The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



Yes! I would love a sarcasm option!


I was thinkin more a big schemes of lies and destruction…but your idea is more quickly and simple


It’s her, Katherine have girlfriend


yeah but that comment was before @NutellaQueen change it


Hmmmm, it’s to @Umbreonpanda then


nooope , is a girlfriend, i have to agree with sabri here… and i prefer that is a girl and not a boy since it will be more interesting for a male mc :smirk:


Well, Katherine’s girlfriend is lesbian. So it will be more interesting for gay female MC not for male MC :slight_smile:

Tell me a sarcastic answer, I will put it in game as an option

You can occupy Rosefield, but not Aithria.

I can add that as an option.


Abigail: I’m sorry :cry:
Mc: oh, of course you sorry :roll_eyes:

Okay I really bad at this, others might be better :sweat_smile:


Maybe something like, “Im sorry you were too stupid to see past Elizabeths lies too.”


Sarcastic option suggestion for @NutellaQueen

“Of course. Like that would make everything better.” If she doesn’t get it, you can add “Since when were you the kind one?” (since it was established that she was pretty rude)


What is this crypt scene everyone is talking about and how do you get it?


It happens after the MC’s talk with their dying father.


Why is there so many gay and bisexual characters that’s wired for a small place I have nothing against it just saying


I made ROs bisexual, because I wanted it to be fair for male and female MC. I mean, if I made Katherine or Eleanor straight, it would be unfair for gay/bi female MCs.


You know something random I just thought of?

What if Alex was attracted to Blair or some other male RO that the MC could end up pursuing themselves and he ends up discovering in some way that MC has claimed them (like seeing Blair and the MC interacting with each other in a intimate way as time passes by a bit, if the MC choose to stay in the castle rather than leave with Eleanor)? I’d imagine that he’d be throwing a massive tantrum out of jealousy and find even more reasons to hate the MC than before (even more so if MC is a male themselves).

And I’ll also admit to being slightly morbidly curious about how Alex would react if Eleanor was with child…just not his own. I know he doesn’t like her, but knowing that she is with MC’s child (provided that the MC is male), I can only imagine the amount of fury he’d be going through and how in danger Eleanor and the unborn child’s life would be in.


Can there at least be one romance for strains male that not bi cause it’s unrealistic


No, sorry :slight_smile:


Hey, @NutellaQueen, will be consequences if the MC chooses a certain RO like one can unite kingdoms, the other can severe the ties even more. things like that.


So Katherine will stay with her gf even if she start a romance with the MC?



Here’s a reply: “And that’s supposed to make everything better?”