The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



Can’t wait then! A question; how old is Blair comparing to MC?


Blair is 25 years old. He’s six years older than MC.


i said to leo i ll never leave even thought i was already planing to leave . does that make me a bad person?


Pfff a tiny bit i guess…it was for greater good so its justified


I thought that there was going to be a part where we get to leave with Leo, our brother’s wife, and our wolf?


i like it kinda reminds me of game of thrones


How do you leave with Leo and the wolf exactly? I said I’d leave with them but I only escaped alone after the scene with Blair in the end? There doesn’t seem to be any option to leave early


Next update you can leave with companions.


Oh I see. I was kinda sad I had to leave Leo there and lie to her saying I won’t leave


My character told my father, the King that i will bring Leo with me and he asked me to look after her, initially i plan to bring Leo, the Wolf and Eleanor to run together but the assassination attempt ruin everything…

I don’t think this has any similarity with Games of Thrones (at least that is my opinion , and i hope it is not). Games of Thrones talk about how everyone wants to kill one another since the beginning of time, and the tactic/method of killing one another is annoying (for my taste)… and everyone just gives weird reasons on why they “had” to kill one another…

i can only see resemblance in the form of the wolf and our main character is a bastard son… but the story thus far is still “light-hearted”


. the story is nothing like got just that the way i played it reminded me of john snow


Good story. The only thing I didn’t like in the whole story was that the queen is named queen Elizabeth, I think that name has such a famous person related to it that every time I see the name I think of the real life person. It’s tough because queen Elizabeth in real life is a sweet little old lady and the one in ur book is like the opposite


Depends which Queen Elizabeth you’re referring to, since there’s been two of them.


What do you mean? There is only one.


There have been two IRL: Queen Elizabeth II is the current monarch of Britain. Queen Elizabeth I ruled England from the mid-16th century to the early 17th century.


Oh, I thought you were talking about the Queen Elizabeth as in this game.


Can you change that if you treat Blair bad he tries to kill you please and you have to defend yourself


That could be interesting!


It would be it’s only if you treat him bad he will try and kill you and you have to defend yourselves


Sounds good to me though it depends on how strong Blair is. If his strength rivals the MC’s, then sure, if he’s weaker then I’d expect him to swallow his pride…he doesn’t strike me as the hot-headed type nor does he seem to like the Queen all that much.