The Vampire Regent (demo fully playable)

Sebastian is a bit trickier since there isn’t a romance. At best, the Regent can become friends with benefits with him.

Spoilers. After you finish chapter one, Sebastian will contact you to go to the Wild Wheelie. Accept and go there. Be polite, don’t be a dick. If you can, avoid engaging with the three vampires who try to pick a fight with you. Engaging with them raises the risk of Sebastian getting a bad impression of the Regent if you pick the wrong choices.

If you answered “manipulating my opponents” at the beginning of the character creation, Sebastian will give you a unique dialogue tree. He’ll ask you about Alex, specifically if you loved Alex. Don’t choose the options where you can say you didn’t actually love Alex. Sebastian will hate your guts for it. When he asks you what’s wrong with him don’t call him a cry baby. The conversation will wrap up and Sebastian will eventually call you back.

When Sebastian calls you the second time, accompany him to Bite Bay and spend the night there. Pick either “I was hoping to have some fun now.” or “We can still salvage it.” and you will sleep with him. If you stay faithful to him throughout the story, he’ll admit that he doesn’t want to be without anyone but you in the Epilogue.


Thank you so much! :two_hearts:

Omg how amazing! How do you get the ending where our character is actually Merovech?

I’m completely oBSSESED with this. One of the best vampire cog stories I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. The relationships, the paths, the intrigue EVERYTHING! I cant wait to keep exploring more of this. I’m on my second play through and going as a Merovingian but choosing between this and my first play through as an Aznuit is so hard! Both bloodkins are so different and amazing. Truly, a marvelous job here


As far as I can tell, you have to be a Merovingian, must have a really high manipulation stat. At the end, during the confrontation between George Russell and Estefania, you need to persuade George to get help from her and revive Umbrage. Then after they are gone, Estefania asks you for help to deal with a group called the Scarlet Revolt. Then, you get the option to reveal yourself as Merovech

I had a doubt I wanted to ask the authors about. There was one thing I didn’t understand about the Merovech ending. When the MC is revealed as Merovech, it says, “Because the person who now holds the power of a bloodfounder is also the person bound to you by the Rite. All that stands between you and her blood is merely a word from your lips.”
Isn’t Merovech himself a bloodfounder of the Merovingians? Why would he need to obtain the power of a bloodfounder through Estefania killing Countess Yamina? Was his goal throughout this whole time just to get the power of a bloodfounder or something else? Personally, I would like to believe that he did it just because he could. Playing that kind of twisted little game would make him all the more psychologically evil :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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I think he’s doing it for the giggles; that’s only my theory though.

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Let’s see, I killed three guys stealing my car when helping Rose, threatened her, refused to help those families of three guys ( but seriously, 100000$ for random people ? ) and in the end, I just showed her my sexy body to romance her

if you end up asking Yamina/estefina for a break from all the vampire politics and get away lets you go on a world trip alone or with your lover you will then be tracked down to help deal with the merovech, apparently their goal is to make some sort of vampire monarchy?

Thank you!! Also, don’t worry. I think you need to go around the forum and be active for a little more until you can do this. It doesn’t take long tho :wink:

This is so good :heart: I can’t wait for future updates

This might be a stupid question, but does anyone know how do you destroy the evidence in the warehouse? I just can’t seem to find out how for the life of me.

Warehouse ? The hunter’s warehouse ?

Yep, in the last part of the game.

Is there a chance where we can get illustrious reputation with everybody? I got it with the mayor and the cloud at the same time, but never the outlaws.

Then no, the plot will force the other team fail no matter what

But when you are in the warehouse, when you call to be saved, the dude says that you should find the evidence and destroy it?

There are two copies of the evidence in two different locations, you can choose to attack a place with your own team and destroy the evidence in that place. The other team will fail to destroy the evidence no matter what

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I can only have esteemed reputation with them. The key is don’t try to show them that you are “better”, choose your clothes less fancy, pick your origin less wealthy and always support relationships between your members and outlaws, the puppet will affect the reputation too

So basically be more down to earth? By the way thank you so much!!!

Ooofff, I just played the I am Merovech ending and I loved it! Wasn’t expecting it to turn that way! I also gotta say I fell in love with our bloodmaster (Lisbelle Estefania in my case) I really liked the way she presents herself in the epilogue and how our interactions, specially her dialogues when talking about us are written (cue to that “Kiss me” dialogue in one of the endings :flushed::flushed: even though she redirected our head to her neck to get the other forbidden arts and also how she claimed we shouldn’t be in love with another because that stands in the way of being only hers, and ALSO when she says everyone else is expendable but not us since we’re hers (mind you that I know this is too referring to us being her favorite pawn maybe haha) ) Now she lives in my head rent free and in convinced my regent and her had something going on and no one can convince me otherwise lol. It’s amazing to see how much the endings can change depending what our bloodkin is. I’m LOVING exploring what else in store this game has.