The Unwanted Warrior [UPDATED 12/27]



the stats page is broken


found another bug


I think there’s a bit of a continuity error during our talk with Erica.
When talking to her the option to tell her about the “assasination attempt by a warrior sent by the Queen” came up, even though I didn’t follow this route (I’m assuming this was refering to Blair being ordered to kill us, should we choose not to follow Eleanor?)
Also, when speaking with Marcus, MC asks “Where is horse”, to which Marcus responds with confusion before we clarify we’re asking about our horse (this tickled me to no end, oh Marcus, you brightest of crayons :heart:). I’m guessing that’s where the horse name we’d input, should we go hunting would go. Just thought I’d call attention to that.

So excited to see this game continue (I still dream of MC being a druid-knight/disney princess, and boy oh boy, is that dream closer than I thought :heart_eyes:)


OHH SO MANY BUGS LOL. Thank you for letting me know. I will fix all of them tomorrow. Story has many paths and it’s so hard to code it :smiley: All bugs will be fixed


Don’t stress, bugs happen, especially with something so complex!
I hope this was helpful (I assumed catching such things early would be a little less intimidating, rather than later when knee deep in new content).
Take your time (you can’t rush good things), and welcome back (with such a dynamic comeback, no less) !


Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot :blush:


Loved the update @NutellaQueen!


What’s going to happen to Blair after he lets the MC escape? How in the world is he going to be able to fake the MC’s death?

I’m very curious


in short ? he’ll probably pull a snow white


Hey this WiP is back :grinning: anyway, will we know why MC mother have to die so he/she can live? And do MC going to die too if he/she have child?

Haven't finish playing it, but here the suggestions, nitpicks, and comments I have:
  • It would be nice if there option to have gray eyes color.
  • Can there be list of names for MC instead of just input the name?
  • About this part:

“Henry…” Anna caresses the King’s face softly, smiling. She’s thankful that she was given enough time to say goodbye to him. “I love you.”

Henry watches as Anna’s body lying limp and life leaves her eyes. A “V” forms between his eyesbrows as he looks down at the lifeless body of his lover. He’s too stunned to move. Is there any reason to live anymore?

Anna dead certainly are… absurd :confused: it would be nice if there some kind of sign while before her dead, like maybe how her face pale or something.

You’re silently listening to the conversation. The fact that you’re completely forgotten by everyone dissapoints you.

Why would I disappointed? If I’m in that kind of sticky situation, I would be glad instead. Also typo :point_up_2: should be “disappoints”.

“Because he wants to be a healer,” Alexander finally speaks, his anger evident in his voice. “He has been saying this for a long time.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” King Henry’s eyebrows knit together, jerking tight.

“He did,” Alexander nods his head. “But you’ve never listened to him. You were too busy with that daughter of yours.”

If King Henry didn’t really listen to him intended, I think there should be mention that Alex said it again. If not, you might want to edit it.

“My father raised his voice at me, mother,” Alexander buries his face into the palms of his hands. “He hates me so much.”

But you the one who start it… :expressionless:

“I can’t explain you that,” Ser Albert responds, his tone hard. “Your father will tell you everything when the right time comes.”

Why should it keep secret though? I mean, what can a child who didn’t even called by his/her rightful title do?

#Punch him
        *set Abigail +2
        *set James +2
        *set Alexander -3
        *set Mind -3
        *set Rudeness +2
        *set Unconfidence -2

That relationship increase with Abigail and James though :joy: (by the way is it alright to see the game code?)

The smile on Blair face fades away. Your response caused him embarrassment and loss of esteem, even if there was no esur involved in his action.

What the no esur mean? :thinking:

“I’ve seen the way you look at her,” Alexander responds. “I knew she would steal you from me someday.”

He not attracted to you though, so technically MC didn’t “steal” Blair from you. (sorry I just really hate him…)

  • Kiss her on the cheek before getting out of the bed
  • Grab her and start tickling her

I just want to say that I love these choice :hugs:

  • Smirk at Queen Elizabeth
  • Smile at Leonora
  • Wink at Eleanor
  • Help him up

Might be unnecessarily rude (and petty), but where choice to say “and you said the older one is stronger” or something like that if MC choose to try punch Alex at the past?


@SabrinadizaLS, I thought MC’s mom had an illness or she died because of the birth compliance.
On the last scene, I’m shook.




You will find out in the next update.

I’m glad you liked it :blush:

Anna died giving birth to MC. Isn’t it obvious? :smiley:

Of course :smiley:


Proper good job with the new scenes @nutellaQueen!

Every new scene flows so naturally from where we left off last time. Didn’t encounter a single bug in my playthrough with the choices I made.

As always, will wait patiently for the next update whenever that comes. :slight_smile:


Love the update is there anyway u can add nicknames into the game


Thank you! Next update will come today or tomorrow.

Hmm… What are your suggestions?


I’m loving every bit of this update. :heart_eyes:


Like after u input your name u can put an option for a nickname people can use but like only for love intrest and friends


I’m very glad :slight_smile:

I understood, but give me some nickname suggestions that suit MC’s personality or something :smiley: Nothing comes to my mind at this moment.


Great job on the update, I loved it :smile:


Bastard. Wear it Like Armor and it Can Never Be Used to Hurt You.