The Unwanted Warrior

Maaaaaaaaaan this is soooooooo goooooooood. Leonora’s such a sweet girl. I want mooooreee! Wishing this game good luck.


since this is a full demo, does that mean it’s been submitted?

The end caught me by surprise, I wasnt readdddyyyy lol. I’m not sure what the next steps are in terms of continuing this, but I look forward to seeing the rest of this story. Even though my MC is generally kind, I fully intend to kill the queen - and maybe Alex too. I’m also trying to figure out what Azra’s deal is. Since his anger is (rightfully) because of what King Henry did, I wouldn’t be surprised if MC is a means to an end and then he plans to kill them… I love a good broody, bad boy type though. So I’m hoping that there’s a way to actually form a good relationship with him.


Not yet.

I will start beta testing next week. After that, the game will be submitted.

Well, he’s a RO :wink:

Thaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuu


Looking forward to seeing the beta test!

Love the demo can’t wait for the full game.
Is this going to be a standalone or part of a series ?

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duuude, I can’t wait for the full game, I’M SO HYPED.

Also my dude it’s kind and gentle but I wouldn’t mind if elizabeth and alexander tripped over each other and accidentally broke their necks

also also also I will not let anyone touch leo, EVER. Seriously, good job, your writing is great and very immersive. With great expectation, I await. :black_heart:


This is absolutely fantastic, I can’t wait to play the full game! One thing I noticed however, (sorry I didn’t get a screenshot) before you run away with Eleanor if you go to the crypt there is a typo in one of the options. That is the only mistake I saw though. Great work!


Thanks for your kind words! :heart:


Soon. I’m testing it myself for now, and then I will start the beta testing. :innocent:


Has anyone encountered this bug where you get brought to the Stats screen with no way out when you load a save file? This happens to me sometimes and the only way to move forward is to start a new game.

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Try not to tick the pop up box

It’s a known issue with all the wips here. Try not to save on the same screen after checking the stats page.


Wow! This is such a good demo! :+1::grin:


I feel bad for Alexander. I play the helpless and meek route and I still consider them all family. I legit cried when the King dead. I hope there are options when we can still save Alexander. He was manipulated and unloved. I love very bery much the plot tempo and rhyme. Its easy to read and satisfying. I hope I’ll be there when this book finally comes out. Thanks for sharing, kudos.


Same here. I played the confident and kind route male. I try to rebuild my relationship with Alexander but he was too manipulated by his Mother. I hope I can reconcile with all of them even Queen Elizabeth.


Let them all die. (except Eleanor and Leo, they’re cool :joy:)


Love this game. If it comes out i will be buying this game.

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Can’t wait to play the full thing!

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The time has come!

Hi, everyone! I’m looking for volunteers who can beta test The Unwanted Warrior.

Testers must play the game multiple times and try out all routes. I need detailed feedback including grammar, spelling mistakes, bugs, and suggestions. Let me know if a characters is OOC, the transition from a to b is odd, or pacing is bad. Also, provide positive feedback too…

And let me know if you find lazy writing in some parts because you guys know how lazy I am. I mean… It took me three years to finish a game :no_mouth:

Warnings: the game includes suicide, violence, offensive language, animal death, and… sadness.

The testing will be done through a pm on the COG forum and will run from September 22 to October 3. If you’re interested, send me a pm :smirk_cat:

Have a nice day/night!


I am more than interested in being a beta!

Can’t wait to test this