character’s past, based on their personality, is also really great and I’d love to see that have impact. However, I’m unsure about the main story a little and I think there could be better use of the wonderful cast.

My main criticism, and I wouldn’t really consider it much of a complaint since the game isn’t finished yet, is there doesn’t seem to be enough complex vampire politics. Debates, betrayals, blackmail, smear campaigns, lying, etc. A lot of that wonderful stuff is in the game, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t seem to be a very big focus on the main story. The story seems - and I may be wrong about this, as I’ve only played a demo - to boil down to defeating the vampire hunters rather than dealing with the internal conflicts between overly ambitious, ruthless vampires.Once the meeting with Russel is done, the story moves very quickly after that and since we know who the real villains are, I feel like some of the political intrigue is lost a little.

For instance, the outlaws and their leader seem really underused in the main story. I wouldn’t mind if there was maybe a meeting after the assassination attempt with the outlaws’ leader, discussing the best approach to deal with the hunters and then have the potential to either mend relations or further increase hostilities. It’d also be interesting to see more levels of distrust and uncertainty over those within the Cloud.

Anyway, that’s all I can think of for the minute. I know a lot of that might have sounded a tad on the ol’ negative side, but I do really love the game and think you guys have done a truly great job. I was a big fan of The War for the West, as well as Deep Waters, so I’m fairly sure the game will be great regardless. Hell, maybe I’m wrong about some of this stuff anyway; it could just be the impression I got from the specific playthrough I did.


That happens sometimes when we update the demo. The only way I know to fix it is to delete your browser’s files for and restart the game from the beginning so it gets the new files.

Weirdly enough, yesterday we had this on Discord:

But that’s the kind of thing that can happen when you have a game where most scenes come from a random pool.

I’ll give you that there are no debates with an audience, but there are some conversations with certain characters where you can debate the morals and politics of the vampiric existence. George and Rose both have scenes where that can happen, and there’s also one drunk event with Juarez where you can discuss the Brume itself, plus a few others. As for betrayals, blackmail, smear campaigns, and lying, those are all in the game.

But I agree with you that it doesn’t seem to be the focus on the main story. There’s a reason for that, though.

Without spoiling, I’ll say two things:

1 - You don’t know who the REAL villains are.
2 - The game’s climax happens during a political dinner.


What about some random Vampire violence against the humans, outlaws or fellow brume😁

Ah, just remembered another loop! While discussing with Juarez during that event literally every single choice looped for me, if I remember correctly I had to restart the game to proceed.

How does one romance sebastian?

How do we romance Rose?

I think it’s a random event. In the beginning of one of the days, Morgan is going to ask to talk to you about something important.


Of that we have plenty.

I think that was related to the other loop you mentioned in the same scene(which I fixed). I’m testing it right now and it’s working as it should. Thanks for the report anyway, though.

He’s a though nut to crack, but to even have a shot at it you have to be “nice” to him at the Wild Wheelie instead of letting things escalate into mindless violence. His next scenes are still not finished, though.

You have to cause a good impression at the funding event and later at the feeding center. Lastly, she’ll invite you to her rented home and that conversation can play out many ways depending on previous choices. Usually she favors you if you are not into doing “evil stuff”, but depending on certain factors she might even give a chance to a “bad boy” as well. Or girl.


Well, just did a playthrough, and I’m impressed. Really enjoyed the demo, it perfectly give the old Masquerade vibe. And the story beats make for a really suspenseful tale.

Something I do wonder - but am certainly not complaining about - is that the opening post says that Alice is a male-locked RO, but my female MC had seemingly no trouble getting into a romance with her. Was that on purpose and the OP is just outdated, or was it a bug? If it was, no need to correct it too quickly!

Anyway, great job, and keep up the good work!


I had similar thing happend with Morgan, its female-lock RO, yet i had option for him for my male MC, twice so far. Rest of the times it was fine, maybe a bug ?

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I have played it out well at the Charity event and at the feeding center, but after that it doesn’t give me any more options for going to her place. Help, i really wanna finish her events!