The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



I did :sob: (20 resigned chars)


Try it again, @NutellaQueen said this


:+1: It’s working now :relieved: goes back to deciding whether my MC likes Eleanor


Yyyup. I think my MC isn’t attracted to Eleanor. It’s the friendzone for her, sorry xD


It’s the same way for my MC. It’d be weird having a relationship with your sister-in-law. Not to mention my MC is incredibly gay. :smirk: I do love Eleanor though, she’s awesome.


Not really that weird. Shes in arranged marriage with a gay man and they both hate each other. Plus Alexanders an ass. Not weird at all :+1: .


It isn’t that, I just can’t really…idk. With the other chars, I feel that they could almost be real. But with Eleanor…:woman_shrugging: Idk, maybe she needs fleshing out or maybe it’s the few scenes there are for now, but if I were to picture her I’d picture a drawing with a blank face, probably. :confused:


Yeah, I suppose it isn’t. But to me (or rather my MC) Eleanor is more of an older sister and a sister-in-law. Friendzone it is for her. :sweat_smile:

Maybe that’ll change in the future. Who knows? :relaxed:


Maybe. I sure hope she doesn’t suddenly confess to my MC after we leave :sweat_smile: I already feel guilty as it is… :cold_sweat:


I think she only likes you if you already have feelings for her.


Oh, good. :+1: :relieved:


I really like the crypt scene but i do admit that i want an apathetic option or something that go in the lines of “i used to remember a time when i would have (forgiven you) but now, i don’t care. I’ve said this before to your brother and your mother. I don’t care your family and yes, that includes you.”

somehow, that ends up being a bit more jerk-ish option compared to the “i cannot forgive you…”


That’s makes sense. I forgot that some players would want to play as evil person :smiley:


that only make her more interesting…I will have to put into practice the teachings that choice of Romance taught me…


I got an error when telling Blair “No thanks” :cry:



When I look at the map I have an incredible urge to try and take over Rosefield and Aithria and create a new kingdom what are the chances of that (Optimism don’t fail me)


We have to murder him don’t we?


What about a line like “I’m not quite there yet.”


Or he could have a sarcastic reply?


I’m up for it but is @NutellaQueen going to be okay in presenting 4-ish opitions?