The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 6/1]



I will let you guys know when I fix it :slight_smile:


But @IronRaptor and I wanna play NOOOWWWWW!!! :laughing: Take your time!


What are the new scenes I think I might of passed them I don’t know



  • Bug is finally fixed. (I hope there’s no any bugs left :fearful: )

  • A new Eleanor scene is added as an apology :smiley:

Note: I suggest you to try other options before talking to Eleanor.


I have 2 things for you:



lake should be Lake

Oh, a third thing… LOVE the Eleanor scene!


@NutellaQueen some thing i noted in the update,

1º i did read the romance book but it seems you writed bad the label and it reads set romance book true
when i talk with james and he ask me about the romance book, my mc answer with a “I haven’t,”

2º when i headbutt Alexander it appear set Alexander -5 but i still have 17%.

3º also a bug that you have to take in mind is i did save while i was seeing my stats and after i load i cant get out of the stats page :laughing:


Hmm, that’s easy to fix. Don’t worry about it. :smiley:

Well, I have no idea how to fix that kind of bug :thinking:


maybe @CJW can help :thinking:


Like the new update, and all I’m going to say is Abigail has terrible timing :sweat_smile:


in the added eleanor scene her once brown hair is now described as black, a slight mistake there. and during abigail’s apolgy in the crypt it should be could’ve instead could. but yeah that’S the only mistakes that I could find.


there is also a mistake when taking the Wolf into your arms… it says talking instead of taking :smirk:


I thought I fixed that typo :expressionless:

Good point! :+1:


i dont mind talking a girl into my arms… and a cute wolfy either. :smirk:

something like " Come to my arms, Little wolfy. I will make sure you are safe with me.:hugs:"

and the girl let say is eleanor "Eleanor, you are so beautiful that since the moment i did see you i wanted to…"
Eleanor says " You wanted to…what?"
You aproach her and then place your arms around her, lift her with your legs , keeping your back and neck straight. "to do this and run away with you in my arms " :blush:


How’d you come up with that conclusion?? :fearful:


Yes :sob: the added scenes are great. I loved the moment with Abigail and Eleanor.

@NutellaQueen I have a question, will the Queen sent assassins if the MC chooses to leave?

I only really like the option of staying cause I want to see the tension rise especially after Abigail’s apology.


@NutellaQueen If we reconcile with Abigail, are you going to give us the opportunity to say we are leaving to her? “I’m glad we reconciled, Abigail, but you have terrible timing because I’m leaving.”

Edit: Do we get relationship boosts with the Queen and Alex for leaving? I mean, reduce for taking Leo and Eleanor but they did want us gone


Found a few things @NutellaQueen.

James’s not so good at fighting, but he’s a good healer . He always spend time with the maesters even though her mother always scold him for it.

  • James’ (no s after the apostrophe), or James is
  • spends
  • his, not her

When looking at the Characters page, Queen Erica’s page shows Marcus’ information above her own information. Blair’s page only has information on Marcus and Queen Erica, nothing about him.

!he came to check his wolf, Prince Alexander.” Alvin answers his question instead of you.

  • ! in front of he (coding error probably? i don’t know shit about coding lmao)

Alving says with a sigh. “He’s very nervous and scared right now.”

  • Alvin

Measter Julian points at the map.

  • Maester


Minor character, you say? Can we romance them? xD

EDIT: I have found the said minor character, you are right. They should not be romanced.


@NutellaQueen Looks like people are shipping us together. Any thoughts about this… weird ship?


I was checking on Blair’s information and this is what I got.