The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]




  • New scenes are added.
  • The bugs are fixed (HOPEFULLY :smiley: )

Please, let me know if there’s any bug/typo/grammar mistake in the game. English is not my first language…


Why was the kiss removed?


Because I felt like it was rushed. There will be kiss scene in one of the next updates.


It doesn’t mean he hates MC. “Hate” is a strong word. He refused to train with MC because he and King Henry had more serious matters to deal with. It was mentioned. And he refused to call MC princess/prince because MC is officially known as a bastard by everyone and it made Ser Albert to start see them as one.


What in meant was just a shorter name that u already have like lets just say my character’s name is Thomas and for short i use Tom but i think its something someone has to type in instead of making a list of it just a stupid idea i thought of


@NutellaQueen has just got rid of writer’s block, don’t you think you’re putting so much pressure on him/her? Writing + coding are very difficult and stressful things , especially when your game has fans who are waiting for the next update. We should not put so much pressure on writers, it makes them lost their inspiration.

What I’m trying to say is we should be happy that he/she overcame his/her writer’s block and is back with the new update.


Now that’s what I call an update, keep up the good work, my friend.


Love how king Alex react that the MC is gone


An s is missing on Abigail link


Same actually, but Alex behavior to my MC making it hard to not hate him.

Who make it official? :thinking: And why King Henry won’t change it since he really so insistent for MC to be accepted by his/her sibling?

More comments and nitpicks:

“We won’t banish her, Alex,” The Queen responds. “We will kill her.”

James and Abigail turn to look at their mother in disbelief, while Alexander’s lips curling into a big smile.

“She deserves to die after everything she has done to our family,” Alexander says with excitement in his voice.

Well, aren’t you two a violent people :frowning: I mean, their “family” won’t be “destroyed” if they just stop being so closed off and melodramatic about it.

“I’ll do what my father failed to do: take Rosefield back without blooshed!”

I call bs :expressionless: (last word should be bloodshed. The speech is from when MC decide to stay and not with Eleanor.)

When I’m checking the inventory, it said nothing. But I already grab herbs and some gold, or is the inventory still in development?

And then, your eyes find two guards lying on the ground, unconscious. You slightly furrow your brows, wondering who knocked them out.


Your lips curl into smile as you hear a familiar voice. You look up at the raven flying freely on the sky. You silently thank him before mounting your horse in a hurry and passing through the gates.

Your lips curl into smile as you hear a familiar voice. You look up at the raven flying freely on the sky. You silently thank him before mounting your horse that’s name is…

Last paragraph repeated.


The only reason why the kings of Calethyia and Vestina made alliance with each other was Alexander and Eleanor’s marriage. Since Eleanor left Calethyia, that means the alliance is broken.

War is coming.

Oh… I can guess where is this going.

Queen Erica. She’s the person who will decide weather you will live or not. Probably, you should try to impress her. But after the things you’ve seen and heard, you’re sure that it won’t be easy at all.

Should be whether.

At the part where MC can ask questions to Marcus after meeting the Queen, there choice to ask “when I can go to home” (or something like that). I found it odd since MC currently don’t have home, it would be suicide to go back to calethyia at the moment.

While King Henry status at Characters (in stats) already changed to deceased, it still stated that he the current king, even though the current king is unfortunately Alex.

Alexander smiles, his eyes filling with hope. His mothers words make perfectly sense to him. Athena will lose all the respect she has.

Do we? I don’t remember my MC get respected by anyone but those who close with her.

“What a coward,” Abigail comments before leaving the room. A devilish smile forms on Queen Elizabeth’s lips as she watches her daughter leave.

When will this old woman die anyway?


So Its official. I am addicted to what you have written thus far. Toward the end of the game there is a typo of sorts where the queen mentions King Henry. I played a female and instead of saying her it says his. Ill replay it again to find the exact placing.

As far as story and plot goes I am so enraptured by the writing. Its different from any ive played before thats for sure. Where its left off I cant help but wonder what has come of the wolf or if the wolf plays a future role in the story. Because lets be real, who doesn’t want a Wolf companion in their life :joy:.

As far as the characters themselves, I enjoyed how Alexanders personality fits into the story, specifically how he has an infatuation with Blair yet he married a woman because of his Mother. I feel like what you have so far is very diverse when it goes to relationships and Love Interests overall.

I also have to add… LEO is so cute !! I love her and she was a great addition to the family.


Great to see this game back. Eleanor is as sweet as I remember, kind of wish we could kiss her right before leaving. Alexander is…you know, I wonder how long he could hold the throne without interference from the MC before he faces a coup because, goodness! He utterly lacks the temperament required of a king.

I’m liking my dear wolf companion as well and Leo is adorbs. Alas! It’ll probably be quite a while before I can completely lower my guard with her on account of who her mother is. Yeah, yeah, I feel guilty too, but she’s too sweet given the circumstances. It’s…suspicious. Hurray for paranoia!



Spelling Errors

aren’t? ain’t?


Hey, thank you for your support, but it’s okay. They shared their opinion. I’ve just realized that they are right. I haven’t mentioned the reason why Set Albert stopped training with MC. Sorry for causing confusion! I will fix those mistakes.

Thank you :blush:

Thank you! I’m very happy that you like the story :blush:

Well, of course there are some people who trust and respect MC. But what makes Alex so happy is the fact that MC will lose Blair 's respect. That’s what he thinks


Someone still salty it seem :grimacing: this make me think, are there way to get Alex not loath MC?


i dont think is posible Sabri since they hate us (mc) xD


If you leave you get captured by a bunch of nut jobs who wear the blood of there enemies as face paint how wonderful like really what mad man would surrender to a bunch a psychos like that i would rather fight to the death than surrender to them or at least let me fight them off.


them being mad men who use blood as paint is MORE of a reason to surrender, not a reason to fight to the death

one way give you a reasonable chance to live, the other is a sure death


@NutellaQueen you forgot to add my suggestion of “write a letter to Abigail about why are we taking Leo and all that” :frowning_face:


If you fight them, they will kill you off and the game ends. Do you really want that kind of choice? :thinking:

I will add it in the next update. Worry not, you will eventually write that letter :smiley: