The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]




@Jaden_Hairston_Reid Because being evil is cool.



@ lokidemon007 I said all of her children… I meant it


Friggin cold mate :fearful:


*Disapproving big brother noises*


I could kill all of the others, but I think seeing Leonora alive and on our side would be a good punishment as well.


u guys sound like Ramsey Bolton


True but I doubt Leo will like us very much if we disembowel her family and that’s kinda my plan


Who is king Azra?


On post #1504 a new RO was introduced


Apparently he’s the King of Somewhere (author said it would be a spoiler to reveal) and all we’ve managed to get out is that he’s a

or, as the official description goes

I vaguely recall it being mentioned that we’ll meet him in chapter…4? I think, and it won’t be all fun and rainbows, apparently.

But that’s the gist of “Who King Azra is”, so far. We need to dig deeper.

I am a simple woman: King Azra is mentioned, I appear.


I kinda wrote a lot, sorry about that, @NutellaQueen


You know, I’ve been around for years and somehow this WIP escaped me. I only gave it a try two days ago and I have become obssesed. I’ve even read trough all the comments. ALL OF THEM. My eyes are bleeding. But seriosly though, this is amazing. Just like that this is now in my Top 5 favourite WIPs. The writing is great, I love the underdog theme and the characters are just so good. The family specially. Leo? Oh. My. God. Too pure for this world. Like a beacon in the abyss.
The Queen is a mayor bitch but is so understandable though. She loves a man who doesn’t love her back and one day he brings a child he calls his own and expects everyone to simply accept it 'cause he is the King. It might not be fair to blaim the MC but he doesn’t think it’s fair to blame the Queen either. She’s hurt, betrayed. She’s only human, he thinks.
Alex is a bit more complicated, never bothered to act like a brother, but my MC knows he is easily influenced by his mother so he can’t fully blame him either. He just wishes they could talk their shit out. Or fight it out, if need be, but then be cool with each other. Not besties or anything, just…cool.
James? Oh he is a fucking weirdo. My MC has literally no clue what is ever in his mind. He wishes he’d be clear about how he feels, truly feels, for just once.
Abby. My MC always liked her, since childhood. She always seemed like the most approachable of the bunch. He was very happy they were starting to act like proper brothers. Then all went to shit.
Then there’s Eleanor. The only one ever who treated him as a fucking human being. Not a prince, or a bastard. Just a person. And they share so much in common. He thinks of her as a great friend (YES, I SAID FRIEND).
I’m really sad I got late to the party, I missed a lot of stuff, like the kissing scene with Eleanor and the apology from Abby (fuck my life). But oh well. I’m sure as hell gonna be present now.

A few questions: even though there seems to be magic in this world there doesn’t seem to be any other races, am I right?
Will we get to choose our weapon in the future? And can we dual wield?
And also, and I might be mistaken, but isn’t Leonora a variant of the name Eleanor? If so, I’m curious as to why did you choose to use both of those names.

PS: I’m team Katherine.


u know kath will be tricky to romance xD (she already have a girlfriend)


Yep, I read that. She also appears to fucking hate us. How could you not fall for her.


Am I the only one that feels sorry for Alex? Like yea he turned into a murderous asshole but if it wasn’t for his mother I get the feeling he wouldn’t have turned out that way o-o


No, because he’s an adult that can think for himself. He’s so happy when the suggestion to kill you comes up. Even the other siblings are concerned and they learn not to judge you without knowing you when you increase your relationship with them. Who knows what he would’ve turned out without his mother, but there’s no use thinking about it because this is how he is. A spoiled brat that gets mad when he doesn’t get what he wants.


Not that I like Alex in any way or even want to defend him, but it did start when he was still a young child. Grooming/brainwashing can fuck people up well into adulthood, a lot more than you think.


So were his siblings, yet they can get over it. Abby even learns not to always believe what her mother says about you when you go hunting with her.


Not that “this individual completely different from him ‘got over’ their psychological abuse” is much of an argument.

But I also agree that I don’t really feel sorry for him. I think he’s already gone way too far and just can’t be forgiven at this point (nor do I think he’ll ever change anyway), the MC suffered a hell of a lot too because of him and the whole family really, so there’s not much excuse there anymore to be sympathetic just because his bitch of a mother did groom him to be like this.




Lol, so I’ll take that as a yes I am.
Just so we’re clear, I’m in no way excusing him for his down right shitty behavior and still plan on taking his kingdom and, to add lemon to the wounds, his crush away from him, or expect him to change his way but I can’t help pitying him


When the time comes. I’ll be content to see the evil queen and an unworthy king who is her son suffer for they did to me.