The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]



because if you don’t get mercy, you’re dead anyway, fleeing doesn’t work as an option when they are right in front of you / around you and you are in hostile territory and not being taken alive just mean you’re dead, which is what you want to avoid

nope, it doesn’t change that surrendering give you a chance while every other option is 100% assured death plus a good 80% chance of that death being horribly painful, making surrendering the only non insane option, every other option isn’t just bad, it is direct suicide unless you are a goddamn hack and slash protag


I’d say that if I think I’m going to die anyway and have combat training I’m gonna at least die standing, also execution for prisonner in the middle age was often exceedingly violent and cruel. Your are way better off getting killed in battle than getting captured and tortured/executed afterward. But I can see your point of view.


Except that you aren’t going to die anyway, you aren’t in front of two ‘you are dead’ choice, you are in front of a ‘you are dead’ and a ‘you have a chance’ choice, you’re choosing a sure death and nothing say you’ll die standing, it’s not because you don’t surrender that they can’t just knock you out and torture you anyway, the only thing you’ll have done is assure you’ll get tortured and that they will be motivated

most execution were just decapitation or getting hanged, you were only tortured for specific crimes or if you pissed someone with power

except that nothing force them to kill you in battle, they can litteraly have one of them engage you while another throw a rock at your face and you’re knocked out (you can’t both avoid the rock and avoid the other guy knocking you out, that’s why 2 on 1 are almost impossible to win IRL) (you are no badass swordsman yet, you can barely beat your older brother, let alone a bunch of seasoned warrior) and at their mercy after pissing them off, putting your chance of being tortured at 100%


Those men were wearing blood on their armor like a bunch of psychopaths and were almost baffled when they learned that Queen Erica chose to spare us. There was no reason at all for anyone to assume they had a chance of surviving if they surrendered.

Also even if yes, theoritically they could knock you out and then torture you anyway its pretty hard to capture non-lethally someone who know how to fight and is fighting back without getting injured. The smart thing for them would be to just stab you and call it a day at that point.


We didn’t even know which kingdom if any these warriors belonged to at the moment, and the red in their body could’ve easily been warpaint, I think we did a very reasonable decision seeing we were outnumbered, surrounded and that our horse told us not to attack them.


they had 2 reason to believe they had a to chance to survive : those guys could kill you at anytime and chose not to, meaning that surrendering has a purpose because they have no reason to accept it if they are sure to kill you and they proposed to let you surrender in the first place

except that they aren’t ‘smart’, those are seasoned warrior using blood as warpaint and by fighting back after invading their territory, you’ll have pissed them off, giving them ample reason to not just ‘call it a day’

and no, it’s not that hard to capture someone even if they are fighting back if you are better trained, have the number advantage or were better equipped and they were all of that


You are right, I forgot about that part. I guess the blood part would be very easy to guess by smell alone And its strange our character cant recognize the armors of soldiers from a neighbouring country anyway but maybe the fact Aithria is a pretty isolationist state could explain that part.

If they wouldn’t be smart Aithria wouldn’t be the kingdom with the best warriors. Strategy and discipline is a way greater factor of success for a country military than just training alone.

I can kind of agree that the fact they even offered to capture you could be seen as a sign they possibly plan not to kill you but since public execution was very popular with the public during the old days as festivities it wouldn’t give much hope to someone living at that time.

But then I don’t really know about the culture and mentalities of the peoples from The unwanted Warrior so I just assumed that they were the same as in middle age europe or something. I don’t really know.

But anyway this is kinda dragging on and this weird decision don’t actually bother me that much so I’m just gonna agree with you to disagree here and move on.


that’s why i put ‘smart’ in quotes, letting people who pissed you off get away with less punishement than those who didn’t, isn’t really smart

it’s not a sure way to survive but it’s still way better than a 100% chance of dying

actualy if they had the same mentality and culture as middle age europe, surrendering and coming peacefull basicaly protected you from any violence or torture (as long as nobody ‘proves’ you are a spy and even then, it’s mostly if the country is at war), misstreating peacefull prisoners was simply not an accepted practire (it did happen but it’s just like today), especialy if said prisoners was a noble


Dry blood doesn’t smell much unless you’re nose to …er, cloth, with the dyed thing and blood dries quick. Even when wet, still no. It would look like a somewhat crusty crimson cloth. (I’m a bleeder and I’m very clumsy)

I can actually get behind surrendering not just because Horse says so (Mine was called Nigel) but because you either have a child and woman who can’t fight with you, and since they don’t kill you on sight, negotiation is a choice that could keep your loved ones alive OR if alone, you can escape far more easily when not the main focus of warriors. Either way, options where there were none. Even trained warriors know when they’re outmatched.


Found some Typos and errors in my play-through.


It makes her wish that new serious matters would occur and distract him
(wish that some serious matter would)

You still wonder why does your existence make him uncomfortable that much?
(wonder why your existence makes him uncomfortable so much?)

Ser Albert, the one of the strongest knights
(Albert, one of)

“He’s the Prince,” Blair
(Should be He’s A Prince)

You’re on your way to return your room after full day spent on the training ground.
(You’re on your way to your room)

He’s so lost in deep thoughts that he passes through you without noticing
(passes by you)

focusing on the condition of Calethyia for too long that you
(Calethyia for so long that)

King Henry caresses your soft hair hair.

You still have a hope that you can change their minds.
(You still have the hope that you can)

The backside of the castle owns a beautiful garden.
(has a beautiful garden.)

you “bastard” since a long period of time.
(Give as a age so we can hate our siblings more.)

Everything is seems to get worse and worse in the condition of the kingdom.

Not only he’s the strongest knight in Calethyia,
(Not only is he the)

“We’re already in war with the kingdom of Masven.”
(at war with)

You furrow your brows and turn your head to look at the hunters who are watching you carefully.
(On this page one of the options is “Who did say that?”, it should probably be “Who said that?”)

You should’ve listened to hat voice.

I’m the son of King Henry and the Prince of this kingdom."
(and a Prince)

You name your horse Twice, once if you go out on the hunt, and again just before you leave the castle if you do.

If he stayed, her mother would find a way to get rid of him. $[name} saved himself.

(I got an entire Dialog with Leonora when i didn’t take her with me when i left.)
“This is horrible,” Eleanor comments, tears sparkle in her eyes.

“She made the right decision,”

All of you turn on your heel to stare at Leonora who has been listening to the conversation silently.

“She had to prove herself as a leader, correct?” Leonora pauses. “She made the right decision by killing the traitor.”

“She killed her own father, Leo,” Eleanor reminds her. She can’t believe the words that coming out of the little’s girls mouth.

“None of these is my fault,”
(It was an option on the page before)

As of right now i believe this is one of the WIP’s I’m waiting for the most. I just love it.


I’m the family section you need to change it to half sis and bros cause they are not step


maybe they are not all half :wink: (who knows… knowing that queen… :rofl:)


i dunno, the queen seemed to really love the king. she may be an evil, hateful old bitch but she seems like she’d be loyal to the one she loves. unless of course… she wanted to get back at him for cheating on her :thinking:


I await with bated breath for the day where I can put Alexander’s head on a pike for Abigail, James and The Queen to behold.


I want to impale him and his mother.


Same here


i will banish her, i could never hurt a woman no matter what xD :innocent:
(but Alexander… :smiling_imp:)


I don’t want to kill her I want her to watch as I take away every she loves, I want her to watch as I kill her children in front of her, I want her to watch as I am crowned king and then I want her to spend the rest of her days in the dungeon knowing that I am ruling the kingdom that was meant for her son​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Even Leo @Superjoshie?


Damn man why so evil