The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]



Truly great work so far, felt very immersed in the story.

Now, that being said, suggestion section :wink:




I can see what you mean.

Granted, he’s still not someone I particularly feel fully sorry for because his behavior. But it’s sort of pitiful how deeply under his mother’s control he is and how unaware he is of that. And I certainly do feel a bit of pity that he was the one his mother put the most focus on in regards to manipulating

Ironically enough though, I actually dislike James the most in regards to the siblings (Leo is not included in this list because It’s Leo and I love her). That’s right, I dislike James more than I dislike ALEX. But here’s the thing; unlike Alex (who had been the most manipulated out of the siblings and trusted his mother too much), James feels like the sibling who is the least manipulated and has enough of a mind of his own…and he still chooses to reject the MC because of his loyalty to his family. And that loyalty that drives him enough to be cruel to MC and turn a blind eye to the rest of the family’s cruelty comes off as him being the most weak-willed.

Of course, It’s all a matter of personal opinion who is the worse in regards to cruelty toward MC.


I completely agree. Jame’s indifference seems way worse to me because he knows that they are being cruel and it is wrong but chooses not to care. Whereas Alex and the Queen are just so bitter they believe they are right.


So it is mentioned that King Azra hate the MC’s guts but why ? Does he know that the MC is a bastard prince?


Your kind words made my day. I’m very glad that you like the story :blush:

Of course.

Yes, Leonora is a variation of Eleanor. It was a coincidence, to be honest :smiley: But when I noticed the similarity of those names, it was too late.

I’m very glad you like it :slight_smile:

I won’t give you any spoiler :smile:


Ahhh I am going to die I really want to know about this dude he is so interesting :joy::joy:


Why isn’t king Azra in the character menu


I’d like to know this too.



  • A new character is introduced.
  • New scenes are added.
  • Some typos and bugs are fixed.

Hey, guys. I’m so busy with University and some stuff lately, but I will try to update as fast as I can. I didn’t have time to test the game so don’t kill me if there are tons of bugs :innocent::innocent:


there is an error. cant play rn.


what error?



It’s fixed! Thanks for letting me know.


np~ thanks for the update ^^


{Assuming we have our pet that we saved from the forest}
When we are captured by the foreign warriors while we are trying to escape the kingdom what happens to our pet? during the dialogue they arent mentioned and it unclear what happens to them or how they responded.


The wolf is mentioned! Marcus says our wolf caused some trouble but wasn’t harmed and is safe with Leo and Eleanor.

@NutellaQueen I found a little typo!

Not completely sure but I think it was supposed to say something right after that “That’s”


@Ritter yes i know after the fact its mentioned, but I’m talking about during the event like as they are getting captured. I assume the wolf was right next to them, but I feel there so should be some mention of the wolf like maybe it growled out the warriors, but our horse told them to chill or something like that


And just a suggestion…Maybe you shouldn’t include all of this and let us the reader put the pieces together ourselves…Idk if the end part was meant to be like a minor reveal, but it felt like “Ohhh really?no Sh*t” moment then a “Ohhhhh my god my mother use too be part of this!!!” you know?


@jmar aww sorry mate,i thought you didn’t saw that part so that’s why i pointed it out,please forgive me :frowning:


@Ritter Yeah no problem lol its all good