The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]



And the Plot thickens! I love this story and how it is developing and where it seems to be going. You are a wonderful and talented writer. Cant wait for the next update.


Oh god I’ve became so addicted the story is so perfect and well writen I want to see more of king Azra :slight_smile::heart::heart:


The plot thicken! I really hope that my MC doesn’t need to kill Queen Erica to get the throne. My MC just want to be a warrior. But… holy crap, first appearance of King Azra!


Ohhhh nooooo, the ending revelation and it’s implications are killing me! But wait, does that mean that all Kingdom Rulers have magic? Cause ours didn’t, as far as we know, I wonder what that means for the future of Calethya And if Erica’s father was in love with Anna, but she was with the MC’s father…that’s pretty sad, I really want to find out more about Anna’s past now (much intrigue, such court, very romantic tragedy).

Also, Azra finally makes an appearance and I’m all for it :heart::eyes::heart:


Azra: sends 10 people, 11 counting that one warrior to their deaths and is feeling super smug about it
My dumb ass: I love one man :heart::heart::heart:


Well also before this there’s this weird sentence:


Oh I didn’t noticed it! Thanks for pointing that out mate, let’s hope the author see our posts so they can fix it. :smiley:



Thanks for letting me know :relaxed:

Thank you so much for your kind words. You inspire me a lot :blush:

No, that doesn’t mean that every kingdom ruler has a magic power. Only the leaders of Aithria have powers and that’ll be explained in the next updates.

Thanks for letting me know. It’s fixed :smiley:


So if the people of Aithria have always followed a ruler with magic, if something were to happen to the Queen and there was no one else like her but us…Interesting.



Love the new stuff. Could you add violet for eye colors?


King azra and my male oc :slight_smile:


Looking forward to seeing more of King Azra!


OMG this story is getting better and better. I love it. The ending of what you’ve done so far is amazing. Besides all the minor spelling and grammar mistakes this is without a doubt my favorite wip


I just saw this post and breathing intensifies lol. I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!


Replaying this I noticed something.

Dried blood changes colors, so the “red paint” would only be red as it’s fresh, turning reddish brown to dark brown as the blood gets older.


Btw can we be villains later ? Or join another kingdoms


Be the one who brings the chaos


Hey @NutellaQueen if Katherine has a girlfriend, does this mean she cannot be romanced by a male MC?


Yes you can. She will hate your guts at first though.


Is there a reason to why Katherine and king Azra hate the mc?