The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]



Still feels insane to surrender to them psychos.


less insane than committing suicide by psychos for no reason


They wear the blood of there enemies as face paint would you surrender to them.


Because your horse suggested you to :joy:


That just sounds even more insane why would randomly start listening to your horse.


they are one of the most powerfull warriors in that world, fighting them alone is dumb and suicidal.


At least the death would be quick in battle than surrendering to psychos.


so if you are with Eleonor and Leonor you will also sacrifice them? lmao you make no sense bro


Do not forget that animals warned you about the future + helped you to escape Calethyia. The real question is, why would you not listen to their warnings?


because they’d kill you easily if you don’t ? obviously i would surrender rather than die for no reason

and no, pissing them off by fighting won’t grant you a quicker death since they use the bones of their living ennemies for decoration and use their blood as paint, while surrendering give you a chance to live


Yea man, If a horse told me to obey i’d obey lmao
I’m curious as to what will happen with Queen Bitch Elizabeth in the end. Cause I don’t wanna kill her, I want her and Alexander to watch as I turn their Kingdom (And if possible her other children/his siblings) against them cackles kind of evily


True true but still these guys are insane pure insane.


Having an option to fight the bunch of nut jobs who wear the blood of their enemies as face paint would be interesting I suppose…but it’d just lead to a game over scene. Who wants to add options that’d just lead them to game over screens?



  • New scenes are added (+ a small bit of Queen Erica’s backstory)
  • Some grammar mistakes are fixed.

Let me know if anything is wrong because I didn’t have time to test the game.


Opening the link


Fixed :smiley:


Leonora started talking as if she came with me and Eleanor when she didn’t, during Queens backstory.

After the game ended, the Queen’s back story part restarted as if I came alone this time.

Also whens that kiss coming :grinning:



Soon :wink:


Yay :smile:

Could we get a little more info on Katherine?


Can’t we choose to run away with Blair instead of Eleanor ?