The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



OH MY GOD! I FORGOT ABOUT OUR WOLF. Will our wolf be back on chapter 3 as well or will they find us?


Please tell me the wolf comes for us!


Your wolf will find you, don’t worry :smiley:


Good to hear! Now I really hate the Queen!


Ah, that’s too bad, I actually was pretty motivated to stay and fight the corruption from the inside. But I can definitely understand the difficulty of having to write two entirely different routes with basically nothing in common between them.


Aww… darn. And here I was hoping the MC could take them when they left.


Can’t fault you for making things a little simpler for you. I still appreciate that the choice would impact their relationships.


Hmm, anyone else wondering if the ability to talk to animals extends to fish?

You could have an animal army, navy, and air force.


I mean… it’s possible right?


After King Henry took the throne, Calethyia got more stronger than ever.
Delete more, maybe write: Calethyia became stronger than ever before.

He’s very peaceful and good leader
Add an a between He’s and very

King Henry has very hostile relationship
Add an a between has and very

42 years ago, King Andre of Masven has occupied some part of Calethyia land which is called Rosefield.
Had occupied or just occupied.
Maybe change what’s after it to: a part of Calethyia’s land called Rosefield
Or: occupied Rosefield, a land belonging to

This is on the first page. I found other typos and sentences that could be rearranged to sound better but I didn’t bother to write them down, sorry :yum:


I’m sure the queen will break Leo’s heart as cruelly as she can!


i kinda want a hesitant option for the Abigail crypt scene especially since we have the queen trying to kill us via Blair. The MC could have an increase in the pessissism stat as they could accept her apology but is doubtful of her sincerity and wonders if the queen asked either of her children to lull the MC in false sense of security, only to betray them later.


So the queen is trying to kill MC. Leonora, Eleanor and Abigail will get upset about it. Don’t know what James feel


Indifferent probably, since he can “empathize” with the MC’s predicament but doesn’t give a flying :pie: about us


I’d like a choice like that for the MC.


Well, seeing James’ behavior with the MC. Its seem that he doesn’t really give a crap about MC, like Alexander.


UPDATE 11/11

Finally, you meet Queen Erica and Marcus :slight_smile: You will know about their traditions, beliefs and secrets in this and next updates. Let me know what is your first impression of Erica and Marcus. Also, please, inform me about typos/bugs/mistakes. Thank you!

By the way, welcome to Aithria!


Hey, I liked the update very much but I couldn’t get past the part where you talk with Queen Erica because of this bug


After meeting up with the other queen. Choices gibs error.

What will you tell her? Choose your words carefully.

“It wasn’t my intention to come here. But I had no where to go after I escaped from an assassination.”

“I’m stronger and smarter than you think I am.”

“Well, I’m still alive, amn’t I?”

All choices leads to startup line: 4422 non-existent variable ‘erica’


Bug is fixed. :slight_smile: