The Vampire Regent (major update June 28)

@MahatmaDagon As the original game forum is closed I ask this question here are you working on the war for the west 2 while developing this game?


A slight repeat of two versions of the Attack from Above/All Sides Option if you’re a Balkanic Regent.

There is a glitch or something.when I try and open up a different save file. It switches too my status page and stays their. I clicked return but it stays on stats.

How do i start romance with Rose

I am working on the sequel to The War for the West, but it’s going to take a long time for me to finish it. Meanwhile, The Vampire Regent is a project we started a long time ago, and we both want to see released as soon as possible. It has never been that far away from completion, but we have been adding content and polishing it for the past months.

Thank you for the report, the fix will come with the next update.

I’m sorry you’ve experienced this, but I think it’s a bug related with the save plugin(which is a third party feature). When the game gets released we’ll be using a custom script to manage save files and this shouldn’t happen.

You have to either be a good person or pretend to be one for long enough. The pathway for a romance can happen in your third scene with her, at her house.


Can you ever be strong enough to defeat “you know who” when they turn into “you know what”

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This certainly has “war for the west” vibe ( one of my favourite text based game). Definitely looking forward to this.


Been exploring these forums for a couple years, and I’m shocked I’m barely reading this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it was amazing!


Do anyone think we can rebel against the countess in the future ? I would like to do that

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Not only can you rebel against the countess, but she is also one of the possible final fights in the game. That said, the “countess plotline” changes completely between Merovingian and non-Merovingian MCs.


But can the Mc win though? Based on previous interactions, the Countess seems to have the ability to control weather? Or at least summon wind and lightning, even from hundreds of miles away. Our little vampie has no defense against that big bag meanie.

Maybe we can ambush her, hire snipers to distract her, bombs, missile, poison, trick her into sun, … and with our holy, godly cheat, we can solo with her :ok_hand:

Wait, what cheat?

“Activate cheats” in the bottom of the menu when we decide what to do, it cheating( of course ) but come on, we are going to fight against the most powerful vampire in USA, you don’t think we can kill her with manipulation or perception right ?


Let’s just say no one would face the Nephelai without some… backup plans. This scene, too, takes some epic proportions.

Also… the MC meets some powerful people along the way who aren’t exactly best friends with Countess Yamina.


Can we learn Forbidden Arts from them ?

Anybody know about how to get Rose as an RO?

we CAN learn the forbidden arts from someone…forgot their name, but they’re the person who knows the Art’s wife, i think? thats where i learnt it that was the worst explanation :sweat_smile:

it’s rose

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I Think you gotta be good and caring and ig just agree with her ideals and you’ll get a date with her. Oh and when she invites ya somewhere go to it.