The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



Oh yes …i agree the main character can remind us of Jon Snow … although i think our character is much stronger :slight_smile:


He should probably be stronger than MC considering he is one of the king’s warriors and he spends most of his time training. He is also a few years older than you and in your childhood it says he’s a very strong warrior. You can still win though by using some trick (like how you can beat Alexander) or having the horse or some other animal help you.


It’s against Blair’s personality. He knows what the Queen’s intentions are. He’s loyal to King Henry, not the Queen. He knows MC is innocent. He would never kill someone innocent. That’s why he lets MC go.

And he might have some feelings for MC :slight_smile:



Out of curiousity, does Alex have someone he likes in a romantic sense? If that guy happened to be a male RO that the Unwanted Warrior MC could get with themselves, how resentful would the arrogant man be about the MC being the one to draw the person’s attention (especially if the MC is a male themselves)?


He does like someone. You will find out in the next update :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to be a matchmaker for Alex. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to finding out who that is!


I’ll bet it’s Blair, nothing like unrequited love or a possible love triangle


I’ll just be over here, seducing Alex’s love interest.


Well… crap. I like Blair. :frowning:


I know it’s against forum rules, but please I need to know. Will you update soon?


Right now I’m working on fixing grammar mistakes and writing childhood scenes. I know I keep you wait so long, but next update will be the big one.

You will meet Katherine and MC’s mother :slight_smile:


Wasn’t MC mother dead?


She could be a ghost or faked Her death


You’ll see her in one of the childhood scenes.


I’m looking forward to meeting mom!


Hello, guys!

I just wanna say I am very sorry to have kept you waiting so long. There are a lot of things going on with my life right now and I really don’t have time to update the game. But I’ll try to update it as soon as possible. Like I said, I will never give up on this story.

I love you all and thank you for being patient. :blush:


@NutellaQueen - when you are ready to update the game just let a leader or moderator know and the thread will be re-opened.