The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



Alright, who do I have to sell my soul to in order to get him to come with us? :smirk:


On the page you and your little sister were training and the queen tells her dinner is served. On the 7th paragraph, Leonora’s name is spelled Lenora


Wouldn’t that be a bit too… anachronistic for a game set in medieval times?


Okay, guys, I want to inform you about something. Unfortunately, I will not update the game anytime soon. I will be very busy with University and the other projects. I’m working on three projects at the same time: This game, a visual novel and a comic book. Since this game is 5% completed and there are so much work left, I decided to finish the visual novel first. I hope you guys understand :slight_smile:

Also if you’re a Clexa (Clarke and Lexa from The 100) shipper, you can check out the demo of our visual novel here: I’m the one who’s writing and programming the game. So yeah, it’s very hard.

Thank you for your attention :slight_smile:


I am a Clexa fan, and I still haven’t move on with what happened to her. :neutral_face:


They made love and then the series ended, seemed strange that they would end it on the 7th episode like that, but what can you do?


viva rebolusyon!!!

Nah, I would just dream an alternate ending.


This one have a lot of potencial


Once the visual novel is done, i hope you can link it here or post it somewhere in the forum so we can check it out!


it’s “revolucion” sis


It’s rebolusyon in Tagalog. :slight_smile:


See you later alligator.:hugs:


UPDATE 10/29

Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me…

Hello, guys! I’m finally back. So I need you inform you about some changes. After I stopped updating the game, I didn’t continue visual novel because of my health. University and work really made me busy. I get tired a lot and my head hurts like hell. Thanks to my doctor, I’m better now, but still I cannot tire myself out. Headache returns when I work much.

I decided to make some changes in the story. Do you remember the “leaving or staying” choice? Yeah, that doesn’t matter much anymore. In order to not to make things hard for myself, I decided to be lazy :smiley: Because it would be so hard for me to write different paths for that decision.

So, even if you choose to stay or leave, you will have to leave the castle at some point.Like I said, the real story begins after MC leaves the castle. But your previous choices do matter: If your relationship with Leo, Blair and Eleanor is good, you will meet them again. If not, you will be alone.

Note: Only “leave or stay” choice is lazily written. The other choices do matter and change the story.

So, yeah. Let me know if there’s typo, grammar mistake or something.

Thanks for your understanding!


So the queen order Blair to kill the main character.
I wonder how will it make the story diffrent.


If we choose to say “You’re special to me” to Blair, is that something the MC says romantically, or “You’re special to me” as a best friend.


Can their be a choice to go back for Eleanor or Leo before we leave?


If you kissed Eleanor, then it’s friendly. If you didn’t, it’s romantically.

MC will meet them again in Chapter 3


Can we take them both?


I just want Lupa back. Give me my wolf. :cry:


MY WOLF :scream: Is it possible to somehow take our wolf with us and say goodbye to Leonora even when we’re forced to run away? I mean the path where we go hunting with Blair after the Queen asks us to and he just turns around and says she ordered him to kill us Or do we have no choice?

Also how high does the relationship have to be to be considered good?