The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



I’m still looking forward to seeing what happens next!


finished the demo, loved it. I’mma keep a eye on this one :smirk::+1:


Hello, guys!

I just want to inform you that I haven’t stopped working on the game. I’m still writing it and will publish the next update very soon. Also, I made some changes again, but this time you will love it :smiley:

Staying in Calethyia is an option now. You can leave with Eleanor or stay in Calethyia. just like it was planned. If you choose to stay, you can spend some time with Abigail, Leonora and the others before you’re forced to leave.

And if you choose to leave, you will be with Eleanor, your wolf (determinant) and Leonora (determinant).

And you know what happens after you leave :wink: coughs Aithria coughs .


@NutellaQueen so did you add a choice when we are forced to leave to go with Leonora and the Wolf, or is only that option if you choose to leave with eleanor… that option will be nice to have it in both sides


You know when Blair is orders to kill you can he actually go through with it or will he allways let you leave


Love the story but there are soooo many grammatical errors, I suggest partnering with someone who is willing to be your editor.


If you want to go with Leo and the wolf, you have to choose to leave.

I know :smiley: I will try to find an editor.

He will always let you leave.


will leo know something is wrong if the mc is forced to leave ( since she is a pretty Smart kid and if the mc have said to her that he will never leave her?)


I love Leo! Does she have a horse of her own or will we be riding double?


maybe a pony xD

(20+ponys) :rofl:


Dam it I wanted him to do the order if you treat him badly please can you change it to that’s please I’m beg of you


I like the way the story is going. Being taken in by the enemy would be useful in any revenge plot. And you’ve written very hateable enemies.

A few things: the character development seems to proceed too fast at the moment. Marcus trusts you with his potentially fatal secrets right after meeting you, Abigail drops the tsundere act real fast, and the enemy Queen is perfectly happy to tell you all about her people as soon as you meet.

The barbarians could also use a somewhat more believable motivation. What exactly do they mean by having no feelings–repressing emotions and senses (i.e. pain), or just repressing emotions? How would an emotionless society even function, without anything to tie family units together or inspire loyalty to fellow soldiers?


Morrigan disapproves.


Yes, I noticed it too :smiley: . I always add more scenes in previous chapters when I update the story. MC will have some moments with Abigail and Marcus to earn their trust and develop his/her relationship with them.

Also, the reason why the Queen trusts you and tells you all about her people is spoilery. I don’t want to ruin the story by giving important spoilers. But, you’re right about Marcus and Abigail.

People of Aithria believe that feelings and emotions are weakness. They refuse to let emotions win over them. Feelings like love, hate, jealousy, fear etc. can weaken a person and even cause his/her death. (There will be a scene about this this in the next update).

There’s only one thing the people of Aithria are taught since they were born : Loyalty. They care about their motherland more than themselves. That’s why no one ever gained victory over them.

Riding double :smiley:

Why do you want such a thing? :thinking:


Because it would make sense if your so cold with him and nasty to him


I’m interested to see how Aithirian families and army units operate under those conditions. Looking forward to the next update.



And will the wolf be with you when we’re riding double?



Please, tell me, you didn’t give up on this game :cry:


Hello, guys! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (Yeah, I know, I’m late :smiley: )

Anyways, I didn’t give up on this game. I would never do that when there are people who actually like this story. I’ve written some new scenes, but I will not update yet. I want everything to be perfect.

In the next update;

  1. I will add some scenes with Abigail and ROs in order to develop MC’s relationship with them.

  2. You will have a chance to explore Aithria and learn its history.

  3. You will learn more about Queen Erica’s back story.

  4. I will add some scenes about MC’s childhood: how he/she was brought to the kingdom, how the Queen and her children reacted, how did they treat MC when he/she was young, etc. The choices you make in MC’s childhood will affect his/her relationship with his/her siblings and father. Oh, and also, you will meet Katherine in one of those childhood scenes :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention. Love you all :blush:

Best WIP's of 2018


I am definitely looking forward to seeing that!