The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



Who’s the minor character??


Well, the minor character is a Maester. If explore around with the opinions, you will briefly meet him when he was teaching Leo. :slight_smile:


turn on the radio

Old Snake are you there?

rub my hair

finally someone who think that too :wink:

put evil music

well then we have to do something with him right? :face_with_monocle:


Wait… with both the female love interests, the MC is kinda committing NTR. Huh.


Anyone else think of this during the Abigail crypt scene?


Just me? Not that I would put a hit on a sibling that wronged me or anything while I outwardly forgave them… :sunglasses:


A hit… on someone who gave the MC the cold shoulder prior to the game? Hm. That’s a rather flexible definition of “being wronged”. With that kind of attitude, I suppose hitmen won’t run out of work anytime soon. Job creations, wooo! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, you can tell her. But you should not mention that you will take Leo or Eleanor.

Your relationship with them will be reduced because of taking Leo and Eleanor. Leo is their little sister/daughter and Eleanor is an important person. After she leaves, Calethyia will be no longer ally of Vestina. Because as you know, the marriage between Eleanor and Alex stopped the brewing war between them.

I don’t want to think about this… weird ship.

Her , actually, I changed boyfriend to girlfriend because that makes a lot of sense :smiley:

Of course, she will. When MC were in Calethyia, they were under her control and she could watch them. But now that they left, she sees them as a threat.


Agreed. Let’s let the boat sail and forget about the weird ship.


Anyone who “knows” me from other threads knows that I don’t do this myself. I was wanting to mimic these bloodthirsty patrons I see in Kongdoms and this thread. (You guys still muse me however.)

All that said, this will be my rallying cry for my kingship.

IronRaptor for king! Order. Peace. Unity. Jobs. (All through the surgical removal of anyone I deem to be my enemy.)

Can you send back evidence of their failure with a warning to knock it off before you respond in kind?


So she romance-able by female mc only?


All ROs are bisexual.

…What kind of evidence?


Standard medieval fare. Heads, hands/fingers with a discernable ring. Just enough to say, “Let my cobbled together family live in peace.”

Also, are these assassins going to be targeting Eleanor as well even though she is still a huge bargaining chip?


Oh, that… Yeah, that’s an option.

The Queen will send men to capture Eleanor, not to kill her. She’s important.


I love the Abigail crypt scene. It’s very emotional and powerful.

And also, I think there’s something going on between Alvin and Alexander :smirk:

I didn’t ship Eleanor with my MC first (because I’m still waiting for Katherine :smiley: ), but after that lake scene, I changed my mind. I really like the relationship between them.


For some reason, I have a fear that she may be killed off or captured. Sending my PC on a quest for justice and/or revenge.


Uh, what’s this crypt scene that everyone keeps talking about? Also, I wanted to mention that everytime I want to load an old save, it sends me back to the beginning of the game. :confused:


You’ll probably have to replay the game unfortunately. When a game gets updated, it resets the save slots.


It does that all the time. Earlier today I played the updated demo, and I went to play the save not 5 mins ago, and it did the same thing :confused:


Maybe try to clear your cache?


That scene happens when you visit the crypt. Duh. :slight_smile:

Because I updated it a few minutes ago. :smiley: It’s not a major update. I just fixed some typos.

It’s not like she must die or get captured. The story won’t go that way. But, of course she can die just like the other characters if you make wrong decisions.